Name: Bacio
Rating: T (it's just a kiss, but it's yaoi, so...)
Pairing: D27 or DinoTsuna or whatever
AN: Well, this one came from nowhere, completely out of the blue. I started writing it at school and then finished it not too long ago. In other words, no one except my word corrected the mistakes in it, I didn't check and my mother language isn't English, so expect a few mistakes. I don't know if I'll write a series of one-shots because, like I said, this one came from nowhere. Don't wait for an update, this one is as good as completed, but who knows? But if I decide to do a series, I'll need a beta, anyone kind enough for the job? About the title: It's in Italian, Primo is first (duh) and Bacio is kiss.

Their first kiss was a mess. A terrible mess. It had too much teeth, tongue and spit. Their noses bumped more than their mouths met. And in the end, they weren't even sure if what they did could be considered a kiss; imagine a decent one at that.

But what could you expect from someone who didn't have any experience whatsoever and the other who was nothing less of a klutz without his subordinates around?

The silence between them had stretched out for long awkward minutes, both of them not having the slightest idea on what to say or do. Tsuna could only blush, completely embarrassed about his lack of skills and Dino couldn't even look at his face, unable to make an excuse about his lack of competence.

Their eyes met sometimes, and they quickly averted their gazes elsewhere, not being able to look at the other. Still, they knew that they had to do something. It didn't matter if it was to forget that this ever happened or getting better at the kiss thing. (The second option would be easier with Romario or other person, but neither of them wanted the audience, thank you very much.)

They looked at each other and this time they sustained the gaze. Obviously agreeing on the final decision, they decided to take it slowly. A simple brush of lips first. Eyes gradually closing. Tsuna stepped closer to Dino (because if the blond did that, there was danger of him tripping on his tied up shoes). Hands embracing the other's body. A turn of heads and finally the tip of a tongue.

Both broke the kiss panting, realizing they had forgotten to breath. A smile appeared on their lips when they stared at each other and soon they were laughing.

There were some things that weren't on the curriculum of How to be a Good Mafia Boss.

AN: Don't ask about the last phrase, I thought it was funny and used it. Another reason why not to make this a D18 one-shot. And besides, Hibari wouldn't make a mess (except if it was a bloody one) of anything. And I prefer D27 xD This pairing needs more love, by the way. Actually the fandom of KHR needs more love, so write fics, guys! And if it is D27 you'll make this ficwriter very happy! In the mean time you can make her happy by clicking on the go button down there and leaving a review. And I'll shut up now, 'till next time (maybe).