Way out West- Nip/tuck

Just a little snippet of things to come now that my boys are in Cali.

Disclaimer- I own nothing but season 1-4

Warning – I do not know Rich Gannon, and am only referring to him. I don't have anything to do with the Sabres as well

"God, yes Christian!!!"

A new town, a new place but not a new need. A need for genetically imperfect people, looking to look perfect. The need to have the perfect body. The need to hide who they are. Here were two men who could help these people. But for now they had to hire some one to answer the phones. Sean sighed as he handed Christian a few of the applications.

"We have to find someone Sean, because neither one of us can answer the phone without scaring people off"

Sean smiled at his partner's remark. Moving L.A. was the best thing for them. Christian left the organ stealing ex hooker behind but brought Wilbur and Gina with them. Sean never minded living with Christian; he was silently hoping that Julia would move out there with them. Sean had been keeping in contact Julia and the kids. When he told her he was moving Annie was excited and wanted to know if he saw any important people yet. He looked down at the first person's application.

"Alright, the first victim is Sabre Gannon" he looked puzzled at the name and shook his head" Who names their child Sabre?"

Christian grabbed the application out of Sean's hands, earning himself a "hey Christian" he looked over the application "Well lets get this over with, and make sure she isn't crazy, a criminal, or ugly"

"Christian" Sean sighed "I'll go get her I think I saw her coming in when I was getting out of the car."

Christian nodded and watched Sean walk out of the office. He was only gone for a few moments, when returned to the room. Followed by a shorter woman. Christian got a better look at the woman when Sean sat down. Oh crap

The woman looked at him with a blank stare, almost as if she didn't know him, but that was replaced with a warm smile, that went all the way to her eyes. Those warm hazel brown eyes.

"Christian, how weird I didn't know you were a doctor, especially one looking for a receptionist" she remarked.

Sean groaned "Oh no, Christian, we have been in California for a week, and already you have a list?"

"Sean, it wasn't like that at all"

Sabre noticed the look that past between the men "Dr. McNamara believe me I was the one who approached Christian, in a coffee house. It wasn't his fault but if this is going to cause a problem, I understand if you don't want to hire me" she smiled once more that them.

Sean looked over at Christian and then the woman; at least it was done and hopefully over with Sean looked over the resume. It was pretty impressive. He asked her a few routine questions, which she passed with flying questions. There was a few he just had to ask, but before he could Sabre was answering them.

"Well my parent was Buffalo Sabres fans. The Gannon comes from my god father Richard Gannon, and yes I'm a Raider's fan. I'm going to go so you can interview the other applicants. Christian, it was fun seeing you and Dr. McNamara I hope to hear from you." Sabre shook his hand and disappeared around the corner, her heart threatening to thrust itself out of her chest.