Truth AND Dare


Summary: Ruka, Hotaru, Mikan and Natsume were playing Truth AND Dare…secrets began to unfold…even Natsume's!! Just get inside and read it…MXN

Chapter 1: The Game

The night was lovely: starry sky, cool breeze and peaceful surrounding. Everyone, well almost everyone, was asleep. Four alice wielders were having a game inside the infamous Black Cat's room.

Focusing the flashlight on her face, Mikan was talking how cool that evening was, how happy she was, etc. until Hotaru shut her up using the 'baka-gun'.

She whined in pain. "Why do you always carry that thing? Even here!"

"Cause you're here," her best friend Hotaru plainly said.

Ruka, beside Hotaru, just smiled wearily at two friends. Beside him was an annoyed Natsume Hyuuga.

"Let's start already," he coolly suggested. He's obviously irritated at their presence in HIS room.

They're in circular formation: Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, Hotaru

Mikan nodded in agreement. "Yes! Yes! Let's begin! I want to start this game already!" she beamed, then suddenly, she remembered something. "What's the game anyway?"

"Truth AND Dare," Hotaru answered coolly.

The three stared at her. "Shouldn't that be Truth OR Dare?" Ruka carefully asked.

Suddenly, Hotaru took out something from her pocket. And showed to Ruka, who furiously blushed and tried to grab the picture. It was a picture of him fresh from the bathroom, half-naked: only the towel covered his lower body.

"Ok, fine," he said in defeat. "Let's play Truth AND Dare."

To be continued…

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