Brightest of all Colours

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"Would you hurry up?" Exasperated, frustrated, irritated. If he didn't hurry up, she'd miss out on the gossip session she and her little pink followers- also fondly referred to as her loyal band of Sharpettes, had planned. Not that they'd dare to start on anything without Miss Sharpay Evans herself gracing their meeting, but she'd still miss a gossip session! And if she did, it would mean waiting till Lunch.

Unspeakable wasn't it?

Tapping her nails against the wooden banister that lead upstairs, Sharpay considered going off without her twin. He was taking such a damn long time. "Ryan, if you don't get your BUTT down in ONE SECOND, I'm going to leave WITHOUT YOU," she yelled.

"Shar, just wait a bit more alright? I just can't find my hat, and everything doesn't seem to want to fit in my bag," came his reply. He had a fetish where the contents of his bag had to be arranged in a neat and tidy way, and if it weren't that way before he left the house, the day would then be deemed a horrendously sucky day.

It was a horrible habit, it was, but something that had been ingrained in his DNA. And there was no way one would be able to fight something stuck with them since birth were they?

Kind of like his twin, Sharpay.

He never did dare to fight back against his twin. There was also the fact that he had more of a passive sort of nature, compared to Sharpay- who was obviously the more dominant twin. And there were the countless snide remarks where the other students remarked how Sharpay wore the pants of their relationship, those were usually rebutted with a raise of an eyebrow of Sharpay, or if they were that privileged, a remark of her own. But still, it was still in his nature to give in to her all the time.

His parents had always told him to give way to her, and never argue. And he wasn't one to disobey his parents. So on it went on.

He didn't mind it sometimes, but there were times where she just simply annoyed him to no end. So he behaved the way a normal person would; bite his lip and just ignore her. She never did realize how much he had actually done for her. Not that he felt that she ever would realize, and if she did, ever acknowledge it either.

"RYAN!!!"He winced, swearing as he dropped his bag by accident, destroying the neatness he had managed to achieve. Damn. Now he had to fix everything, Sharpay was definitely not going to want to wait this time. He probably shouldn't have tossed his alarm clock against the wall and go back to sleep that morning. "I'M GOING NOW! Get your OWN RIDE TO SCHOOL CAUSE THE BUS LEFT!"

Double damn.

You'd think that a twin wouldn't leave her sibling behind would you? Well, you thought wrong.

A low rumble of thunder echoed around the sky, emphasizing the loud slamming of the door. Now there went his ride.


The skies darkened, and they opened, unleashing a torrent of rain upon the unsuspecting umbrella-less teen. Of course he could have had better sense to have brought along an umbrella when he left the house- the sky was so freaking grey for goodness sake, it was kind of obvious it was going to rain.

But no, the optimistic sun-loving side of him argued that if it didn't rain, the umbrella would occupy much unneeded space in his sling-bag. And it was so heavy, the strap was already cutting in painfully. It was an exaggeration of course. He just didn't feel like putting anything else into his carefully, neatly arranged bag. An umbrella would spoil the military neatness of an arrangement.

So here he was now. Pathetic lone figure soaked in the rain. He considered trudging back home to get an umbrella, but that didn't serve much of a purpose seeing as he'd get even more soaked doubling back. And the umbrella wouldn't do him much good against the growing storm.

Oh great, maybe he'd even get the chance to be struck by lightning and electrocuted. That'll just make his day. After getting stranded by his twin, waking up late, and nearly throwing up his breakfast cause he wasn't feeling that well, being struck by lightning would just be absolutely peachy. He could just imagine the inscription on his tomb stone. 'Here lies Ryan Daniel Evans. Twin of the rising Broadway star, Sharpay Evans. He tried, but he got struck by lightning. One of the biggest neat and hat freaks ever to live. He is sorely missed by his twin, who now doesn't have a poodle to follow her around and do things for her. xxxtheevansfamilyandfriends'.

He may have sounded like he was exaggerating- and alright, he probably was, but there was a sneaking suspicion he had that his twin would try to make a mention of her in his tomb stone engraving.

But oh well, that was the way things were. And he was used to it, so no use making a big fuss over it and making trouble for his mother. Ah, his mum. She seemed to live under the impression that he was still an 8 year old kid. What with the nickname Ducky, and the voices and tones she used with him sometimes. It didn't really matter though; he knew she liked him more than Sharpay. And he did enjoy his mother's attention.

Great, now his script was definitely going to be soaked. Granted, it was tucked safely (or so he had thought in the morning) in his sling bag. His bag, and his everywhere in general, was getting steadily soaked by the second. The rain obviously didn't care that he may catch a cold, die of pneumonia, and in turn not be able to achieve his dream of being a Broadway Star… Or that he'd get sick just in time for the auditions, and not be able to star in the upcoming musical. Pick whichever seemed more likely, if so, he was betting his money on the first situation.

"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain." He hummed, as though it weren't pouring gallons onto him. Oh yes, he could already feel the germs spreading it's way, defeating his immune system. "What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again."

He attempted the little quirky dance he had seen in a movie, but of course today being his unlucky day, he slipped because of a puddle of water, falling and hitting his head painfully on the ground. Ryan could feel the beginning of a migraine starting. And now, he was even wetter than possible.

His white hat flopped to the ground, the creamy white stained with muddy brown. Damn, that was one of his favourite hats. He was certain it was impossible to find another one like that.

"What are you doing on the ground?" Ryan looked up, grinning at the bright pink car that just pulled up beside him.

"I fell."

She rolled her eyes. "Get in."

"I thought you didn't like your car getting wet."

"I wouldn't have a partner to audition with, if you get sick would I?"

"Is that all I am to you?"

Another roll of her eyes. And a slight twitch of her lips. "Maybe."

His grin grew wider and he climbed into the car.

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