Hermione walked into the Great Hall, happy the next morning, she walked over the Gryffindor Table and sat down , grabbed a toast of toast and began to eat it, as Hermione was eating she looked around the table and observed her friends as they ate and talked to each other. She looked across from her ad saw Harry and Ginny deep in conversation in fact they had not even noticed her sitting here, suddenly they stopped talking and Harry started to shovel food into his mouth, Ginny looked at him in disgust but then she smiled at him.

Ginny looked across the table "Mione" she exclaimed "When did you get here" She asked Hermione. Hermione laughed "About ten minutes ago Gin" she said. Harry suddenly stopped eating and looked up from his food "Morning Mione" he said apologetically, she laughed again "its ok Harry, Ginny you were deep in conversation and I don't think anything could have grabbed your attention" she said to them. They remained silent for a minute "sorry" they both said suddenly both apologetically. Hermione looked at them for a minute and then said "its ok guys honest I don't mind" she said to them and she really did not mind as she was so happy.

Lavender Brown walked up to the Gryffindor table and sat down beside Ginny. She grabbed a piece of toast and mumbled a quick morning to everyone and then she saw Hermione for a minute before speaking "You got in late last night Hermione" she said to her. Hermione looked at her but she remained silent. The whole Gryffindor table went silent at what Lavender had just said. Lavender continued to look at Hermione for a few minutes before speaking again "you're not seeing anyone are you" she asked Hermione, Hermione remained silent.

Harry looked at his best friend for a few minutes and then spoke "your not seeing anyone Mione are you" he asked her repeating Lavender's question, he waited for her answer but she did not reply then he spoke again "If you are, Ron will go crazy" he said to her "You know how he feels about you" he began but Hermione interrupted him "I know Harry" she said, Harry nodded at her and then went back to his breakfast. Hermione smiled to herself.

Ron walked into the Great Hall and walked over to the Gryffindor table "Morning Ron" Harry said to him when he saw him, Ron nodded a him. Harry looked at him confused as Ron walked up to Hermione. Hermione looked up at Ron "Morning Ron" she said to him, suddenly Ron grabbed her pulling her to her feet. Hermione looked at a Ron, Ron pulled her against him "Ron" Hermione began but was cut off as his lips came crashing down on hers as he captured her mouth in a deep passionate kiss.

The whole Gryffindor table fell silent as Ron and Hermione kissed, the students were shocked, the whole hall was also deadly silent as the other houses noticed the two students behaviour. Ron and Hermione broke the kiss. The Gryffindor table remained silent for a few minutes and then burst into cheers. Ron and Hermione looked over at Harry and Ginny who were smiling at them then Harry spoke "Finally" he said, the whole Gryffindor table burst into laughter including Ron and Hermione. They sat down and ate their breakfast together and then got up and headed to their first class of the day holding hands, by lunchtime the whole school knew that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were finally a couple.

The End

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