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Naruto paced the floor in front of a window that showed into the room Gaara and Sakura were in. "I just don't understand Tsunade-sama! Gaara always has his sand armor on how on earth could he possibly get hurt?" he asked the Hokage.

Hinata and Ino nodded wanting to know the same thing. "Yeah didn't he take a beating from Lee without a scratch?" Kiba asked from his place leaning on the wall.

"Well, it's quiet odd actually. When we tried to give Sakura a shot earlier, it wouldn't go in it was like trying to inject cement. I collected samples of her skin and there is a layer of sand over her entire body. From what Sakura told me while she was conscious was that Gaara went in to save her. I think that while he was in their because the cave was collapsing he took on serious injuries like never before"

"And since the Kazekage has never had a serious injury before this was almost a suicidal act. As you bruise and get cut your skin becomes tougher and the less effect injuries have upon you if they aren't too serious. Having the demon sand protecting him all his life the casualties he suffered were like sending a genin on an S-class mission against 50 opponents all alone AND surviving"

"Not only are his wounds so serious that I don't know if I'll be able to heal him. Sakura needs the injections or she might die and I can't give them to her because of the Kazekage's sand armor. He's in a mild unconscious state right now and that is why the demon has not awakened. But I fear the only thing keeping him from the full state is keeping that armor on Sakura and if we remove it then he will die by being consumed by the Shukaku" Tsunade sighed.

"So you're saying either they both die or Sakura lives?" Ino muttered.

Tsunade nodded "I'm afraid so"

"Shut up! All of you! There is no way that I'm going to let Gaara die!" Naruto glared at them all. "I love Sakura, I love her like a sister and I don't want her to die but Gaara also means too much to me to give up. So Hokage get you medical ass in there and work like you never have before!"

"You healed Lee I know you can do this!" he said quit angrily making everyone else sit in silence and awe.

"Naruto," Tsunade whispered and then shook her head. "You're right Naruto I can do this but I'm going to need you to help me and Hinata and Ino you two have skills in the medical field help with this also" she ordered.

She tore off her green over coat and three it into a chair. Naruto unzipped his black and orange jacket tossing it with Tsunade's. Kiba did the same and ridded himself of excess clothing. "Alright Kiba I need you to boil me hot water and bring me cold water" she ordered and he left immediately.

"Ino and Hinata monitor Sakura until I instruct you otherwise make sure her levels stay the same. I neglected to say this but we only have a couple more hours before the need for the injection will kill her. Naruto you have to wake up Gaara from his subconscious, I need him to at least take the armor from her arms" she told them all and they began to get to work.

"Gaara," Naruto said into his friend's ear hoping to get him awake and he nudged him. "Gaara wake up if you don't Sakura will die" he tried but it had no effect.

"Well I see the only way to get this done is to get him to wake up the way I did when we were younger" Naruto said smiling.

"And what way was tha-" Tsunade began going wide eyed seeing Naruto head butt Gaara, their foreheads colliding with a hard smack.

Gaara yelled at the top of his lungs and sat up swiftly holding his head. "What the F-" he began holding in the curse word he was about to yell. Gaara glared over to his side his hands on his forehead seeing Naruto smiling.

"What the hell is your problem??" he snapped then winced and held his side. "Ow," he muttered feeling the large bruise on his side.

"Hurts doesn't it?" Tsunade asked placing her hand on his side and healing it. "Kazekage-sama your brutally injured. You placed your sand armor on Sakura this is correct?" she asked.

"Ugh yeah. The cave was collapsing and I didn't want her to get hurt" he said looking up at the tall blonde.

"Well I need you to take it off because I can't give her a shot that will save her life" she told him waiting for him to just catch her drift and remove the sand. It seemed as if the sand came out of no where as it slid of the bed and formed into Gaara's gourd.

Tsunade got the shot ready and walked over to Sakura giving her the injection and tossing the used needle into a dispensable trash. "Alright Hinata I want you healing all Sakura's injuries. Ino I want you to make sure she gets enough water"

Kiba walked in with two pitchers and handed the hot one to Tsunade. She walked over beside Gaara and the two stared at each other for a minute before Tsunade chucked the water at him. "DEAR LORD THAT'S HOT!" he yelled feeling the excess sand wash off and feeling his skin twitch from the burning.

"What is WRONG with you people that was hot!" he shouted. Tsunade sighed,

"I'm terribly sorry Kazekage too hot?" she asked getting an angry nod. She grabbed the pitcher of freezing cold water and tossed it on him as well. He twitched and just sat there.

"I hate you people so much," he seethed.

"Oh hush I needed to get all the sand off you and you don't hate them 'Mr. Holding Sakura's hands while you two were dying'" she smirked and walked out of the room for a bit. She came back in with two other medics who brought in a bed. "Now hope on Mr. Kazekage" Tsunade made a cute face for him and talking to him as if he were a small child. They picked him up and placed him on the bed. Gaara glared at them not liking being touched by these strangers.

"Kiba, Naruto please come with us" the blonde said to them as she followed the three out. They did as they were told although not knowing what they would be needed for.

"Tsunade-sama what do you need us for?" Kiba asked as they walked down the hall.

"Well," she began as she cleared her throat and smiled. "You listen too you hear?" she said patting Gaara on the head getting a glare in return.

"Now due to the circumstances I cannot put Gaara here to sleep which unfortunately means that I will have to do surgery while he awake. Since its normally painful for normal people it's going to be especially painful for you, Mr. Sensitive" she informed them all as they entered a room with all kinds of things Tsunade would need.

"So just to make sure our Kazekage here doesn't try and kill me, you two will have to hold him down. Now I have to prepare some things for this special operation so you can relax I will begin the surgery" she said leaving through another door.


Sakura opened her eyes slowly and looked around the white room. "Sakura your awake" Ino said happily standing from her chair and rushing to her friend's side. Sakura smiled seeing Ino and then looked to see the other bed and seeing Gaara gone.

Panic swept over her and she looked around, "Where's Gaara?" she asked frantically. Hinata placed a reassuring hand on Sakura's head.

"Don't worry Sakura; Gaara is with Tsunade-sama she's healing him. He's in surgery" she told her which made Sakura freeze. She made her way to get up and sat in bed trying to build up the energy to walk.

Hinata and Ino looked at each other and nodded. Hinata pulled the covers back while Ino helped Sakura out of bed. "They're just down the hall" Ino said to her pink haired friend and Hinata went to open the door. They made their way down the hall and they started hearing painful yelling.

They made it to the window where other medics could watch the procedure to take notes if necessary. Sakura felt her knees go weak at the sight. She leaned against the glass and placed her head on it. Cold tears ran down her face as she saw both Kiba and Naruto trying to hold Gaara as still as possible.

Sakura placed her hands on the side of her head to try and muffle out the yelling. Hinata placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked at her with tear filled eyes.

"Tsunade said that there was no other way. They couldn't put him to sleep for fear the demon inside of him would take over" she told her and Sakura turned her gaze back to him.

"What's wrong with him? Why does he need this surgery?" Sakura asked more like demanding for them to answer.

"Well," Ino began, "He had serious wounds that his body was not used too. Also he had no protection when the cave was collapsing and he was hit by more then one rock. His spine was completely destroyed it's amazing that he was able to carry you here"

"But how? His sand armor"

"That's what we said too but," the blonde let out a sigh. "All of his sand was protecting you. His sand armor was on you he was totally vulnerable"

Sakura bit her lower lip closing her eyes tightly. She walked over to the opposite wall and placed a hand over her face. She let out a scream and punched a huge hole in the wall. "You stupid idiot!" she screamed slamming her fist into another part.

"I told you!! I told you to get out and save yourself!" she cried sinking to her knees and sobbing into her hands. "Why didn't you leave me!!" she huddled closer to her self and placed her head on the cold ground.

Ino and Hinata bent beside her and rubbed her back trying to ease her but it only angered her. "Don't touch me!" she screamed and pushed both them away. She stood up and went back to the window and glared at the red head. "You stupid idiot!" she yelled only causing herself to cry more.

She placed her forehead on the glass and stared in with a blurred vision. Gaara winced as he thought the pain couldn't any worse. He jerked his head to the side and saw something he didn't expect, Sakura.

Sakura placed her hand on the glass and her gaze softened as she saw him. 'It's worth it' he told himself shutting his eyes tightly as if it would make the pain become less. He opened them and saw her still there, which was all he needed, to know everything would turn out well.


Sakura sat on her hospital bed with her knees to her chest and was staring at the wall. Nothing could seem to get her mind even remotely away from Gaara. She turned her gaze to the door as it opened and she saw a medic push Gaara in.

"Gaara" Sakura went wide eyed and hopped out of bed. They placed him back into the hospital bed and left. Sakura walked to the bed and looked down at him. He looked up at her and made a small smile, "Don't smile you idiot! You're lucky I don't beat you right here and now. Why?" she asked turning her face to the side to hide her tears.

"Why didn't you protect yourself?" she asked her hands formed into fist and tears fell from her eyes.

"I thought I told you, you know that people do crazy things when they're in love. Besides I'm not going to die so you've nothing to worry about. That which does not kill you only makes you stronger" he said.

Sakura sat on the side of the bed and wanted so much to just slap him. "I was so scared" she said lowering her head so her hair covered her face. But he could tell she was crying. She felt his hand hold hers gently and she looked at his face,

"I told you I wasn't going to die" he told her and gave her hand a tight squeeze. "So don't worry I just need to rest a bit and I should be fine" he said and closed his eyes. Sakura nodded and got up from the bed. She was already checked out from the hospital and staying here would only make her worry more.

Maybe she just needed a night long sleep in her own bed. Yes, she would go home and sleep this off and see what happened in the morning. Sakura opened the door and closed it quietly and walked down the halls of the hospital that was clearing out since it was getting late.

Sakura walked home on her usual route from the hospital and finally arrived at the house she hadn't actually been in for a very long time. She took the key out from under her plant and unlocked the door. She shut it and locked it once again and stared around her dark house.

She went into the kitchen and decided she would have some soup seeing as she was pretty hungry. She stirred the soup in pot and let it simmer until it was just hot enough to eat. She ate slowly and as she finally finished she washed her bowl and left it in the sink.

She went upstairs and took a long hot shower. As she washed her hair she could help but think of Gaara. What it would be like being with him all the time but for real and not just in spirit. Being together, living in the same house, sharing the same bed. The thought made Sakura turn blood red and she leaned her forehead against the cold tile.

Him sneaking up on her in the shower and playing around with her. She slid down to the floor of the shower blushing madly. What on earth was she thinking? She wasn't a pervert like that. "Stop Sakura" she told herself and tried to breathe in and out slowly.

She turned the shower off and grabbed her fluffy pink towel and wrapped it around her wet body. She went to the mirror and wiped away the condensation on it and saw her reflection. She grabbed a clip and pinned her hair up to get it out of her face.

She opened the door and let the hot air from the bathroom leak into her room. She dried the rest of her body off and dropped the towel on the ground and fished out a bra and underwear. She stretched and then flipped her lights off and only the light of the moon illuminated her room. She pulled her covers back and snuggled into her bed.

She turned to her other side and went wide eyed. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the screamed was heard all over Konoha and practically shook the earth.

Sakura jumped up and threw her blanket and ran to her dresser.


Gaara smirked with his two fingers on his eye. "Ah, what a great power I have" he said to himself.


"GAARA!!!!" Sakura screeched and pulled on a large shirt. She walked over to the eye and held up her fist. "You pervert how long were you watching me!?" she yelled but Gaara never heard any of this only saw he angry and totally embarrassed face.

The eye dissolved away and the sand flew under the window and out into the night. Sakura had a bored irritated look on her face as she just stood there. "Oh he is sooo dead" she said climbing back into bed.


Next Day. . .

Sakura's nose twitched and she awoke slowly. She rubbed her fore head with the back of her hand; she looked at her hand and saw specs of sand. She blinked and then identified the smell of pancakes and bacon. She shot up and ran to the door stopping and looking down at herself. She no longer had the T-shirt on and was simply in her bra and underwear. He face turned red again and she ran to her dresser and opened it finding nothing.

Sakura's jaw dropped and she opened the other drawers finding nothing once again. She growled and grabbed her red silk sheet and wrapped it around herself and holding it together in the front. She walked down the stairs and popped her head into the kitchen.

She saw no one and only saw sand flipping the pancakes so they wouldn't burn. Sakura rose an eyebrow and leaned in a bit more to try and find the sand master.


"AHHHH!!!" Sakura screamed sliding across the kitchen and pressing herself against the wall wide eyed and terrified. Gaara laughed and straightened up. Sakura had her hand over her heart trying to stop herself from having a heart attack.

"What is WRONG with you?!" she yelled still feeling like her heart was about to explode.

"What I just wanted to surprise you" he said with a knowing smirk as he cornered in on her. Sakura sunk down a bit relaying on the wall to be her back bone. "What's wrong with that?" he asked acting innocent.

"Um I almost had a heart attack! Not to mention you stole my clothes you pervert" she said looking him dead in the eyes. "What are you doing here anyway your supposed to be in the hospital" Sakura said giving him a look.

"I got check out this morning, Tsunade worked on the closing of everything last night after you left and I jut needed to recuperate. So I came here and you were still asleep" he said simply.

"You make it sound like you did nothing wrong" she huffed.

"But I didn't do anything wrong" he smirked and pushed her gently against the wall and kissed her lightly on the lips making her almost go weak in the knees. He moved his lips to her cheek and then to her neck making Sakura gasped unintentionally.

"Wh-why are you doing this?" she asked breathlessly.

She felt him smirk against her neck, "Because it's payback for when you could touch me but I could touch you. Especially when you knocked me down" he said and then continued kissing her neck.

Sakura sighed somehow in some weird cosmic way she saw this coming. She let go off the sheet and wrapped her arms around his neck. He came back to her face and they stared at each other for a long time. "You're beautiful" he said simply.

Sakura felt her face heat up again and looked away. Gaara smiled and made her face him again and he kissed her, she kissed back this time and tried to pull him closer.

"SAKURA!" Naruto stormed in. "Gaara's MISSING . . ." he stopped seeing the two who froze and Sakura picked up the sheet wrapping it around her once again.

"Ugh hey Naruto" Sakura sweat dropped and rubbed the back of her head with her free hand.

"Um I'll just leave now" he said wide eyed and he slowly backed up and closed the door and then took off running. Both Gaara and Sakura looked at each other and sighed.

"Well how about breakfast" Sakura smiled and walked over to see it was done. "I'm starving and it smells delicious" she tied the top of the sheet so it wouldn't fall down and rubbed her hands together.

She pulled out two plates and started putting the food equally on each plate. Gaara just stared at her back still not moving from the spot he had been in. "Well here you go" she smiled and placed one plate down and the other in front of the seat beside it.

Sakura sat down and began eating and Gaara did the same. Soon they were both done and Sakura picked up both pates and washed them in the sink leaving them with the bowl from last night.

"So ugh where are my clothes?" Sakura asked looking at Gaara. He pointed behind him and there in the living room were two suitcases and a backpack. Sakura stared at it for a moment and then finally asked, "Ugh why are they all packed away?"

"Well your coming back with me aren't you?"

Sakura froze even though she had thought about the very thing last night it had not occurred to her she would have to leave Konoha. She thought about it, sure all her friends were here but Temari was in Suna and so was Shikamaru. Naruto went to Suna a lot and her friends would make frequent visits.

Gaara was about to let out a sigh when, "On one condition" she smirked and this caught his interests.


"Sakura-chan I can't believe your leaving us!" Naruto cried grabbing onto Sakura's leg. She sighed and shook off the blonde, "SAKURA-CHAN!!"

"Shut up Naruto I'm coming back everyone weekend besides you want me to be happy don't you?" she asked tapping her foot. He nodded and stood with the rest.

"Bye Sakura we'll miss you so much and visit whenever we can" Hinata smiled and Tenten and Ino nodded.

"Don't go getting pregnant before your married now forehead girl!" Ino smiled and waved as Sakura turned blood red and a small blush adorned Gaara's face.

"Don't worry I'll watch over them" Temari smiled and waved as she ushered both Gaara and Sakura through the gates. "Bye everyone!" she said with Kankuro following.

Sakura smiled and looked at Gaara and he gave her a glance. Yeah, this was defiantly what she wanted.