A Phantom's Blood

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Moonlight, this is just for fun.

Author's Notes: A Story in honor of Halloween, it has suspense and filled with supernatural goodness. I have decided to accept anonymous reviews again so please feel free to leave a review. Thanks goes out to Shining Zephyr and her CSI crossover as they were inspiration for this. Happy Halloween

Chapter I: Vanished


"Six o'clock already," I moaned as I turned over and gazed at my clock as I got up and stretched. Last night had been hectic, I had to face Skulker, Ember, and Johnny 13 all at once and only got a few hours of sleep, so to say I was cranky is an understatement.

Once I was fully awake, I went to the bathroom and pounded on the door, "Come on Jazz I need to get ready for school," I tell my sister who always hogs the bathroom.

"You know you have to wait your turn, Danny," she tells from behind the door as I decide to have breakfast instead.

"Let see, what we have," I tell myself as I open the cupboard and look for some cereal to eat. "Here we go, Lucky Charms," I tell myself as I pour a bowl and sit down to eat breakfast until I heard a crash from the lab.

"Hey Danny, check out my latest invention, I call it the Specter Incinerator, it burns ghosts to a crisp," my dad yells as he races upstairs and with his new toy and burned the table to ashes.

"Looks like Breakfast is cancelled," I said as I got up and went to my room to get dressed and grab my books school. Once I was dressed, I picked up my books, "stupid assignment," I said as I looked at the homework Lancer had given us yesterday; read Dracula and write a three page report on the underlying theme. I and my friends were going start reading it after school today.

Once I had everything I needed, I left for school. It was typical October day, the leaves were falling and a cool wind blew through the town.

Every building was decked for Halloween and stores had costumes on display. I never really liked Halloween as I had watched the Amityville Horror when I was seven (my parents said it was training for when I become a ghost hunter even if I told that I wanted to be an astronaut) and have nightmares ever since (although since the battle with Dan, I've been more brave and not as frightened as I was).

I look up at the sky and watch the clouds but suddenly my attention is caught with something I heard, "what was that," I say as I look around, whatever it was it didn't trip my Ghost Sense. After a minute of staring and convincing myself that I'm not losing my mind I continue walking.

Halfway to school though I feel something pin me to the ground, "Hey what's going on," I shout as I try to see my attacker but can only see a tall dark figure standing in front me.

"This is almost too easy," the figure hissed as held me by the neck, "Not even worth the effort," he continued sounding disappointed.

"You want a fight, you got it," I told him as I closed my eyes but before I could transform he put his hand on my mouth.

"Nice try, but you're not getting out that easy Phantom," the figure hissed as he lifted me off the ground and spirited me away from the sidewalk.


Something's wrong, Danny didn't wait for me and Tucker to walk to school today, "Tucker, did Danny call you today," I ask my friend as we approached the school. Usually, Danny calls Tucker if he is sick or going to be late so we don't wait up.

"No he didn't, maybe he had to fight a ghost along the way," Tucker suggests as we reach the school.

"But he always calls you if that's the case, something's wrong I can feel it," I told him as we entered and went to our class.

"True, maybe we should keep our eyes open in case we see him," Tucker replies as he walks over to his seat as the bell rang and Mr. Lancer stood up.

"Today we will talk about Bram Stoker and what influenced him to write Dracula," he says as talks about how Stoker heard of Vlad Tepes and how it inspired him (which is wrong, he only used Tepes for atmosphere and had already was writing the book when he found out about him).

I couldn't think much during class, I kept worrying about Danny and if he was okay or not. I couldn't stand thinking about him being hurt and every time I try to focus on school all I can see is Danny's face. A few times Mr. Lancer yelled at me and told me to pay attention.

Finally after what seemed an eternity, it was time to go home, but my mind was still not at ease. Danny had not appeared all day and I fear the worst for him.

"Maybe he had to go the hospital or something," Tucker said as we approached the Fenton Works hoping to find out what happened to Danny.


When we arrived at Danny's, Jazz let us in.

"Hey guys, where's Danny?" she asks as she opens a can of soda in her hand as we walk into the living room.

"We were hoping you knew, he wasn't at school today and never called us to say he wasn't coming. We think he might be in danger," Sam says as she gets out her laptop from her backpack.

Jazz's eyes grew wide as she nearly choked on drink and spat it out in shock, "are you sure," she asks nervously as puts her soda on the table.

"Positive, I have a get feeling that Danny needs help, wherever he is," Sam tells her as she logs onto the Internet.

"We better tell my folks, it's not fair to keep them in the dark," Jazz tells us as she gets up to get her parents. Normally, it was a bad idea to tell them as Danny might be ghost hunting and his parents would attack him thinking Invisobill is evil. This time however Jazz was right, they needed know that Danny was missing.

While she is gone, I turn to Sam on her computer, "What are you doing," I ask as I look at the screen.

"I'm contacting someone to help us," she says as she shows me a picture of a man in his early forties with black hair and blue eyes. "This is Mick St. John; he said to be one of the best Private Investigators in the country. I'm hoping he'll agree to come here and help find Danny," she says as she finishes her email and sends it off to this Mick St. John who hopefully will find Danny alive.