Title: Fate's Hand

Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Pairings Represented: Sesshoumaru/Kagome Romantic

Theme: Set #1, Theme #019, "Fate"

Word Count: 715

Universe: Alternate Universe

The sun of the early dawn was just barely peaking over the horizon, casting a little light amongst the shadows of night. Though most of the birds had already flown south for the winter, the odd few that stuck around chirped happily out the window. Most mornings Kagome wanted to throw something at them to shut them up. Today, she savoured the music, knowing this would be perhaps the only peace she would enjoy for the next two days.

Smiling, she snuggled further into the warmth provided by Sesshoumaru's body, not wanting to let reality intrude on this moment. He had surprised her, arriving on her hotel doorstep at 2 am looking haggard and tired, but very much relieved to be there. She hadn't been aware of how much she really missed him until that moment. It was only a matter of minutes before he had her undressed and on the bed with him, their loving urgent and desperate as each tried to fill the emptiness that had temporarily settled within.

Then it had been slow and languorous as they reacquainted themselves with the other, despite their separation having only lasted less than twenty-four hours.

She could honestly say it had felt like an eternity.

Taking a strand of his silver hair, she twirled it between her fingers, occupying them and keeping them from reaching and tracing his markings. That single action would wake him up and the last thing she wanted to do was disturb him after he had gotten so little sleep.

She thought of the journey again, the path that brought her here to this very moment; the trials she faced, the accusations, the names, the hatred. Then she thought of the good moments, the time they shared together, the small gestures. One could not have happened without the other. Lifting her hand, she pressed it against the scar on her forehead and, for once, she was proud. It was a battle scar. Sure she wasn't fighting against some great evil or perhaps she was, she thought wryly, as Naraku's image floated through her mind. Still, on the whole, she wasn't fighting to save the world. She wasn't even fighting to save her friends, or perhaps save her brother from torment. Nonetheless, it was still a battle scar, a reminder of what she had been through, the ordeal she faced so she could be here, right now, lying in his arms. She was proud. She had faced off against adversity and had won the prize.

Her Sesshoumaru.

It wasn't any surprise that, over the past several weeks, she had grown closer to him, and he to her. It was as if fate had been holding their hands and led them to each other.

She loved him.

She wouldn't say the words, knowing she didn't have to, but it was there and she was sure he could see it. There was very little that managed to slip past him.

This was a rare treat for her, watching him sleep. It was one of the very few times he remained unguarded and completely at ease. There was a casualness to him, a quiet confidence that quite often remained hidden behind his arrogant exterior. Sighing, she closed her eyes, content. This was her Sesshoumaru, the side of him that only she got to see. It secretly thrilled her.

Feeling him shift against her, she relaxed her body, willing for sleep to take over once more. There was an hour before her alarm clock would go off - an hour before reality would interfere once more.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, the sleep-filled deep baritone of his voice startling her out of her silent reverie.

"Shh," she whispered. "Go back to sleep, it's early yet."

"I've had enough sleep. How much time before you need to be up and getting ready for your first meeting this morning?"

"An hour."

Giggling, she allowed herself to be rolled on her back before he settled on top. "Just enough time," he murmured, his hot breath on her ear.

"I don't know, Sesshoumaru," she sighed dramatically. "It takes a lot longer than an hour to wake me up."

She could feel the growing smirk against her neck before he spoke. "A challenge. I'm more than up for that."

Title: Compromise

Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Pairings Represented: Sesshoumaru/Kagome Romantic

Theme: Set #1, Theme #011, "Reliance"

Word Count: 440

Universe: Alternate Universe

The décor was gaudy, Sesshoumaru had to admit. But it was precisely what the people would want to see in this room. It was a fact of life that he would often have to deal with things he didn't like and it was such a minor point it could be overlooked. Perhaps, he thought, as he saw a nearby worker raise yet another banner. He had wanted tasteful. Kagome thought this was fantastic. He watched her as she directed the various staff, occasionally looking back at him and flashing a brilliant smile.

Where was his sense of pride? Somewhere along the lines he had let go of his old self and allowed a mere woman to take over his life. Before Kagome, he would never have allowed this monstrosity to begin. The red, white and blue ribbons would have been trashed and the banners would have been declared tasteless.

"The people will love it," she assured him as she watched the workers hang the banner. "They'll see it as patriotic."

"They'll have already voted," he replied drolly. "It won't affect the outcome."

"It's small town, country. It has a quaint feeling to it."


Brushing off her enthusiasm, he watched as another worker hung a poster of him in front of the podium. This was something he could handle. A few well placed pictures, some well placed banners, but the ribbons needed to go.

"A compromise," he offered, ready to start negotiations. "I don't want to be surrounded by all this foolery. Clearly you enjoy it. Take some off, leave the rest."

It was not the answer she wished to hear as he watched her face fall. Did his opinion and praise really mean that much to her? Torn, he looked between her and the hideous decorations, and realized this was not a battle he would win.

"Take away the blue and white and leave the red, keep the banners and the posters," he sighed, feeling the oncoming headache.

"And the flags?"

Flags? He watched stunned as several boxes were brought in and workers began to open them, placing the different flags of the states on their respective staffs. It was a nice touch. "On the stage behind the podium." He noted the two national flags standing next to each other. "One of the national flags on either side, the state flags in the middle. Make sure you follow proper etiquette when placing them on the stage."

Her smile was sudden and brilliant before she turned away to instruct the other campaign workers. Staring at her he wondered, when had his own happiness, even momentary, begun to depend on hers?

Title: It Comes Down To This

Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Pairings Represented: Sesshoumaru/Kagome Romantic

Theme: Set #1, Theme #100, "Last Moment"

Word Count: 597

Universe: Alternate Universe

Her palms were like ice and she refused to blink, her eyes glued to the large flat panel television screen in front of her. Several reporters were gathered in the back of the room while several others were floating around in the throng of supporters. Sesshoumaru had spoken to somel already and was still making his rounds. She stood with Miroku, watching.



Startled, she turned to see Shippou approaching her, a smile on his face, his orange hair neatly tied back. "Hiding out I see," he laughed, handing her a glass of champagne.

"I'm waiting for the results," she justified.

"It'll be a while yet, the evening's still early and they're still voting in California. Come join us out on the floor. Sesshoumaru's boring without you nearby."

"You're not nervous?" she asked, clenching her left hand in anticipation.

"Nope. If we win, great; if we don't, well, it doesn't matter."

"But what about Naraku?" she asked.

His eyes grew serious, dark, and menacing. It was a side of him she had never seen before and, to be honest, she hoped she never would again. "There are other ways to hurt him. Not even the Presidency can protect him from Sesshoumaru," he whispered low in her ear. Low enough that a member of the media could not pick it up even if they had tried.

"What about Sesshoumaru? Can the Presidency protect him from Naraku?"

"Oh ye of little faith," Shippou chided, pushing her toward the throng of people. "Go find him."

Kagome shuddered as he walked in the other direction, his arms wide open as he met up with one of his acquaintances. She was going to be sick. Setting the flute aside, she scanned the crowds looking for Sesshoumaru. She needed a distraction. Sneaking up behind him, she smiled as he became instantly aware of her presence. He had a knack for that. Standing shoulder to shoulder, she looked up at him, taking note of his cool eyes and his tone as he feigned disinterest in whatever topic he and his brother had chosen to discuss. Smiling, she nodded at Sango. It was nice to see the family there together. No matter their differences they seemed to unite when it truly mattered. His arm slipped around her shoulders, pulling her close. "Where are the kids?" Kagome asked when there was a break in the conversation.

"With our first born at Sesshoumaru's place," Sango replied.

"It's too bad, they would have loved the confetti."

"Confetti?" Sesshoumaru asked, his eyebrow raised. It was enough to make her giggle.

"Well you didn't think we'd celebrate without anything festive did you? I set aside the balloons after you said no."


Sighing, this was just the distraction she needed. Her hands were still cold and clammy, she realized, as he took one of them into his rubbing some heat into it, but it wasn't nearly as bad earlier.

She could do this.

She could survive the evening. After all, Shippou was right. It was a good run even if they lost and, in the end she came out with something much more important than a political win.

"The results are starting to roll in," he murmured in her ear, pointing at the screen, the news anchor sitting in his desk with his pundits crowding around as a map of the country appeared behind him.

"Oh, God."

Now she really was going to be sick. As the reporters began to surround them, she put on the biggest smile she could muster. It was all coming down to this.

Title: His Hesitation

Genre: Romance

Rating: G

Pairings Represented: Sesshoumaru/Kagome Romantic

Theme: Set #1, Theme #015, "Golden Age"

Word Count: 820

Universe: Alternate Universe

"I do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Loosening his tie, Sesshoumaru sat in the large leather chair behind his desk and took a moment. A moment would be all that he had, as he knew it wouldn't be long before aides would be walking in and out of the doors; messages in hand, papers to be filled out, papers to be signed and documents seeking approval.

But still, he had this single moment to adjust to his surroundings.

"Nice digs," Shippou interrupted as he entered through the side door. "You have a horde of people outside, by the way, Miroku's staving them off for the time being."

There was no sense of joy. It was simply another job, one that he had worked hard to achieve. Perhaps there was that sense of accomplishment, but there was nobody to truly share it with.

"He won't be able to hold them off for long. Just because I'm taking a break doesn't mean the rest of the world is."

Nodding his head in agreement, Shippou left out another door, no doubt off to do his fair share of the work to be done. It was a thankless job, the Vice-Presidential position. Shippou would work just as hard and receive none of the thanks.

However, he would also receive less of the media spotlight. That alone almost made it seem worth it to him.


The blinding smile upon Kagome's face at the end of Election Night, when she realized he had received the Electoral College vote required to take the Presidency, was heart stopping. For years he had denied having one, but in that one moment, he could feel it beat as she wrapped her arms around him.

Sighing, he pulled his hair free of the low ponytail. He missed her. Today of all days, the day he wanted to have her stand at his side, she was gone, having to fly home earlier in the week due to a family emergency. It pained him that he couldn't follow, knowing Kagome would need his support, just as he needed hers today. It was a rare thing for him to say that, to need somebody, but today, he allowed himself to do so.

Pulling his laptop out of the bag, he placed it on the desk, allowing it to boot up. There were files he would need transferred to the secure computer on his desk, as well as his personal e-mail. Grinning, he thought back to Inuyasha's face the other day when he handed him the paperwork for his previous company, signing temporary ownership over to him. In their years of battle against each other, he doubted he had ever seen such a look of panic cross his face. The hanyou was not a businessman.

"And I'm telling you he'll see me!"

Startled, he looked up from his computer as he swore he could hear her voice echo down the halls. Surely he wasn't losing his mind and hearing things?

"Miroku, tell them!"

A low growl began to rise in his throat as the light scent of cherries, her lip-gloss, wafted lightly into the office, teasing him. The door swung wide open as she darted into the office, before she slammed it shut behind her.

She was here, he numbly noted, as he stood there just staring at her. She was a mess. Her hair was half pinned up and half falling out, her sweater sitting just slightly ajar on her shoulder, and there was a rosy flush on her cheeks, but none of it mattered.

Kagome was here.

"You wore it today," she smiled, gesturing to the tie. "I wasn't sure if you would, but I saw you wearing it earlier on the news highlights in the airport. I'm sorry I couldn't be here."

"You tried." Reaching out he fingered the pendent around her neck; inwardly pleased she had put it on regardless of her location at the time. Reaching around, he removed the matching hairpin, watching as her midnight tresses spilled down her back, before running his hand through them. "You didn't miss much."

"I missed the oath." Kagome frowned. "I really wanted to be there for you, with you. I spent far too long away. I knew I shouldn't have waited so long to book my flight, or I might have gotten on one earlier."

Pulling her close, Sesshoumaru allowed his chin to rest on the crown of her head. "It doesn't matter," he reiterated. "You're here now."

Though he couldn't see her smile, he could feel it before she pressed her lips against his chest. "So I am." Her hands rose to straighten his tie before she stepped back. "Okay, President Taisho," she grinned, "you've got people outside waiting for you."

"You have a country to run."


Author's Notes

I want to say a big thank you to everybody who have followed this from the beginning to the end. This story was in response to Livejournal's iynokakera's challenge to use 100 prompts to write stories about a character claim, so I made the Sess/Kag Romance Claim. This is 100 little stories using every prompt given to me :)

I have a few people to thank. Firstly to Yabou. She told me about the community and coerced me to join and write these claims. She also worked as a sounding board for me and was very helpful. Second to Lady Safire who also acted as a sounding board on many nights. A big thank you to Snowfall who helped me flesh out many of the story ideas you throughout this piece (seriously, you should see my file where I've copied and pasted our chats about this lol). And Certainly not least, thank you to Wiccan who was around to bug whenever I needed some help figuring out pieces of the American political system. It was a challenge for me to work within a political framework that I have little education about (I'm Canadian. I've only received 2 weeks education ever on the American system.)

This story also received three Dokuga nominations for which I am also thankful: Best AU, Best Romance and Best Kagome Portrayal. Thank you!

Until next time

Priestess Skye