Brightest of all Colours

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A.N.: Alright, here we go with chapter two. I'm kind of surprised that I actually came up with another chapter, I had a feeling that this would just die, but I guess being alone in the house and being freaked out by noises kind of inspires you. So here we go now (HAHA, BRING IT ON!!! Sorry, being random. Some girlie said that in Bring it On, and they did this cool Stomp thing), chapter two: White.


The lightning sparked, followed closely by the giant roar of thunder. One after another, if it were in the mood, she'd muse over how it seemed like her and her brother, never apart, one after another. But she, instead, was huddled underneath her thick pink duvet, huddled and nearly curled into a small ball.

There was another flash of lightning. The white nearly blinding white light lighting up her room, throwing her and her once safe haven into a different light. Everything was sinister in this split second alternate realm. The posters hung on her walls were glaring at her, the eyes in them watching her, staring, glinting. Her trophies were no longer comforting reminders of her achievements, the soft, relaxing music her radio played in the night (she had always had her radio on throughout the whole night) was infused with a creepy, haunting vibe.

The world lasted for less than a second, but it lasted for less than a second too long.

She whimpered, burrowing deeper in her oh too shallow bed. This wasn't real, it was her imagination, she was not afraid of the dark. That irrational fear of what lurked in the-

Another second of the alternate universe. She let out a small scream, feeling a prickling at her eyes and that oh too familiar feeling of despair.

She wasn't afraid, she wasn't afraid, she wasn't afraid, the mantra ran on an endless yet helpless loop in her head, and she muttered scripts she had recently memorized feverishly as though they were prayers sent to the heavens above that had the power to save her from unimaginable horrors.

"Ten! Ready or not here I come!" Ryan shouted. Sharpay, in all her five year old glory, could hear her brother run up the stairs, in search of her.

No, not this time. This time, little Sharpay had one of the best, most fantastic hiding place in the whole wide bestest world. And Ryan wouldn't be able to find her this time, no he wouldn't cause it was so FABULOUS! She giggled, before clamping her small palm over her lips, remembering that she wasn't to make a sound.

A minute or two, or maybe more passed, and the back of the closet she had holed herself in was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable. The long draping coats that hid her from view when one opened the front door of the closet no longer felt like guardians, but guards. Preventing her from going outside and joining her brothe-

No she was just being silly, Sharpay told herself, and yet hugging herself more tightly in the darkness the closet possessed. She was going to win this time, going to win, going to win, going to win. Ryan wouldn't be able to find her, find her, find her.

Another moment passed, longer this time. Time was stretchinnnnnnnng itself, playing games while she played her little game. She couldn't hear Ryan's footsteps anymore as he tried to look for her, she couldn't hear anything from the outside world. What if. What if she was gone? What if she was trapped in this closet? What if she was trapped forever in this darkness?

A bubble of panic rose inside her, and Sharpay charged for the door. But no! The coats were coming to life, their arms wrapping around her, trying to stop her from going back outside. She screamed, shrill and full of terror, struggling with their imaginary grip, lunging for the door. Pounding, crying, screaming, hysterical.

She could just get up and flip on the light switch. Nothing was outside her duvet, nothing was going to stop her. It was starting to get quite suffocated underneath the blanket that was getting heavier by the second. Panic gripped her, just as it did before, she couldn't get out, she couldn't stay. Essentially, she was trapped, and there wasn't any escape.

Don't be stupid, there's nothing outside, nothing outside, nothing outside. Go and flip the switch, switch, switch. Sharpay whispered to herself, barely aware of the tears that were streaking down her cheeks already. She took in a deep breath, but she felt breathless. Deprived of oxygen, losing consciousness, she was going to die. Die, die, die.

Just a few steps, a few steps, a few steps. You know that there's nothing to be afraid of Sharpay, you're ice. Nothing and no one can hurt you, there's nothing wrong. You can do it, do it, do it. Yes, she could. She was an actress, damn it. She could act, act like she wasn't afraid of the dark. Act like she didn't care, like she didn't mind what everyone said about her, like an Ice Queen when in reality she was just protecting herself.

Sharpay lifted her duvet, ever so carefully, ever so cautiously, and peeked under it. The lightning took it's cue and struck again, throwing her back into the Alternate realm for another half a second. It was not safe, not safe, NOT SAFE. It was gone, gone, gone. Courage worked up inside of her to step out and flip the switch, when the roll of thunder followed, bulldozing her back under her duvet.

"Stop being such a BITCH!"

"I'm not the one having an affair, you-"

Mummy and Daddy were fighting. No, Mummy and Daddy loved each other, they loved each other in the morning. Yes, in the morning when there was LIGHT. It was DARK, and so Mummy and Daddy hated each other. The dark was BAD, it was EVIL, it was BAD.

She was lost now. Crying and sobbing, hugging her legs and curling into the smallest possible shape, tears pooling and dripping, snot and tears running, the full water works. She was scared, she admitted it.



Sharpay stiffened, hearing a sound. Oh my god, what if it was something in the darkness about to take her away.


Pure terror ran through the teen, making her blood go ice cold.


So this was it, this was the end.


Frozen, caught. Tears seized. Ice cold.


Sharpay opened her mouth to let out another scream as she felt the duvet being pulled slowly away. The Boogeyman was coming, she was dying, dying, dying. The water works started again, she couldn't breathe, suffocated, cold. Very cold, freezing, she was going to die of frostbite-

When a pair of warm, warmth, arms enveloped her. And they pulled her back to her reality, where she was Sharpay Evans, not a terrified little girl. Her light had came to rescue her, her brother, her Ryan. She felt herself relax, tense muscles giving away, and the fear slowly ebbed away, the darkness turning to light, the ice melting away.

"You okay, Shar?" he asked, pulling her closer to him, hugging her tightly.

She managed a small nod.


"Worry, Shar," Ryan said, giving his sister a gi-normous hug when he found his twin sister huddled in the back of the closet crying. He had been searching for ages, and there was a brief moment of panic where he thought that his sister was running away and he'd never see her again. Tear tracks were evident on the little boy's face as well.

"I'll always be here."

"I'll always protect you."

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