Chapter 6 – "That better be your flashlight."

The noises outside the closet door seemed to be getting louder. Between the wind howling outside, doors slamming shut in every direction, opera music playing from somewhere downstairs, and the constant sound of footsteps running up and down the stairs and around the house, Josh and Andy were both terrified.

"Next Halloween I'm going to Nate's party," Andy whispered.

"If we make it to next Halloween."

"Your optimism is really helping," she said sarcastically.

Andy shifted so that she was more comfortable. Due to the size of the cluttered closet, Andy had ended up sitting on his lap, his arms wrapped tightly around her as if they would somehow protect her. She leaned back against his chest, trying to calm her breathing. The fact that his heart was racing just as fast as hers didn't help the situation. She took a deep breath and felt his fingertips running along her arm, trying to offer her some comfort.

Andy tried to ignore the warm feeling that was spreading through her as he touched her. Instead, she concentrated on trying to convince herself that everything that was going on was all of Josh's doing and that he was just trying to scare her. As she looked back at him, barely able to make out his face in the dark, she knew that he was just as scared as she was. There was no way that he was that good of an actor to be faking the whole thing.

"Somehow I don't think hiding in the closet was the best idea," Andy stated, pushing a piece of hair away from her eyes.

"Did you have any other better ideas? As least that…thing…or whatever's going on out there hasn't found us yet."

"And how long do you think it'll take that…thing to figure out that we're hiding in a closet?"

Josh sighed deeply. "Look, I'm trying to think of a way out of this, okay?"

"Some knight in shining armor you are."

"Yeah, well, this knight in shining armor is temporarily out of service."

"Then what's the point of being a knight in shining armor if you're going to be out of service?"

"Look, could we stop arguing about this? And would you stop wiggling so much?"

"Sorry." She shifted one last time and couldn't help but smile. "That better be your flashlight."


"Poking into my back. That better be your flashlight and not…"

Josh reached down for his flashlight to prove to her that she was just being perverted when there was a loud banging on the door. Andy opened her mouth to scream, but before she could get a sound out, Josh had covered her mouth with his hand. The pounding continued. Shaking, Josh slowly lowered his hand from her mouth. He could feel her body quivering.

"Okay," he whispered, "before we get chopped up in little pieces and eaten for breakfast tomorrow, there's something I've got to do."

Without hesitation, Josh put his hand on her cheek, turning her head to face him. His lips were on hers before she had even a moment to respond. He didn't feel the resistance from her that he thought he might. Instead, it was as if she melted against him. In a matter of milliseconds, Andy had managed to twist her body so that she was facing him completely, one of his hands had become tangled in her hair while his other rested contently at her hip. Her hands were roaming his back and massaging his neck. Josh realized at that moment that he didn't care if he lived or died. His dream in life had come true.

The closet door swung open.

"Gotcha!" Two flashlights beams shone into the closet, landing directly on Josh and Andy's faces which were currently so connected that it was near impossible to tell where one ended and the other began.

"Guess it worked," Lori said, smiling and leaning against the doorframe. "Ah…young love."

Suddenly realizing that they had an audience, Josh and Andy pulled apart and shielded their eyes from the light.

"Lori?" Josh exclaimed.

Lori lowered her flashlight.

"At your service."

"Who…what…" Andy stuttered, still reeling from the kiss, as she pointed at a creature covered from head to toe in black that was standing beside Lori. The creature reached his arm up and pulled off his mask.

"Kyle?" Josh yelled. "All this time it was you guys?"

"And Declan and Amanda," Lori added.

Josh stood up and walked out of the closet. He helped Andy to her feet and didn't let go of her hand. As they both took a step forward, the lights came back on. Both Lori and Kyle turned off their flashlights.

"But how did you…why did you…" Josh questioned, trying to get his thoughts together. Honestly, he didn't care anymore about the fact that ten seconds ago he was scared out of his mind. He just wanted to get back to kissing Andy.

"Well, Kyle was a whiz with timing the lights to go off at the right moment and hiding down in the basement to scare you guys to death. Declan's been on sound effect detail, Amanda's been running up and down the stairs like a marathon runner, and I, my friends, was the mastermind behind all of this."

"And you guys did all this just to scare us?" Andy asked.

"Well, that was a bonus, but really we did it so that you two would finally figure out that you were meant for each other," Lori answered.

"What?" Josh replied, stunned. He didn't know what to make of all that was going on. It just wasn't making sense to him.

"Well, we knew you two would never have the intelligence or the guts to admit that you liked each other without a little…help. And, what's true in almost all horror movies?"

Andy shrugged.

"People get killed?" She asked.

"Well, that and people always have a tendency to get together when they're scared. So, we figured, why not see if that was true in real life, not just in the movies. And by the lip lock we just witnessed, I'd say it's true. Of course, maybe you didn't need our help all considering you've already got her in your clothes."

"I got soaked outside," Andy explained. "Josh let me borrow his clothes."

"Kyle, you were in on this, too?" Josh questioned.

"Just doing what I could do to help," Kyle insisted.

"I can't believe you two were actually scared," Lori said, laughing. "You should have seen your faces."

"Ha ha, it was all very funny," Josh remarked.

"Yeah, well, you two enjoy the rest of your evening. Declan and I are off to Nate's party. Oh, Andy, the invitation still stands. You're more than welcome to join us."

"I'll pass, thanks," Andy replied, squeezing Josh's hand.

"Suit yourself," Lori said as she and Kyle walked away.

"So…" Josh began, unsure of what to say or do.

"So…" Andy repeated.

"Attack of the Zombies two?"

"I have a better idea," Andy said, putting her arms around his neck.

"Oh? What's that?"

"I say we go back in the closet and finish where we left off."

"Have I ever mentioned that I love the way you think?"


"Shut up and kiss me."

And he did.

Author's Note: I thought about making this into two chapters, but it ended up as one. I know this wasn't my most well-written story, but it was just something quick and fun to write and hopefully fun to read. Thank you to all of my readers and reviewers. Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!