Name: Amore (Love)
Rating: T (again, yaoi.)
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Dino didn't really know how nor when it had happened. To be honest, he didn't care; someone could turn to him and say that one day he just woke up in love and he would shrug and accept it. Don't get the wrong idea, Dino doesn't fall in love so easily like his old classmates used to say, in fact, it was quite the opposite. It was pretty rare for him to really love someone.

He blamed that on his father, but that is another story.

He did know the point in time that he noticed though. It was an early evening, Dino had gone to Japan because he needed to speak with Reborn. After that, he had gone up the stairs, to say hi to his cute little brother. He had knocked on the door to his room before entering, and up until that, everything was normal.

What wasn't normal was Tsuna; the boy was staring nonchalantly at the TV in front of him. Dino had looked at it, but it wasn't even turned on. He looked at Tsuna again – the boy still hadn't noticed him – and called.

"Tsuna?" He raised an eyebrow when he jumped and looked at him completely surprise.

"Dino-san!" He said more after that, but Dino couldn't really catch anything, seeing that Tsuna said the words so quickly. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't notice you…"

The blond laughed and sat down next to the boy.

"Yes, you didn't. No problem, really. I finished talking to Reborn and came here to say hi to my cute little brother." Dino smiled while Tsuna nodded, but he didn't say anything after that, so after some minutes of silence, Dino asked. "So, what were you doing?"

"Oh… Nothing, to tell you the truth. I was just… thinking." He said, looking at his table.

"About?" Dino didn't mean to pry, but the boy sounded troubled and he thought that he could help.

Tsuna, on the other hand, just shrugged and continued to stare at his table. There was an uncomfortable silence on the room and just when Dino was considering leaving, Tsuna sighed and started speaking.

"My mother said that when you fall in love, everything around you becomes rose-colored…" He said, looking at the ceiling, Dino kept his eyes on him, waiting for him to continue. "But that is a lie, isn't it?"

"Ahh… My uncle once told me that too, and when it finally happened, I thought the same thing as you." Dino confessed with a small smile on his lips. "First love, huh? And it doesn't seem to be quite the happy one either…" Tsuna shook his head, still looking at the ceiling. "That's tough. I had troubles with mine too. But I think it is worse for you, with Reborn and all that."

Tsuna sighed again, and finally moved his eyes to the man beside him.

"My mother is quite the romantic, so I think that to her it would be like that, but…"

"It isn't like that for everyone, I know." Dino said, sending an understanding smile to the other.

"But why did your uncle tell you of this kind of thing?"

"Well… That was because he asked if I loved any of the girls I used to hang out with and I made the mistake to say of course not." Dino laughed at the look Tsuna sent him. "He used to say that I was playing with their emotions, but really, it wasn't my fault that they thought they were my girlfriend!"

"Um… Dino-san?" Tsuna looked at him with a surprised expression and the blond man smiled.

"It wasn't very rare for me to have more than one girlfriend without knowing it…"

"And you managed?" Tsuna asked, eyes wide at the thought.

"Actually, no. That was why that by the end of the month I had a very sore cheek." Dino laughed and Tsuna did too, the boy just couldn't hold the laughter. "And honestly, I don't miss those times."

After he said that, Tsuna smiled at him, the sad look in his eyes and his troubled expression completely gone.

And that was when it happened.

Dino could make a poem, maybe even a serenade, about how the evening sun shone on his hair, how his eyes twinkled like usual when he smiled – and dear God, how could Dino never had noticed this?! – and his smile, especially his smile, that made those so popular butterflies appear on his stomach.

That is, he could make a poem, if he could think in the moment.

He blamed that on everything around him being rose-colored.

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