Good Girls and Bad Boys


Lady Razeli

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A good girl and a bad boy

Junior Year of High School:

"Come on Sammy time for school," Serena said shaking her younger stepbrother awake. She laid out his clothing and shook him awake again before she went into her own room and began to dress after a quick shower. She went downstairs and prepared some coffee for her stepfather, Kenji and began breakfast. Her parents no longer had a loving relationship, but they didn't let it effect their home life too much, but both Sammy and Serena knew the truth.

"Oh um…good day to you, Serena," Tyrone said as he came downstairs buttoning his shirt.

"Have a good day at work Tyrone," Serena said as she waved. Just as Serena expected her mother walked downstairs a little after.

"That gosh darn sink in the bathroom just doesn't work," Ikuko commented.

"I'm sure it does," Serena heard Sammy whispered as he passed them both.

"Breakfast is ready," Serena said cheerfully as she turned around with a plate of pancakes, eggs, and sausage for both of them.

"Thank you dear." Serena nodded and set two more plates on the table. Kenji joined them not long after they had started eating breakfast.

"So what have you kids got planned for today?" Kenji asked.

"Well after school, I'm going to walk Sammy home, than I'm going to grab a milkshake with the girls before we head over to the library to study after I come from Cheer practice."

"And later tonight, it is a Friday after all," Ikuko said.

"Well after we study, we've decided to hold an extra book club meeting. We're reading Jane Austen's Emma."

"Okay and what about tomorrow?" Kenji asked.

"Well I was going to take Sammy to an early movie, but since I'm on dance committee I'm going to go to the school and decorate for Saturday's dance."

"Which you will be attending?" Ikuko asked. Serena nodded.

"Derek Chiba is going to take me, he's such a nice boy."

"Nice is boring," Ikuko muttered. Kenji shot her a quick glare that Serena would have missed if she weren't looking up.

"Derek is president of the chess club at his school and he's not into high school dances, but he understands that I have to show school spirit especially because I'm a cheerleader."

"Of course dear and after the dance."

"Derek is going to bring me home straight after."

"No after party?" Kenji asked.

"The girls and I could hardly trouble ourselves with such radical behavior."

"Well all right than honey if that's what you're doing." Serena nodded.

"Well I'm off to school I'll put the dishes in the dish washer." Serena took all the plates, cups, and spoons before she and Sammy walked out the door.

"You don't have to walk me to school everyday, you know."

"Of course not but you're my little brother and you're still in elementary school."

"And you're in junior high big deal."

"High school," Serena corrected him. Mina, Lita, and Amy met them near the shopping district also on their way to Juuban High. It was unfortunate that their best friend Raye lived in the Hikawa district and therefore did not attend school with them. It also had something to do with the fact that Raye was in college. Amy could have gone to college a year early, but she didn't want to skip a grade.

"So Serena, have you got your dress all ready for the dance tomorrow night?" Mina asked excited.

"Of course Mina, but it's not a dress. All the same you're going to love it. It's a very modest top and long skirt."

"Heels?" Lita asked. Serena shook her head.

"No, while I have heels I find that they're bad for your feet."

"Yes, but they make you look hotter," Lita told her.

"Derek likes me the way I am."

"I wager Derek and Serena will be tying the knot soon." They giggled. "What do you girls think boy or girl first and before or after the wedding?" Serena blushed furiously.

"Definitely after the wedding whomever my bridegroom is and there won't be any talk of babies so soon after the wedding." Serena was not in love with Derek even though they had been dating since she was a freshman. He was a college student now, soon enough though he would find a girl his own age and their relationship would just end. There were other boys out there and she wasn't attached to Derek.

"Here you are Sammy have a great day at school," Serena told him before she gave him a big hug and continued on with her friends. They arrived at school right on time.

"Hey Serena!" Molly greeted. "Hey girls."

"Hey Molly," They greeted.

"Serena, during cheer practice we need to talk about Homecoming and what we have planned especially when the senior class and Homecoming dance next month." Serena nodded before Molly rushed off.

"What's this dance for?" Amy asked.

"Oh Amy it's the annual creaming of the freshman class, its mandatory they come," Serena informed her. "Remember when we were freshman."

"No, I came here in my sophomore year. We all did except you."

"Oh well, you're lucky."

"Wait so why are we going this year?" Lita asked.

"Oh well I'm on the comforting committee and when I said I was going you guys decided to go too."

"Oh," They said.

"But than what's the point of the date?" Lita asked.

"Pretense of a real dance, and than after there will be a more formal school dance."

"Oh," They said. The bell ran to signal them to get to class.

"See you later." They all split up to attend different classes.

"Serena what are you doing home its only ten o'clock," Kenji said startled. His wife was out with Tyrone and Sammy was over at a friend's for the weekend since Serena would not be taking him to the movies her treat. He was hoping that her book club meeting ran longer than usual.

"Oh we decided to wait until Sunday after church for book club. Who's your friend?" Kenji looked at the woman lying back on the couch who didn't seem to be concerned with Serena's presence. She had long red hair and yellow eyes. She was wearing a long blue dress and diamonds. Serena also noticed her long claw like nails that were painted blood red like her lips.

"Oh this is Beryl." Serena put on a big smile.

"Its nice to meet you Beryl." She held out her hand. Beryl waved her off.

"Kenji, how much longer is your wife going to be around."

"I told you my wife isn't here, this is my daughter Serena."

"Well is she leaving?" Beryl asked. Serena was feeling really uncomfortable.

"I'll leave after I get some clothes." Kenji nodded, as he looked very ashamed of himself. Serena put a hand on his shoulder.

"Its okay, I've known for awhile and I'm not clueless to mom either." This just made Kenji more embarrassed. Serena hurried upstairs and packed her overnight bag.

"I'll come pick you up from Derek's dorm in the morning." Serena shook her head.

"I don't spend the night at Derek's its not right. I don't want him to get the wrong idea. I'll be at Lita's she has plenty of room." Kenji nodded and Serena departed for Lita's apartment.

"Hey girl!" Lita exclaimed happily. "Since you were coming I thought we could make a sleepover of things and still have our book club meeting though we're still out of six people." Serena smiled and nodded.

"Just so happens I packed my book." Lita smiled too as she walked in.

Second year of college at a boarding school for future priests:

"Darien, do you know that this is the fifth offense of you sneaking out to the Susukino Crossing and bringing back women to school?" Darien looked up with his dark blue eyes and ran a hair through his gorgeous black locks before taking a drag on his cigarette. He blew smoke in Father Maldean's face.

"Well if you didn't set a curfew around here, I wouldn't have to sneak her back in now would I?" Darien asked before taking another drag and blowing out the smoke expertly. Father Maldean frowned.

"You think you're so smart don't you Darien. You think that just because you're smart we won't kick you out well I've got news for you mister, the headmaster and I have had it with your rebellious attitude. You've been here since you were seven for crying out loud haven't you taken anything from this?!"

"Yeah, a high school diploma and a year's worth of college credits. Besides I never said I wanted to be ordained anyway."

"Well you won't be, I won't welcome you into the faith as a priest that's for sure." Darien stood up and blew smoke in Father Maldean's face, which was turning very red. He chuckled.

"I'll go pack and than I'll take the girl back to where I got her from. I'll be back late so don't bother to call on me when they get here." Darien took another drag of his cigarette before he dropped it on Father Maldean's new carpet and smashed it into the rug. He opened the door and walked out.

"Ah!" Father Maldean screamed in frustration before he dialed the number for Darien's guardians.

"You're so brave standing up to the man like that," The woman told him. Darien smirked as the wind blew through his hair in.

"Yes, I am." He took her back to her apartment and had sex with her, when he exited an hour later much to the surprise of her husband, he laughed as he got on the elevator. It seemed he hadn't picked up a whore at all just a lonely woman. He lit a cigarette and leaned against the wall, he leaned against the wall with his feet crossed after he pushed the first floor button. The elevator stopped on the sixteenth floor. The doors entered to reveal a very pretty brunette who must have been ten years his senior. He pretended not to acknowledge her after that and she stood on the other side. Before he realized what she did, the elevator had already stopped. She pushed him up against the wall and put out his cigarette before she began to kiss him.

"I'm sorry I usually don't do this," She said, as she blushed furiously.

"No need to be sorry I do this all the time." He kissed her and when they got off the elevator a little later she was looking very disheveled but very cheerful.

"Hope I catch you on the elevator again," She breathed into his ear before she hurried off to work. Darien smirking winked at the receptionist who blushed his way. He cruised around town and finally he picked up his temporary girlfriend and they got beers before meeting Andrew, Amara, Michelle, Diamond and his brother, Sapphire.

"So what did the headmaster say to you?" Darien asked taking a drink from his bottle and than a drag on his cigarette.

"He said he was throwing me out on my ass right along with you." They both laughed and high fived.

"About time we got thrown out of that place." Andrew nodded his agreement."

"Now I can go have a look at that damn Arcade I bought last summer. I hear its doing well again." Darien nodded.

"That's good."

"So where are you headed than?" Amara asked as she put her arms around her girlfriend Michelle.

"I suppose my guardians will send me back to Tokyo to go to school with my Perfect brother Derek," Darien spat.

"Please Derek is anything, but perfect, have you looked at your brother in your family photo?" Michelle made a face and they laughed.

"She's got a point, but your point is tainted by the fact you don't like guys," Sapphire commented.

"Hey, I may love Amara, but I can still judge if a guy is hot or ugly and Derek is ugly."

"Ugh let's not talk about him, its bad enough I see him in the portrait on Darien's dresser. If it weren't for his parents I'd throw it out."

"You're not the only one," Darien muttered his eyes darkening at the mention of his parents.

"Anyway Darien if you're looking to avoid having to talk to your brother, I can set you up to meet with my Aunt, she'll happily show you around even though I almost never talk to her." Darien grinned.

"I bet she would." Amara throw a empty beer bottle at him and she just missed on purpose.

"Next time I won't miss," She told him taking her cigarette out her mouth before blowing smoke. "My Aunt's happily married, and she'll see to it you're taken very good care of while you're in Tokyo which should be about three weeks until you get kicked out." They laughed.

"No, I think I might stick this one out, so I can get my end of the inheritance. If not Derek gets it in his hands until I make something of myself and that is not an option." They nodded.

"Where are your guardians?" Andrew asked blowing smoke in Darien's temporary girlfriend's face. Darien looked at the whore he'd found on the corner this time.

"You know I'm getting tired of you walk home," Darien told her and threw a couple of beers at her. She looked offended but took her leave. Diamond laughed.

"That's the way to treat her Darien," He told him sarcastically. Darien shrugged.

"I got laid twice before I picked her up and there was a lot of sweat on my back." They laughed. "Where's Emerald anyway?" Diamond sighed.

"With her parents I suppose, I'm actually suppose to be on a plane right now to Paris to join her." They laughed.

"Well Emerald is a spiteful bitch, you had better call and tell her you missed your flight and get on one." Diamond nodded.

"I did, its later tonight, I just had to do some things at Sapporo University." He took a drink from his bottle and found it empty. He threw it on the ground and grabbed another from the box Darien had brought.

"Hey, that's the last beer," Andrew complained.

"I gotta take a whiz." Sapphire walked over a man's back step on his property and relieved himself as they laughed.

"Sapphire if he catches us he's going to kill you," They laughed.

"Whatever, I hate him as much as he hates me. The bastard is always complaining." He moved forward and got the back door too making them laughed. "You should join me boys!" Darien, Andrew, and Diamond joined him before coming back over.

"Here clean your hands." They tossed them some hand sanitizer.

"Here," Darien said holding it back to Michelle, who shook her head.

"No, thanks you keep it." He shrugged and put it in his pocket.

"God once that's been out in the sun for awhile that is going to smell," Amara laughed.

"Hey man so where did you never tell me your guardians were?" Andrew asked.

"Oh last I heard they were staying in New York," Darien replied. "Come on let's go get some more beer and cigarettes." They rode to Amara's house and picked up her blue convertible and changed the plates before heading for the gas station. They put on ski masks, but the conversation was normal and they didn't come in brandishing weapons so the clerk didn't pick up his gun.

"You ladies get the beer, I'll get the cigarettes." They went to the back for Miller Lite beer, Vodka, and Brandy.

"We'll need ice too," Michelle commented. Diamond and Sapphire stocked up some candy and such.

"Give us twelve cartons of everything."

"You got a license?" He asked.

"You register this gun?" Darien asked reaching over and pulling it away from the man. He put his hands up.

"Go pump gas into the car," Darien told Andrew, who nodded as the man made it possible for Andrew to get free gas. "Now we'll take all the cigarettes you have." Amara and Michelle carried out caseloads of ice, beer, vodka, and Brandy. Diamond and Sapphire with pockets full of candy bagged all cigarettes and matches.

"Thanks pal you've been real generous, but not enough so open the cash register," Darien ordered. He took all the cash.

"Great thanks now I'll have that security tape now." Once he had the tape, Darien blasted the cameras and mirrors before running and jumping in the car with the gun.

"Whoo!" They said.

"What a rush!" Michelle exclaimed happily as they drank beer. They speeded out of sight into Diamond's place, which was not far. They changed the plates and took the blue covering off of Amara's car. They took the goods into the house and packaged them in different boxes before they headed for Darien's parent's home they usually occupied, but were no longer around for the time being.

"Armed robbery Darien!" They yelled at him in the headmaster's office the next day. Somebody had recognized them at the gas station, but his guardians had paid off the police and gas station owner only a few days ago. Darien shrugged as he smoked a cigarette from one of the cartons he had stolen. He certainly hadn't returned the merchandise.

"What can I say I'm just a bad boy."

"Yes, you are," the Secretary mouthed. She was making eyes at him through the open door. He smirked at her remembering how they had done it in the headmaster's office.

"Are you listening to me Darien!" The wife of his benefactor yelled. His benefactor shut the door.

"Yeah," Darien told her.

"Good, now headmaster please let's not be hasty, he can still be ordained."

"Not at my school," He said. He threw Darien's file on the desk, "Ever since I can remember he's been vandalizing the school, deflowering girls at every turn, bring whores into the school for himself and his fellow classmates if they haven't snuck out with him. Now he's been riding that infernal motorcycle around destroying the school grounds and the drinking and smoking. He hasn't gone to class in three months, and I have had it up to God with him. He does not have the calling! He's out he's gone! No excuses and no amount of money will ever change that!"

"Thank the heavens for that, God finally gets me," Darien commented as he flicked his lit cigarette on the floor and crushed it making sure to ground it deep.

"Ah! Out you hooligan!" Soon Darien was being taken home.

"See you soon," Andrew said as they walked out of the headmaster's office. Darien nodded.

"Well I guess you'll have to come with us to New York." His wife didn't like the idea from the look on her face.

"I'm not going to New York." He smoked another cigarette.

"We don't smoke in this house, and yes you are." He took his cigarette and put it out.

"No, I'm not."

"Fred, perhaps we should give him once more chance to prove himself or we'll give his inheritance to Derek once and for all." For once Darien liked his benefactor's wife.

"Fine, you'll be going to Tokyo, so Derek can keep an eye on you."

"Whatever," Darien said lighting yet another cigarette as his last had been taken from him. "I'll be in my room, oh and don't worry about me getting there, I'll be making a rode trip of it." He walked out of the room and out of the house instead of going to the room. That night Darien got arrested for assault in a bar, he was sentenced to A year in jail.