Chapter 14

(Jaspers POV)

" Do you Jasper take Bella to be your Lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked.

"I do." I said trying not to cry seeing that Bella's emotions were very catchy.

" And do you Bella take Jasper to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Asked the Priest.

"I do." Bella said crying.

"The rings please." The priest said.

Alice handed him the rings and handed them to me and Bella. Bella slipped my ring on my finger and I slipped her ring on her finger.

"You may now kiss the bride." Said the priest.

I kissed Bella and my family applauded.

"You go Jasper!" Emmett yelled.

This made both me and Bella laugh.After that we all went home. We didnt see the need to have a reception because it was just us. Besides Bella doesnt like Parties all that much anyway. We did have a little party when we got home though.

"YAYYYY!!" Alice exclaimed, "Your finnaly my sister!!"

" Yeah I know!" Bella replied obviously not as excited about that as Alice was.

" Dont worry I wont let her take you shopping without you having a say in it." I said.

"Wooohoooo! Any one want champaghne?" Emmett said.

" I think you need to lay off the champaghne." Rosalie said wacking the side of his head.

We all laughed.

"I'll take some." I said.

We talked for a few hours then we excused ourselves and went upstairs to our room.

" So Jasper how are you?" Bella asked me.

"Fine, and how about you my love?" I asked though I already knew.

"Ok. Kind of nervous though. Only because I dont know how to be a good wife and all that Jazz." She said.

"Dont worry about it. There is no rules on how to be a wife Bella. Your love is all I need." I said sending a wave of calm around her.

"Mmm..I love you Jazzy." She said.

"I love you to Bells. I always will." I said.

"Now I can love you forever too." She said. I kissed her head and we layed there for the rest of the night. Just like that.

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