The Depressions Strikes

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Yep, today's October the twenty ninth. You know what that day is, right? It's approximately sixty eight years after the stock market crashed in 1929, and that, my fellow readers, led to the Great Depression. Well, anyway, I decided to write a non-humor fanfic about the Great Depression using the Super Smash Brothers, of course. Now, I don't really mind or care whether you review or not, but regardless, the only thing I request of you is to read this and enjoy it. Writing's actually fun, and that's primarily the reason I write. I have the freedom to write, and I find it fun, and regardless of any criticism I receive, I will continue to write many fanfics to come, no matter what. So I end that speech, and I hope you enjoy this fanfic. (smiles and leaves)

Disclaimer: The Super Smash Brothers belong to Nintendo.


Rain. Thunder. Wind. Lighting.

These were the weather conditions that poured down on Nintendo City. The pedestrians got used to this strange weather, even fine by the fact that it was mild in the last week of October. Yes, all seemed peaceful and usual...

Until... it happened.

At two o' clock in the afternoon, most of the banks located around Nintendo City have finally closed, though a few remained open. This proved to be a fatal mistake...


Falco placed a few empty glasses into the shelf behind him. He turned to his customers. "All right, guys, that's enough drinking. The taxman is coming."

Link, Marth, and Roy nodded, and they took out their wallets and handed their cash to Falco. Falco grinned as he took the money and added them to his cash register. Link glanced at the door, seeing a shadow behind the door, knocking.

Falco gasped, and he started to hurry up, getting out as much cash he could. Before he had enough, the taxman entered in, the door opened by Pit. Falco screamed and hid under the counter. "I'm sorry, taxman, I just couldn't get the money-"

"It's worse than that," The taxman stated in a sad tone of voice, grabbing a barstool and sitting on it, sighing as there was a frown marked on his face, "The stocks tumbled down by 47 points, and now all of the businesses are going down. I'm sorry, Falco Lombardi, but I'm going to have to force you to close your bar down."

Everyone gasped, especially Falco, who got up from the counter and shouted at the taxman's face, "WHAT!? I have to give up my bar because the stocks tumbled down!?"

The taxman only nodded. Link, Marth, Roy, and Pit all got out of their seats and headed out of the bar, looking down with sadness.

Falco was silent for a few moments, and he then let out a sigh. "Very well. I might as well serve you the last glass of beer, then." The blue falcon grabbed a clean glass and poured some liquor into it halfway, putting the liquor away and handing the glass half full of beer to the taxman. "A shame that I'll never be able to sell my stocks..."

The taxman nodded. " how will I be able to support by one thousand and seventy three sons and daughters?" He asked, shaking his head and sipping the glass of liquor.

Falco only grabbed the cash register, yanked it off of the counter, and headed out of the bar, taking his hard earned money, pride, and dignity with him back to the Super Smash Brothers Mansion.