Ron checked over the note that he had just written as he knew he had to make sure that he gave nothing away. Looking over it once more, he saw nothing that would tell her of the plans he had made for tonight. He closed up the note and smiled to himself then got up and went to the owlery to find a owl to deliver the letter to Hermione. Hermione picked up the pile of books, thanked Madam Pinch and walked across the room to the library door and exited the room. Hermione walked along the corridor and turned and took the corridor that would take her to the staircase which led to the Gryffindor Common Room. She had just turned the corner when she bumped into someone.

She lose her balance and would have fallen to the ground if a strong pair of arms had not reached out and steadied her. She looked up to see who had stopped her falling and to thank them, she smiled at the boy when she saw who it was "Thanks Harry" she said, Harry looked down at her "You ok Mione" he asked her, she smiled at Harry and nodded "I'm fine Harry" she replied. Harry looked down at her his eyes filling with concern, she nodded at him once more at him to show she was truly fine. Harry stared at her for a minute checking that she was really fine then he said suddenly "give me those" pointing at the pile of books in her hands, she shook her head in protest but he grabbed the books out of her hands and began walking along the corridor, the staircase in sight that lead to the Gryffindor Common Room, Hermione ran to catch up with him.

After giving the Fat Lady the password, they entered the Common Room and found it completely empty apart from Ginny who was reading by the fireplace. She looked up when they entered and smiled at them. Harry walked across the room and put the books on the table then he walked across to the back of Ginny's armchair and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back towards him in the chair. He then give her a kiss on the cheek, "Harry I am trying to study" Ginny said sternly without much success as she giggled. Hermione watched the couple and smiled. She wished that her and Ron could be like that as she had crush on him for ages and she knew that Ron felt that way about her, only Ron had been acting strangely lately especially around her. Hermione sighed and walked across the Common Room and went up the stairs that led to the Girls Dormitories.

Ron had just returned from the owlery, gave the Fat Lady the password and entered the Common Room. Once he was inside the Common Room, he saw his sister Ginny and Harry kissing on the sofa "Oi" he shouted, they sprang apart "Do you need to do that in public" he asked them angrily , Ginny giggled and Harry shook his head and looked at Ron sheepishly, "I am going upstairs" Ron muttered and ran across the room and up the stairs that led to the Boy's Dormitories, he heard Ginny giggle once more as he shut the Dormitory door.

Hermione was lying on her bed reading when she heard a soft tap on the window, she looked up from her book and saw a small owl at the window, she put the book down and walked across the room and opened the window to let the owl in. The minute the window was open the owl flew into the room and landed on the table and waited for her. She stepped away from the window and walked across to the owl, the owl stuck out its leg and she untied the note from its leg. The owl gave her an affectionate nip on the finger and flew back out the window.

Hermione watched the owl fly out of the room and then she turned her attention back to the note she frowned who would send her a note at this hour she thought, she walked across the room, shut the window and then walked to her bed and sat down and opened the note and read the note


I need to see you tonight. Please meet me at midnight tonight by Hagrid's Hut at the edge of the forbidden forest. Borrow Harry's cloak so you will not get caught. See you then.


She folded up the note why would Ron need to see her this late she thought and sighed she would have to meet him, it might explain why he had been acting weird lately. She sighed once again and then got up from the bed and started to get herself ready for her meeting with Ron.

Ron had been nervous all night and his mind had gone into overdrive what if she never came, what if he could not go through with it, he shook his head shaking all the endless questions out of his mind, "I have to do it or I never will" he said aloud to himself . He walked across the room grabbed his jacket ran down the stairs, out the Common Room, down the stairs that lead to the Great Hall, past the Great Hall, out into the courtyard and then he ran in the direction of the Forbidden Forest.

Hermione had managed to get out of the Common Room without being noticed or heard as Ginny and Harry were the only ones in the Common Room and they were too preoccupied with each other. She walked down the stairs quietly and walked past the Great Hall and walked in the direction of the courtyard when she heard a noise and stopped suddenly pressing herself up against the wall . Suddenly Filch and Mrs Norris came round the corridor, she held her breath, Filch walked along the corridor with Mrs Norris hot on his heels. Hermione stepped away from the wall and began to breathe normally again, she then walked quickly in the direction of the courtyard.

Hermione had managed to get to Hagrid's Hut without any more interruptions to her journey, she looked around for Ron but do not see him yet. She past Hagrid's Hut and then she saw him standing there nervously waiting for her. She pulled off the cloak and looked across at him puzzled then she shook her head and walked towards him.

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