Truth AND Dare


Summary: Ruka, Hotaru, Mikan and Natsume were playing Truth AND Dare…secrets began to unfold…even Natsume's!! Just get inside and read it…MXN

From the previous chapter:

"What's your question? And make it fast," he demanded. "What could be her question? The same perhaps? Oh crap! I'm dead!" he thought.

Chapter 5: Black Cat's Crush

Hotaru noticed the sudden sweating in his well-formed face, and SHE smirked at HIM! "Don't worry Hyuuga, it's not the same question."

He mentally sighed in relief. "That was close," he thought.

"What have you seen in Mikan that made you like her?" she pointed out.

"What the? This girl is so frank," thought as his pale skin slightly turned to pink.

"Did someone call my name?" asked an almost sleeping Mikan.

"She didn't hear. Good. Now, how to make her not hear what I have to say? I better…" he planned.

"Oi polka, sleep on the couch. That's an order," Natsume said.

"Really? Thanks," and with that, Mikan slumbered into a peaceful sleep on the couch.

"Smart move Hyuuga," Hotaru complimented. "Spill it." She was focusing her hidden video camera at his face. "I'll be rich, soon enough," she chanted inside her mind.

He glanced at Mikan's sleeping figure and assured that she was asleep.

"Natsume, maybe it's better if she hears it," Ruka suggested.

"No," he firmly replied. "What I've seen in her are her angelic smiles that surely captivate every guys' hearts, unlimited energy up to the level that I want to kiss her just to stop her from annoying me, out bursting emotion that really stuns me, and her caring heart that makes me ache every time I see her crying for someone. She is the burning fuel of my life with her presence. And she changed my whole world since I first met her." He finished.

"Thank you, Hyuuga," Hotaru said, it sounded almost she didn't mean it. "Now, I DARE you to sleep with Mikan this evening. You'll carry her onto your bed, sleep beside her and do whatever you want with her."

Natsume only stared at her with disbelief. "Do you expect me to rape her?"

Ruka choked out.

"I'm sure you know what to do with her," she said, ending the topic. She stood up. "Ruka and I are going back to our room so that you still have time to do whatever you want with her." And with a mischievous smile, she turned her back to him. Ruka and Hotaru leaved him alone with the brunette who was sound asleep on the couch.

He looked at her. "You're so peaceful, Mikan," he whispered "Now, what should I do to you?"

He sighed. He scooped her in his arms, and she began to stir. He tensed up and bids of sweat formed on his back.

"Natsume," she softly murmured.

"Oi polka?" he querried. No response. "You're dreaming of me."

He carried her to his room, and carefully laid the fragile body on his king-size bed. He removed his shirt. "Don't worry my lovely princess, I will not do any harm to you. With you in my arms, I'm sure it'll provide you warm," he explained. "Why do I care to detail anyway? You don't even hear the words I utter," he mocked himself.

He sprawled his body beside her. Mikan felt the warm aura beside not far from her and unconsciously, she wrapped her body to it, Natsume's body! She snuggled her cheek on his chest.

OMG! He's blushing. Hard! He snaked his one hand on the back of her neck and the other was placed on top of her leg which was on top of him.

"Smooth," he said with a mischievous grin.

"He planted a kiss on her forehead. "Good night, Mikan sakura."

Mikan's soft lips accidentally blushed against his skin, and it sent him tickles all over his body.

He smirked. "I wonder how you'll react tomorrow."

He dismissed his thoughts and fell asleep with the girl he liked the most in his arms.

- the END -

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