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Temari, Kankuro, Gaara, and two other shinobi from the sand village walked on the path towards Konoha. Gaara looked up at the sky wondering what was so great about being a Kage most of it was paper work, which sucked. Something spiked his sense and he turned his head quickly to the forest looking at it.

"Kazekage-sama, is something wrong?" one other the others asked noticing their Kazekage stop and stare into the forest. Gaara immediately snapped out of the trance and looked at them and then back at the forest.

"I suppose it was nothing," he said beginning to walk again his eyes still fixated on the forest. He turned his gaze forward finally deciding it was nothing and continuing on.

It was now almost dusk and they five finally arrived at the gates to the leaf village. "Alright so the Hokage wanted us to report to her as soon as we made it to the village to discuss our boarding and all that jazz right?" Temari asked looking at her brother.

"Yes so let's go already" Gaara said irritably. They all made their way through the village that was beginning to get less and less people on the streets. Coming to the large doors of the Hokage's building the two other left to go report some business and the three siblings continued in.


Sakura walked solemnly through the Konoha gates. The mission she had just been sent on was a complete failure her entire team was ambushed and killed in the commotion the scroll they were sent to receive on medics was stolen and she had been gravely injured.

As she had been healing herself on the way back she was attacked yet again by unknown ninja. She was knocked unconscious and was surprised to wake up and all her memory was there and nothing was wrong with her.

The streets were almost completely empty with the exception of those late shoppers. She made her way up to her sensei's office and went in with out knocking. She stopped seeing the back of the Sand's Kazekage. "Oh I'm so sorry" she said noticing neither made a notion that they heard her.

"Um Tsunade-sama?" Sakura said a little louder looking at her oddly. Again there was no move to show she had heard her pink haired student. Sakura walked up and waved her hand in between Gaara and Tsunade. "Hello," she said glaring at the two.

"Ok is this some kind of joke?" Sakura asked angrily, waiting for one of them to answer. "Tsunade-sama?? Kazekage-sama??" she said poking Gaara. "What on earth?!" Sakura growled.

She grabbed the scrolls on Tsunade's desk and threw them across the room into a shelf causing it to fall. "TSUNADE-SAMA!" Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs.

Gaara jolted and looked beside him where he just heard a woman scream. He stared at the spot and then looked around a bit. "Is something the matter?" Tsunade asked raising a slender eyebrow.

"Didn't you hear that?" Gaara questioned looking back at the Hokage.

"Hear what Kazekage-sama?" Tsunade wondered.

Sakura looked back at the desk and the shelf and it looked as if nothing had happened. Sakura looked at her hands and then up at Gaara, she shoved him and it appeared he stumbled to the side but she looked back seeing him standing there as if nothing had happened.

"What's going on?" She asked herself closing her eyes tightly. She tried remembering what had happened when the shinobi had attacked her. Then she remembered it being hit on the head with a kunai. Sakura's eyes flew open and she was wide eyed.

"I'm . . . I'm dead?!" she whispered and then fell onto her knees. Tears fell from her eyes and she let out a hysterical scream. Gaara flinched once again and looked over to his right this time. He stared at the spot and Sakura looked up at him.

'C-can he hear me?' She stared at the Kazekage who in her earlier years had tried to kill her.

"Kazekage-sama are you alright you seem jumpy and that's not like you" Tsunade said looking at him but he held his hand up to silence her and turned his body towards where Sakura was sitting. He walked over a bit and kneeled down placing his hand on the ground.

Sakura went madly red and his hand went through her legs. "STOP THAT!" she screamed smacking his hand away but not affecting him at all. He immediately pulled his hand back and looked side to side.

The three looked over when the door opened and Shizune walked in with a report. "Lady Tsunade," she said quietly.

"What is it, Shizune?"

"I was just given a report by our scouts, near the border of the Fire country . . ." Shizune stopped and bit her lower lip not wanting to say the rest. "S-Sakura's squad was found it looks like they were ambushed but, Sakura's body was not found with the rest of them" she said painfully.

Tsunade looked down and held the pen in her hand so tightly that it snapped in half. "Get as many trackers as you can out there and search for her or her body" she said the last part with hurt in her voice. Gaara returned his gaze the spot her was staring at which happened to be Sakura.

Finally he stood and looked at Tsunade, "If that's all I'll leave you to your work and see you in the morning," he told her turning to leave and glancing at her once more before leaving.

Sakura fell onto her back and growled. She glared up at the ceiling, "If this is what it's like being dead, it really sucks. What the hell am I supposed to do? I thought you went to like some paradise or something" she sighed and turned her head looking at the door.

"And Gaara was that just some strange coincidence or did he really hear me?" she asked herself. "What does it matter" she huffed and flung herself up and dusted her hands off.

She left the office and walked down the now dark streets heading for her house. "I can't believe I'm dead" Sakura said feeling her heart sting. "I never even got to get married or go on a date, or have my first kiss" she said sadly.

"Their never going to find my body, I found a cave nearly impossible to locate and placed seals and barriers all over it. Unfortunately there were some ninja in the cave. God is that why I'm walking here because I'm not buried?" she asked herself as she made it to her house.

She walked in not even bothering to use the door seeing as she just walked through it. She looked around her empty house and walked up the stairs sliding her hand up the banister.

Sakura went into her room that had been unused for many days. She sat on her bed with its red sheets and lay down grabbing her soft pillow and laying her head on it.

"What am I going to do?" she asked herself. She closed her eyes and felt tears running down her cheeks.