A little bit of introspection on Shaadi's behalf. After all, we know very little about him from canon. Just my silly little thoughts of what he might've felt…

3000 Years
By Hales731

3000 years. It's a long time. A long time to live, long time to die, long time to be reborn. A long time to serve what I cannot see. A long time to protect a man I've never met.

3000 years I've spent searching for and protecting the items. 3000 years I've spent dealing with powers I do not completely understand. 3000 years I've spent with only my shadow walking beside me on this lonely road of the ages.

Over the eons, I've become, to some, an enigma. I like to think myself as such. But I am merely a lonely man; a lonely man caught up in the complex destiny beyond my control.

I had a wife and family once. I had been a part of the line dedicated to the protection of the pharaoh and the items. But when he was sealed, I was forced to take up two of the cursed pieces of gold while the rest were scattered throughout the world. I had to leave everything I knew.

Throughout time, man has desired immortality and long life, yet he has no comprehension of what an un-ending life brings. The man who continues living will always see his loved ones leave this world while he remains. The everlasting man will never have a home of family. The eternal man cannot know love.

This I have discovered, and that may be why I decided to attack the chosen one. When I met him and discovered that he had solved the unsolvable, I believed it all a dream. But I never slept. And after 3000 years of waiting for my death, I had lost hope in ever returning to my family. So I set out to test the young one; uncover whether he was the one to begin the spiral of fate that would either bring the world's end or allow me to complete my task. Either way, I knew that soon, I'd be able to leave this world at last.

3000 years is far too long to die.

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