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Chapter XXXVI: Dawn of a New Day


I don't blame Valerie for walking out after what she saw, few people can take the sight of blood let alone a vampire feeding blood to a human. I would need to explain to her what I was, but how would she react to it.

I walk over to Jack and Maddie who are starting to come to. Luckily their wounds are not serious.

"Mick, what happened, where's Valerie and what happened to Gustav," Maddie asks confused as she looks around.

"Valerie needed some air and as for Gustav, he's dead and won't be coming back," I tell them as I walk over to Jazz and Sam and free them from the shackles. "I need you take Jazz, Danny, and Sam to the hospital to be treated," I order them as I cover my hands in my shirt and pull the door of the cage.

I knelt down and examined Danny; he was very weak but otherwise alive. "Hang in there Danny," I tell the unconscious boy as I rip his chain from the wall and take him outside to the others.

"What about you, Mick," Jack asks confused as why I am not going with them.

"I have some loose ends to deal with, I'll be there shortly," I tell them as pick up the kids and leave for the surface.

"Now for Valerie," I say as I leave after they take the kids away and search for Valerie.

While I am walking down the halls I hear something, "A dog?" I asked confused as I see a large green dog racing through the hall with Beth towing behind.

"Whoa," she says as the dog stops and shrinks to a normal size and wags its tail. "Oh hey, Mick," she says brushing off her shirt and smiles.

"What are you doing here; I thought I told you to take Tucker and Danni to the hospital?" I ask her upset to find her here.

"I did, but I decided to come back to help you. Where are the others?" she asks seeing that I am alone.

"Jack and Maddie took Danny, Sam, and Jazz to the hospital and Valerie ran off," I tell her.

"She found out didn't she," she says glaring at me and I nod in affirmation, "Do you think she could have gone far?" she asks as she looks around the area.

"No," I say pausing as I hear her breathing nearby, "in fact we're close to her," I say walking towards her direction.

A few minutes later, I find her sitting in corner, "Valerie," I say placing a hand on her shoulder, "we need to have a talk," I tell her seriously.

"What's there to talk about, I saw you feed your blood to Jazz. How could do something like that to her, she trusted you. You're no better than Gustav," she snaps as she pushes my hand away.

"I did that to save Jazz, you see…there's no easy way to explain this…I'm a vampire," I tell her holding my breath.

"That can't be, vampires aren't real, they're only stories," she says, like everyone else she's believed what science has told her about us, that we're made up.

"Valerie, you saw how my abilities were heightened and you saw the effect silver has on me," I tell her pointing out that no human can do those things.

"That's because you were in track and field and you said you were allergic to it," she counters, I knew there is only one way to convince her

"Beth do you have a compact," I ask her as she takes it out and gives to me and I hand it to Valerie who looks at me confused.

"What is this going to prove," she asks me.

"Open it and look it mirror then tell me what you see," I tell her smiling.

She does as told and gasps, "I can't see you, how that can be," she asks confused then stares at me frightened.

"Relax, Valerie, Mick doesn't kill people. He actually helps them," Beth says trying to calm her down.

"How?" she asks trying to figure this mystery out.

"I use my powers to help solve cases like how I used them to find Danny and destroy Gustav," I explain to her as I watch her calm down somewhat.

She looks at me, "I'm sorry for how I reacted Mr. St. John, I hope you can forgive me," she says not daring to look me in the eyes.

"It's water under bridge, come on, let's go see how Danny is doing," I say helping her up.

"How are we going to get out?" she asks confused as she looks at the labyrinth in front of us.

"Leave that to me, all right boy, lead the way home," Beth says to the canine who just stares at Valerie frightened.

"Your dog isn't very obedient," I tell her sardonically.

"He's scared, I think he's afraid of Valerie," she says as Valerie nods and explains to us how she once mistreated the dog.

"I guess I should have listened to Danny, when he said that it wasn't his fault," she said guilt ridden.

"You can make up after we get out here, luckily I can do that easily," I say as I lead them to the exit once and for all.


"Wha…," I moan before I start up in surprise, "Hey, I can talk again," I say hoarse as I slowly open my eyes and see my family and friends standing by my bed.

"Of course you can talk, the damage to the vocal chords wasn't permnant," I hear Danni tell me in a raspy voice. She is in a wheelchair and her throat is bandaged up. I also see Tucker and Sam, both alive and well along with my parents and Valerie…oh no…they saw me change.

"Look guys I can explain," I tell them nervously.

"No need, I can understood why you hid your secret from us, son. I wish though you would have told us, we would never have said or done those things if we knew you were the Ghost Boy," mom says lovingly as she strokes my hair and kisses me.

"Thanks mom," I tell her as I turn to Valerie, "Look Val, I'm sorry for," I began to tell her before she cuts me off.

"I'm the one who should be apologizing; I should have listened to you. I was too pigheaded to believe you…," she says as tears pour out of her eyes, "I can't believe I wanted you dead, you must hate me," she says drying her eyes.

"We all make mistakes Valerie, the true test is do you learn from them and change your ways before it's too late," a voice says as a tall man with black hair and blue eyes enters the room with a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Danny, I would like you to meet Mick St. John and Beth Turner. Mick is a detective who Sam hired to help find you and Beth is a reporter for the LA Underground Blog," dad says happily.

"Actually, I work for an offshoot company called Buzzwire," the woman, Beth, admits to him.

I look at them nervously, what if they expose my secret to the rest of the world, but my fears a quelled as Mick says with a smile, "I know all about secrets and I promise you yours will be safe in our hands."

"Thank you," I say as the doctor comes in.

"All right, Mr. Fenton needs to rest, that goes for you too Mr. Foley, Danielle, and Ms. Manson," he tells everyone.

"How is Jazz doing," dad asks before he leaves.

"Just fine, she's asleep now, which is what the others should do now," he says as he watches everyone leave.

"Bye, sweetie I love you," mom says as she kisses me and leaves the room after which I promptly close my eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep.


"Mick, where are you going?" I ask Mick as we leave the hospital and see him go in the opposite direction.

"I'm going back to Gustav's, I want to turn his hard drive to the police so they can catch his clients," he says as he goes back to fulfill his mission, while I record my story in a portable tape recorder I carry with me at all time.

"This will be the story of the century," I say when I complete the recording and get tickets back to LA.


"Oh Fudge Buckets, those goody two shoes saved Daniel, no matter he will be mine soon enough," I say as I hear someone knock on the door. "Yes, whose there," I ask politely.

"Mr. Masters, it's the police open up," they shout as they prepare to enter.

"Oh Peanut Brittle," I say as take out my hard drive and destroy it with an ecto-blast destroying all evidence that Vlad Masters was involved with the auction and vanish "Another time, gentlemen," I say before I leave the office without a trace.


After I had deposited the hard drive at the police, I went to the airport and headed home.

The next day, when I reach my apartment, I hear Josef ask, "So Mick how was it," like a child.

"How was what?" I ask him as I wearily plopped down on the couch and sighed.

"Ghost City, of course, tell me about the ghosts," he says smiling like a gossip monger outside the Oscars.

I sigh, "I really didn't see any ghosts, Amity Park is a very normal town," I lie to him, knowing that I can't tell him about Danny and his 'unique qualities.'

"That's not what your friend says," Josef replies as he shows me Beth's video report. She mentions a few ghosts one named Technus, another named the Box Ghost, a third one named Clockwork, a fourth named Vlad Plasmius, and the dog we seen in Gustav's lair. However she keeps her word and doesn't mention Danny's condition.

"Wow, I've lived for 395 years and never once seen a ghost and here your friend spends a day in Amity and not only does she ghosts, she sees HIM," he says envious of Beth.

"Him?" I asked confused by his words as I watch him take a book from his book.

"Him, Clockwork, the master of time; no one has seen him in a millennium and she manages to talk to him. This is so unfair," he says showing me a page in the book that has a picture of a ghost dressed in a purple tunic with a clock on it and a dark purple cape. His was face was blue save for a black scar that ran down the right side of his face and his eyes that were red. "I tell you Mick, sometimes I think the little old ladies down in Hades have a grudge against me," he sighs defeated.

"You never know what the next three centuries will bring," I tell him with a laugh as I pour myself a glass of blood and offer him one.

"No, thank you, I can't stand that 'vegan' blood you drink," he says making a face as he gets up, "I have to go anyway, oh by the way, you have a new case, it's on the answering machine," he says as he leaves and listen to my messages.


It's amazing how much your world can change, a few days ago I thought Danny Phantom was evil and vampires a myth, but now I am proven wrong.

How did I feel about Danny when I found out, I can't really say. Part of me was hurt that he would lie to me and wanted to kill him on the spot. I looked into his eyes and saw then the truth that he wasn't evil and had a reason for the secrecy. After that I felt guilty, I had tried to kill a friend and someone I used to date, how could be so heartless, but that faded into happiness, happiness that he forgives and can make amends.

I already have plans; I will ask if Danny will accept me as a member of his Ghost Hunting team and the Red Huntress as an ally. I hope he says yes, I want to show him that new Valerie Gray is Danny Phantom friendly and our feud that has festered long enough is now over.

Right now, I am just grateful that this whole experience is over and trying to get past the fact that vampires are real (and like ghosts not all are evil). Man, I need a vacation in the worst way.


"This is your greatest story yet, Beth. I don't know how you do it," my boss said amazed at the Fenton case. "I think we need to have branch open up in Amity Park, we could call Ghost Wire," she says thinking up more money making ideas.

"Thank you ma'am," I say as I prepare for my next story, nothing as exciting as the Fenton case, just your usual mass murderer loose in LA type story. It's not thrilling but it pays the bills.


Months have passed since I've been kidnapped and my world has changed again. Now that my parents know my secret, they help out with the Ghost Hunting and Valerie, once my enemy, is now my ally and helps me hunt ghosts as well.

In other matters, Sam and I are officially girlfriend and boyfriend. We couldn't happier and her parents finally are okay with me dating Sam.

Danni, now lives with us, and my parents now know the truth about her. They've accepted her not as my clone or even my cousin but as a little sister. Danni loves being part of a family now even though she gives us all a run for our money.

Yes, things are finally looking up for me and life for once is treating me good.

The End.