Epilogue: Double Date

Hinata sat in front of her vanity table nervously pulling at her hair. Ino had finished doing her makeup and was now working on her own face. Biting her lip, Hinata hoped Sasuke didn't think she was getting too dolled up. Being too caught up in her nervousness, Hinata didn't hear Ino call her.

"Hinata! Stop worrying about it. I promise you Sasuke will like it." Ino scolded putting on some mascara in Hinata's bathroom. They had left the door ajar so Ino had a direct view of Hinata pulling her hairs out. "And stop doing that. You'll be bald by the time Sasuke comes to pick us up."

"B-but, I'm… I'm n-nervous." Hinata complained poking her two index fingers together as she turned around on her chair to look up at Ino. She's so pretty, Hinata thought. Her long, blond hair was let loose and reached down to her hips. Ino had curled them slightly giving her a vixen-ish look. She wore skinny jeans and a loose, off shoulder cream top that complemented her figure well. Looking down at her outfit, that Ino had picked for her, Hinata wondered if it was too much.

Ino had forced her to wear a white skirt along with a pair of soft, white ribboned leg warmers. To complement her eyes, Ino chose for her a light, purple loose sweater that sat loose on her shoulders but hugged her chest then comfortably rested on her hips. Although she felt snug and warm in them, her exposed shoulders made Hinata feel she was showing too much skin.

Standing up, Hinata thought getting some tea would help ease her nerves.

"I'll be down in the kitchen," Hinata mumbled before making her way down the stairs. Ino couldn't help but giggle at Hinata. She was so nervous for their date that she asked Ino to help her get dressed.

Hinata sighed as she blew on her cup. Feeling the warmth seep into her fingers, she wondered vaguely what Sasuke's mother was like. If she had created this blend of tear herself, she must have been a wonderful cook. However her musings were cut short by a loud knock on her door.

"C-coming!" She squeaked making her way to the foyer and opening the door to her expected visitors.


"Hinata-chan!" Kiba exclaimed pulling her into hug.

"Kiba-kun, ah S-sasuke hi." Hinata greeted smiling up at the blank-faced Uchiha. She's so cute, Sasuke thought. Taking in her lightly colored cheeks and lip gloss he vaguely wondered what it would be like to kiss them. Although they held affection for each other, he hadn't been able to gather the courage to ask her to be his. Thank goodness Ino finally convinced them to go on that double date they had agreed upon months ago. Now, Sasuke believed, he would have a good chance of asking her. Taking of his shoes, Sasuke then realized that Kiba was hugging her too long. Thankfully before he could pull Kiba off of his woman, he let go of her and began taking of his shoes chatting non-stop about where they were going to eat.

When Kiba's irritating form moved out of his line of vision, he was given a full view of his Hyuuga. He inwardly swallowed. She had much more of a womanly figure than she let on. Although he had held her many times, he never got a good view of her blessings. And my, to the Uchiha, they were a blessing.

"Sasuke, would you like some tea?" Hinata asked from the kitchen.

"Hn," he replied walking directly into the kitchen completely ignoring Kiba who had made himself comfortable on the couch complaining about Ino taking too long. Sitting down on the table, he watched Hinata pour him a cup and hand it to him. She smiled before taking the seat across from him. She seemed to be nervous the way she bit her lower lip. Sasuke smirked. She's just so adorable.

"Stop that, you'll eat up all your lip gloss and then I won't get a taste." He teased making her blush a nice shade of red. Covering her cheeks, Hinata stammered,


He laughed quietly enjoying her embarrassment. Taking a sip of his tea, he suddenly felt giddy. This would be a fun day, he mused taking peeks at the still blushing Hyuuga.

"You look beautiful by the way," he complemented nonchalantly. He was too embarrassed to say that she took his breath away, so he settled for beautiful.

"R-really? You don't think its t-oo much?" Hinata asked, her eyes shining full of hope and a little self-doubt. Sasuke shook his head.

"Hn." He replied inwardly smiling to himself. He can't wait until their date starts.


"Yah! Sasuke do you know where you're going?" Ino asked for the third time earning her a scowl from the Uchiha. He knew where they were going, the roads just looked different in the dying hours of the sun, he reassured himself.

"Ne, Sasuke? Where are we going?" Hinata asked him quietly. Turning to face her, he smiled.

"Secret." He and Kiba had planned the whole date. Although it had felt awkward when they decided to meet, Sasuke knew he didn't want to disappoint Hinata. He honestly wanted to treat her out and make her happy.

"It better be good or I'll be pissed that we took the time to get dressed up." Ino complained crossing her arms in the back seat pouting. Sasuke's eye twitched. It was all for Hinata, he reminded himself. But why, did they ever agree to the double date thing? He asked himself. It would have been so much better if it was just the two of them.

"Please bear with her," Hinata quietly pleaded tugging at the side of his coat. Sasuke inwardly smiled. She's too sweet. Nodding to her, he turned his attention to the road and finally remembered where to go.


"Wow," Hinata whispered touching her lips to her fingers. Sasuke smirked. The restaurant that he and Kiba agreed on was a Korean Barbeque place that had a great view of the ocean. They had reserved a private room that had a balcony above the crashing waves. He smiled, please with himself, when he saw how bright Hinata's eyes were as she opened the sliding doors and stepped out into the cold, winter air. Ino was making a fool of herself alternating between squealing at the decorations and hugging Kiba.

"It's so cute!"

"Oh my god Hinata look at this!!"

"Wah! Kiba! I can't believe you guys actually thought this out!"

Sasuke's eye twitched. He's not an idiot without class. Following Hinata into the balcony he stood besides her watching the ocean air caress Hinata's face and whip her hair about.

"It's beautiful." She commented smiling brightly up at him. He turned away trying to hide the blush that was creeping up his cheeks.

"Aa." Sasuke mumbled. "Let's eat." He invited earning him a nod from Hinata and another bright smile that made him speed walk into the room and sat down albeit a little too forcefully on his mat.

As soon as they were all seated, Kiba called for the waitress who arranged the barbeque on their grill and served them their rice and vegetables. Ino assigned herself to cooking while Hinata and Kiba had idle chit chat. Sasuke quietly ate his food watching Hinata smile and enjoy herself. Good, she's feeling comfortable. He sighed to himself. She was so nervous in the car that she was starting to affect him too. Thank goodness she's calm and happy now.

Taking a bite from his beef, Sasuke wondered when he would ask her. Maybe at their last destination, he mused. They ate enjoying each other's presence. Random outbursts of loud conversation between Kiba and Ino had Sasuke smirking. It was nice to eat out with friends once in a while. He had been so swamped with business that he hadn't had the time to just relax. Plus having Hinata beside him smiling at him and quietly talking to him; even though he didn't respond much, was a welcome change of pace.

After everyone had their fill, and Sasuke had paid the bill, they made their way out of the restaurant and decided to walk around and enjoy the dimming afternoon. The quaint village that Sasuke and Kiba had found seemed to cater to many tourists and had plenty of shops to keep Ino occupied and Hinata secretly admiring trinkets and such.

"Hinata let's go in here!" Ino squealed grabbing Hinata's hand and rushing into a little boutique store. Sasuke shook his head partly in annoyance and also partly in amusement. Hinata had been caught off guard, her bright eyes widening in confusion then delight. She and Ino were browsing little trinkets, jewelries and accessories when Sasuke and Kiba made their lazy entrance.

"What is it with women and cute stuff?" Kiba half-heartedly complained laughing as Ino jammed an awkward looking gardener's hat on his head.

"It's so cute! Kiba you have to wear it!" Ino exclaimed as she picked another hat for Hinata. Laughing along with her Hinata tried to pose Vogue-style, framing her face with her two hands, with her very modern hat. Sasuke couldn't help but chuckle a little. It was so cute how the whole Vogue image just didn't suit her.

"Are you laughing at me?" Hinata asked placing her hands on her hips. Sasuke shook his head but couldn't hide the little smirk that caught Hinata's eye.

"You are!" She answered giggling as she took off her hat and placed it on Sasuke's head. The 50's design didn't fit too well with Sasuke's hair and but his flawless face made Hinata question if he was a man.

"You look like a girl dude." Kiba snickered earning him a fit of giggles from Ino and Hinata. Feeling, embarrassed Sasuke grabbed the hat and tried to take it off. But Hinata beat him to it.

"Don't take it off yet please?" she asked smiling up at him with unabashed delight.

"Just stop laughing." Sasuke mumbled blushing a little at the happiness that shone in her eyes. She's so easy to please, he thought following her around the store. Moving deeper into the store, Sasuke wondered what had caught her eye. She seemed to be making her way into the counter all the way in the back of the shop. Arriving there he noticed that the necklaces had entranced his future lover. With her attention diverted her quickly took off the hat and placed it on a naked mannequin. Kneeling on the floor and pressing her face on the glass, Sasuke couldn't help but think that Hinata looked like a child looking at toys for Christmas.

"Which one would you like to try on miss?" the cashier asked smiling down at Hinata. She blushed at her state then stood up to compose herself.

"T-this one," She replied pointing at a white-ribboned choker with an opal jewel caged in silver. Sasuke was impressed with her choice. It wasn't too extravagant but the opal jewel hinted just enough elegance. It fit her perfectly.

Taking the box from the counter, the cashier then handed it to Sasuke. Puzzled, Sasuke took the choker and only realized what he was supposed to do, when Hinata brushed her hair aside and stood with her back facing him. Staring at her pale and slender neck, Sasuke had to gulp. I want to touch it, he thought. Placing the jewel snuggly on her throat, he wrapped the ribbon around her neck letting his fingers caress her exposed shoulder and neck. He felt her shiver at his cold touch when he tied the ribbon.

"Is it too tight?" He whispered in her ear. Although he couldn't see it, Sasuke just knew she blushed at that making him smirk.

"No, it's fine." She replied touching the jewel and looking at herself in the mirror the cashier offered. Sasuke fixed her hair then standing behind her, he asked,

"It's beautiful. Do you like it?" Hinata nodded smiling at him through the mirror. Sasuke nodded a little in return before turning to the cashier and paying for it.


"Wow that's so gorgeous Hinata!" Ino exclaimed ogling the pretty jewel. "If only someone was sweet enough to buy me one too." Ino continued loudly so Kiba could hear.

"Well if you wanted a necklace ya should have told me so woman!" Kiba replied sticking his pinky into his ear pretending to clean it. Ino frowned.

"Then it wouldn't be romantic because I know that you're buying me one!" She screamed storming out of the store. Hinata giggled at Kiba's confused expression.

"Sasuke, please go see to Ino. I hope she doesn't get herself lost. Buy her some hot cocoa or something." Hinata spoke to Sasuke as she touched his arm. He nodded to her then followed the fuming Blonde. "Let's go Kiba, let's find Ino something nice." She smiled as she took her friends hand to the back of the store.

"I don't even know what she likes!" Kiba whined trudging along. Hinata giggled.

"Whatever you pick is fine. I'm sure she'll appreciate it." She assured him. Standing at the counter again, Hinata watched Kiba scrunch up his nose and stared hard at the jewels.

"Everything's so shiny! How am I supposed to pick? My eyes!" Kiba exclaimed rubbing his eyes. Hinata couldn't help but laugh. He's so distraught; wanting to please the blue-eyed beauty but at the same time not knowing what she desired.

"Pick something blue that would complement her eyes." Hinata suggested helping Kiba look for something oceanic.

"Okay," Kiba assured himself. Rubbing his hands together, he took a deep breath and looked at the jewelry again.


"Just remember to give it to her during a romantic moment," Hinata whispered as she and Kiba made their way into the sidewalk where Ino and Sasuke were waiting with their cups. Kiba frowned as he scratched his head.

"How am I supposed to know if it's romantic?" Kiba whispered back. Hinata blinked up at Kiba a blank look on her face.

"Um, actually I'm not sure." Pausing for some thought, Hinata shrugged her shoulders. "Um if she sighs and has a dreamy look on her face I guess, then just take it out and show it to her." Kiba nodded at her determined to please his date.

"Okay got it. Thanks a bunch Hinata-chan."

Watching the interaction between his Hinata and Kiba, Sasuke just knew they were planning something. As soon as she was near, he handed her her cup and proceeded on their leisurely evening walk.

"What were you talking about back there?" Sasuke asked Hinata watching Kiba and Ino in front of them slowly get into another argument. Hinata smiled and took a sip of her hot cocoa.

"Mm, secret." She teased giggling at Sasuke's slightly offended face. He smirked at her as he offered his arm.

"Then you won't get a ride home." Sasuke laughed at Hinata's shocked expression. She's so adorable, I love teasing her he mused.

"Over a secret? You're so mean!" Hinata exclaimed pouting as she pointedly ignored Sasuke chuckles. But she couldn't help but hide her delight and thus eventually started giggling along with him.


Hinata sighed. It was truly a beautiful night. The quarter moon had finally risen and the clear sky opened the heavens to millions of twinkling stars. Kiba had led them up a hill and into an old, ancient shrine. The secluded grove seemed an oasis for peace and relaxation. Kiba had taken Ino's hand and led her to the side of the hill overlooking the ocean. The absence of city lights in the rural village made the town center seem so far. She hoped that he had found his romantic moment and won Ino's heart. Although most of the day they had argued, there seemed to be an attraction between them that made their arguments sweet. Maybe it's just the way they care of one another, Hinata thought. Like the way she cared of Sasuke in her own quiet way. Speaking of Sasuke…

He had gone of saying something about a business phone call he had to make. He left her sitting on the shrine's entrance facing the stoned walkway that descended into the village. Swinging her legs and humming a tune, Hinata wondered how long the phone call was going to take. She didn't mind waiting because the scenery was too breath taking to ignore but she somehow wanted Sasuke to just stay by her side. To be with her always. She wanted to make memories with him, want him to see what she saw. She wanted to share with him all of her and get him in return. It was odd, the stirring in her chest that made her want to give anything and everything she could to him. To keep him happy, and smiling like today. Although she knew she can't do much for him, she could always give him a warm place to stay. To unravel and relax. In her arms, she would protect him and keep the lingering need for revenge at bay. She would fight it for him, so that he can finally live a peaceful life. With her…

Streaks of light cut her musings short. A line of red flew from the ground going higher and higher until it exploded in a brilliant show of twinkling reds and white.

"Wow," Hinata whispered touching her lips with her finger tips. Soon the red was followed with blue, then green, yellow, orange, violet, and white. Soon the sky was filled with the man-made stars twinkling as they soared towards the sky then exploding into a dazzling riot of color.

"Hinata," Sasuke called standing across the temple grounds. Hinata had been so busy watching the display of fireworks she didn't notice him climb up the steps. Standing in dark contrast to the rainfall of beautiful glass, Sasuke looked amazing. Running towards him with an excitement she didn't know was bubbling inside of her, she grinned from ear to ear stopping just an inch from him.

"Sasuke," she whispered breathless.

"Be mine." He demanded leaning into her and capturing her lips with his. Hinata's eyes grew wide as she felt the fireworks explode within her. The spirals of color adorning the sky and the loud explosions that came along with it disappeared as she closed her eyes and savored the sweet cocoa taste of Sasuke's soft lips. Wrapping her arms around his neck she let him pull her close as he secured her in his arms.

Breaking for a quick breath, noses touching as their clouds of the breaths intertwined, Hinata smiled into Sasuke's obsidian eyes. Kissing him quickly on the lips, she replied,




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