Man, that was a long explanation. I tried telling you about that in the first Metroid, but none of you all listened well, so I retold my story in greater detail. While you all did better on listening then, you still missed out on the details. So, here we are. Anyway, we have to move on.

When the Mertonian War was finished, the Chozos had many attacks from a group of space nomads who seek galactic domination (how cliche), and we all know who they are if we played enough Metroid. They are the Space Pirates. Now, we have no official conflict with these creatures, but it's come damn close.

Galactic Council HQ, Year 2307

This is where a defense began. After crime came flying left and right, we needed a force. A force to protect our galaxy against the harm of criminalistic aliens. But what we did not know, is that those aliens would eventually form together into a much bigger force.

We believed the aliens would eventually part, eventually become their own threat to us for us to find easier to pick off. We were wrong. Among the many species that shapes this group is a large, intimidating, charismatic leader that rose before the rest and made a promise to all those ill-minded, that he would be a proud leader of the criminals. This creature? His name is a name feared among creatures ranging from GFS Marines to lower-class Space Pirates. His name is Ridley.

What does Ridley look like? Picture a dragon as skinny as a pterodactyl with the darkest shade of purple as the color of his scaly skin. He lacks pupils in his eyes, as well. Most of you would end up with a mental image that resembles something that would be classed as an insane monster, but what you may not know is that Ridley is among the most intelligent geniuses in the galaxy.

But anyway.

Krurallan Atmosphere, Year 2314

This was a horrible time for the newly formed Galactic Federation to go to SR388. They were established since 2307, and they haven't proven much worth until now. They were taking a survey on SR388. They named the planet so because they didn't know the real name, and it was classed in primary file S, secondary file R, and the 388th planet logged in R. They had to survey it because it was a newly discovered planet, and they had to test if it was safe or not.

"Sir, we are approaching the surface of forestial planet SR388," a troop said.

"Good," the commander replied.

"Prepare for landing!" the pilot called back. Everyone sat in their seat, put their helmet on, and held on to the straps of their seat. The ship rocketed downward, and increased in friction dramatically. Fire surrounded the vessel as it flew towards the surface. Eventually, the ship had landed safely, lucky as everyone was. When the ship halted, the commander turned around to face the other troops.

"Okay. Inspection!" the commander called out. "Suits ready?"

"Check!" all troops yelled out.

"Weapons loaded?"


"Shields activated?"


"We're good to go," the commander said. "Open the bridge, private."

The pilot pressed a series of buttons, and the door opened to the grassy floor of a Mertonian forest.

SR388-Mertonian Forests

The commander walked out, and stared out into the beautiful but foreign-looking woodlands of SR388.

"You said creatures once lived here?" the commander asked the nearby researcher.

"Yessir. They were a humanoid rodent species called the Mertonians, and for some reason, they disappeared. No one knows why," the researcher responded.

"Well, that's typical. The only thing the GFS gets to do is walk on dead man's land. It's all we've been doing for the last seven years, and it's probably going to stay that way for God knows how long," the commander swore. "Any readings?"

"Yessir. There are a few heat pick-ups over here..." the researcher was cut off, as a purple toad hopped from behind a bush -almost out of nowhere- and started ripping at the researcher's armor with sharp teeth. "Ahh! What the hell?"

"Shoot it! Shoot it, troops!" the commander yelled. The troops fired at the toad, and eventually it keeled over. The researcher stood back up, and checked his readings.

UNKNOWN ERROR-That's what his screen said.

"Aw, shit. The bastard busted my scanner!" the researcher screamed.

"Damn!" the commander yelled. "Now how are we supposed to know what the hell is gonna come around and kill us?"

The troops shrugged helplessly. The commander stomped. He put his hand on his forehead, and thought for a second. His thoughts became aloud.

"That toad would make a great addition to research studies if we make it back alive," the commander said. "Put it in a cryogenic chamber."

The troops hauled the toad into the ship. About five minutes later, they returned.

"Task done, sir," a troop said.

"Good," the commander replied. "We should get moving. Take samples of all liquids you can find, and plants as well."

About an hour later, the GFS troops were at a waterfall that went miles downward.

"I seriously doubt we'll find anything there-"

"Look!" A troop cut the researcher's statement off, pointing in a direction. The rest of them looked over and saw a whisp of smoke rising in an area. Could it be civilization? Or just a forest fire? Only one way to find out, eh?

The troops scaled the waterfall, and in about two hours reached the source of the smoke.

"Oh my God," the commander said. He was staring at ruins-BIG ruins. HUGE. In the center, a big cloud of smoke was rising into the air. Sound familiar, anyone who read the first chapter?

For those who didn't (most of you probably have not --), Eneta Kaarutin, the Yutano (master shaman) of Zebes activated a bomb he stole from a warehouse in what used to be the Mertonian city Nartoa. This happened one-hundred-one years from what is happening now. Anyway.

"Sir! Look over here!" a troop said, and the commander followed him. The commander saw a glowing black orb.

"What is it?"

"I dunno. Some kind of orb," the troop responded. He picked it up, and examined it. "Maybe, some stone the Mertonians used to assist in rituals?"

"Hell if I know," the commander said. "I just want to get out of here. On the way, we surveyed, what, ten species? And they were all deadly."

"Can do, sir. We just have to keep this orb, perhaps we could have our philosophical branch study it?" the researcher asked/

"Maybe," the commander said.

Out of nowhere, a large bulb flew from the smoke and latched onto a troops head. The troop swung around like a crazy guy, and the other troops were firing at the bulb. He had been attacked by a Metroid.

"Ah! Get this thing off of me!" the troop yelled. Suddenly, the troop fell over. Blood leaked from his head as the Metroid rose up, and screeched.

"Kill it!" the commander yelled. Troops from left and right were shooting at the Metroid, but nothing happened. A troop then picked up the orb, and swung it. The Metroid followed movement. He swung the orb in another direction, and the Metroid followed.

"Amazing," the commander said.


"What the hell was that?" a troop asked. A loud, gargantuan screech echoed into the distance, and an adult Metroid's head poked out from the smoke. It screeched again, with its claws in the air, and picked up a troop with his mouth. The adult Metroid ripped the troop in half, and screeched again as blood splattered across the ground.

"Oh, shit," the commander said. "Let's move! Call the ship!"

The researcher called the ship, and the bridge quickly opened. The remaining troops, the commander, and the researcher got on the ship. The bridge was about to close, and the Metroid tried its best to get on, but the bridge closed and snapped its head off. Green guts spilled on the floor.

"Gross," a troop said. The researcher held the orb, as the Metroid larva stayed near.

"You kept that thing?" another troop asked. The researcher nodded.

"This orb seems to control it," the researcher said. "Fascinating, is it not?"

Krurallan Atmosphere

As the troops exited the atmosphere, something peculiar was happening in a nearby ship. A shadowy silhouette sat at the bridge, with dim lights. The silhouette resembled a winged creature. He sat as if he were a frog, but he was shaped as a dragon. In the darkness, you could see his bright yellow, dragon-like eyes, and so, he squinted.

"How close are we?" he asked the darkness behind him.

"Very, sir. They had stolen something very valuable," a voice replied.

"Wonderful," the silhouette responded. "Follow the ship."

"Yessir," the voice replied, and hit a button. The large ship left the atmosphere unseen, and was in a cloak that made it invisible. It slipped past the GFS ship, and floated in front of it.

On the GFS ship, people were obtaining coffee and having a break. They had gone through a lot.

"Man, I hope I never see that planet again," the commander said. He rested lowly in his seat, and the ship was forced in a direction. "What the hell?"

"We've been hit!" the pilot screamed. "Our tanks are busted!"

"Shit! Troops! Prepare for de-oxygenization!" the commander yelled back. The Metroid larva was just playfully floating around when all of this happened.

"They're getting closer. Remove invisibility and open the bridge!" the silhouette screamed.

The troops looked out the window and saw a large purple ship the size of a mountain appear and open out of nowhere. The troops braced theirself as the ship seemed to have swallowed them whole...

The troops woke up in a room where they were hung on a wall, and below them, many aliens were cheering.

"What the hell?" the commander said. The crowd was silenced as the doors above opened, and the dragon walked through the doorway.

"Greetings, my poor, pitiful human beings. I am here to rip you to shreds, as you seem to have everything against us when all we had done is destroy a few of your planets, kill nearly a third of the population, and steal a few things we harvest so we could rule this pathetic galaxy," the dragon said. The commander glared.

"Who are you?" he yelled. The dragon laughed maniacally.

"Who am I? Who are you not to know who I am?" the creature retorted. "Surely by now you know that I am the great and powerful Ridley!"

The commander's eyes widened. Oh, shit. Ridley caught them.

"Steal what they have in their ship," Ridley told his Space Pirates. They went in. Ridley faced the troops. "You're screwed."

So, I'm sure you know what happens. Ridley kills the crew of GFS troops, and keeps the Mertonia Sphere and the Metroid. Metroids are easy to clone, so Ridley did so. This was the beginning of a big plan.