I do not own any of the characters sobs Stephenie Meyer does. Also I know the summary sounded kinda random but it really is a good story.

Chapter 1

(Jaspers point of view)

Oh God. Bella has to stay with me for the weekend! Not a good senario OK? Ugg... she is scared I would know if only SHE could read minds she would know how wonderfull that makes me feel. Uh-oh. she's here.

"Hello Bella!" I said trying to sound convincing. "Hello Jasper, were should I put my stuff?" Bella asked.

"Umm... You can put it in edwards room thats were you will be sleeping." I replied. "Ok, Oh and Jasper I'm not afraid dont worry. " She said then hoped up the stairs to put her stuff in Ed's room. How did Bella Know I was thinking that? Why isn't she afraid? She has every right to be afraid. I would be afraid if I were her. Not that I'm not controlling myself it's just I got this reputation of being dangerous.She came back down stairs and and sat next to me on the couch.

"Hey Bella how did you know I was thinking that?"I asked. " Oh Edward told me earlier on the phone. You dont have to worry. And thats not what I was scared about anyway." She replied. "Oh." Is all I could get out. "Sooooooo, what kind of fun sleepover things are we going to do?" Bella asked. " Sleepover things?" I asked. " Yah, you know like games and movies and JUNK FOOD!" she replied. " Oh I guess we could do some of that stuff." I said. "OHHHHH!!!!!!! Let's start with GAMES!" Bella exclaimed.

OMG!! Cool huh? I promise it gets WAYYY more interesting it had to start of serious to get the plot line in there but GAMES ARE UP NEXT!!!! What could get better than that?