Skipping School

Darien had a slow day at school so he decided to skip out and go hang with Serena it was time she took a walk on the wild side after all she had dragged him to every goody two shoes function in town since the night of the fair. And worst yet his brother actually managed to worm his way back into her good graces. But he didn't mind too much just meant more fun and better yet, he wanted his perfect brother Derek to keep dating her because that would make it all the more fun when they were sleeping around behind his back. He got on his motorcycle and speeded away the skirts of girls rising in the wind as he went pass and melting hearts as books crashed to the ground.

"Serena are you paying attention?" Serena shook her head to clear it and blinked several times at the teacher.

"Oh I'm so sorry, yes I'm paying attention now." The teacher nodded and returned to teaching.

"Serena are you all right?" Mina asked.

"Oh yes, I'm great guess I'm just not very focused today."

"Yeah well don't lose your focus at cheer practice." Serena nodded as they sat down for lunch. Her cell phone rang and Serena answered her phone.

"Sure Derek we're just sitting in front eating lunch, you can join us." She hung up. The others merely smiled at her. They thought Serena was so lucky to have a boyfriend as perfect as Derek. They were chatting about this and that when Serena's phone rang again. "Darien!" They all looked at her surprised at her outburst. "No, that's really bad I couldn't possibly do that."

"Oh come on Serena its just one day," Darien told her. "Come on I'll take you out for a milkshake and hamburgers and lots of other fun things."

"No, Darien."

"Yes, now come on I'm pulling up on my motorcycle right now, and its got room just for you."

"Even if I wanted too I'm wearing a dress."

"I'll take you home to change now come on if you don't I'll be really sad." Serena frowned as he hung up and left it at that. She sighed as she stood packing her things before hurrying off without another word. Darien pulled up just in front of Derek and Serena hopped on behind him. The exhaust from his bike lift up her skirt just before Darien sped off quietly chuckling to himself as he saw the look on his brother's face when he turned briefly. He saw that girls looked on in envy and shock Serena had left school in the middle of the day.

"Come on go change." Serena ran into the house using her key and dressed in some leather pants and matching top with a jacket before she ran back out. She jumped on the back of his bike and he sped off again. He arrived in front of a nice apartment building and revved his bike several times before Amara and Michelle came down.

"You got my cousin to skip school," Amara said in disbelief.

"Well it was either that or lunch with my perfect brother Derek." They were well aware that Darien wanted to have an affair rather than have Serena break up with Derek. Amara warned him if he wasn't going to have a relationship with Serena after they had broken Derek's heart; he would see a new side to him. He assured her he planned on sticking with Serena for a long time. He had to get his act together after all.

"Serena have we taught you nothing?" Michelle asked her.

"What do you mean?" Serena asked.

"Okay first of all you can't sit like that, lean back a little, and what the hell is up with your hair?" She pulled Serena's hair out of her trademark style. "God don't ever let me see this hairstyle again, from the looks of it you've been wearing it forever."

"Ever since I was a little girl," Serena commented.

"Oh Michelle leave her alone, I like her dumplings," Amara told her as she snickered.

"Yeah, I like her meatballs," Darien told her.

"Hey don't call me that," Serena protested as she tried to sit like Michelle told her.

"Come on, Andrew is going to meet us at this rode side club." Darien knew it was more like a rode side biker bar near Kyoto, but Serena didn't need to know that.

"We have to be back in time, so I can walk Sammy home from school, as his big sister…" Darien groaned.

"Sweetheart he's a big boy let him find his way home on his own just this once."

"Darien, I can not, not go pick up my brother, now if you're not going to have me back take me back home and I'll walk back to school." Darien groaned

"Don't worry honey, I'll have you back at school now hold on tight."

"You promise."

"Yes, of course I promise to have you back in time…" Darien was saved from completing his promise as a beeping sound alerted Serena to a text message.

"Oh would you look at that Sammy is going over a friends and his mom is giving him a ride home later today. I just have to be home in time to make dinner."

"I'm sure Sammy will eat and your parents could probably have dinner on their own tonight, do them some good." Serena sighed.

"I suppose you're right." Amara and Michelle zoomed pass them on her motorcycle.

"Hang on love." She leaned forward and he sped off after Amara and Michelle. The wind whipped her hair around her face and Darien as he drove. She watched the scenery pass them by until they exited Tokyo. It was such a thrill for her to be skipping school, dressed in leather, and on a motorcycle with undoubtedly the baddest boy to ever ride into Tokyo. What was that her mother had said a long time ago, good was boring. And bad well bad was sexy and fun. She did things for bad she would never consider for good. It was some time before they arrived at the bar. Serena now noticed just how far away they were from Tokyo.

"There's no way we're making it back in time for dinner are we?" Serena asked as she got off before Darien did as well. Darien looked at the rode behind them. "And is this a biker bar, my parents would not approve of me being in such a place…"

"Probably not love, but don't fret on it." He had her chin in his hand now and was looking deep into her eyes. His lips brushed against hers, but went not further. It was all he needed as she melted and followed them in. Andrew was already waiting for them with Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire.

"So this is Amara's cousin." Diamond pushed pass Darien. "We haven't had the pleasure of meeting my name is Diamond." He kissed her hand and Serena nearly swooned she wasn't use to such forward attention.

"Hey back off," Darien told him.

"Yeah," Emerald told him angrily. He grinned at both of them.

"Relax, you're worries are unneeded."

"It was nice meeting you Diamond," Serena finally managed to get out.

"I'm Sapphire you'll have to excuse my elder brother," Sapphire told her. "That's his girlfriend, Emerald a spiteful bitch, and right there is Darien's asshole friend Andrew."

"I'm not spiteful," Emerald told Sapphire with a glare. He shrugged.

"Yeah nice to meet you can we order the drinks now I'm parched," Andrew said.


"What will it be?" The bartender asked.

"We'll have a beer," Andrew ordered.

"I'll just have water thank you."

"Sheesh what kind of girl are you dating," Andrew asked Darien.

"Oh we're not dating," Serena told him.

"Hey lady we don't sell water unless you want to spend the next couple of hours in a bathroom," he told her. Serena's eyes went wide.

"Beer is good than." He nodded and went to get their beers.

"I'm dating Amara's cousin, she's very nice and very pretty," Darien told him.

"She doesn't look like your type."

"Are you saying I'm not good enough to date Darien?" Serena asked offended.

"No, I'm saying you're not bad enough, you've got goody two shoes written all over you. No way you're related to our Amara."

"I am too bad."

"Oh and what's the badest thing you've ever done."

"I shoplifted," Serena told him crossing her arms and trying to make herself seem taller.

"Before or after Amara took you shopping."

"After," Serena said meekly. He chuckled.

"And before that?"

"I didn't bring my teacher an apple that's pretty bad." They all laughed including Darien.

"I'm sorry Sere its just funny you have to admit," Amara and Darien told her. Serena just looked down her cheeks hot with embarrassment. Had she really never done anything bad in her life on her own. Amara and Michelle had really done the shoplifting and if it weren't for Darien she wouldn't even have been able to skip school even if she thought about it. No she had to do something completely on her own without their help.

"I can be bad, I'll prove it to you all, you'll see."

"This I can't wait to see, but just don't do anything to get yourself arrested," Amara told her. Serena merely nodded. Once they had their beers they all clinked them together and drank except Serena as she stared at the bottle.

"Oh my you've never had a beer either have you?" Emerald asked.

"Of course I have," Serena told her taking a long swig. They could see her cringe at the first biting taste, but she kept drinking to prove a point and slammed the bottle down on the counter after finishing it off. She burped and her cheeks burned again she never would have burped like that before.

"WHOO! GO SERE!" Amara and Michelle cheered before chugging their own beers and burping. The others followed with a cheer before they ordered more and Darien took her over to a now vacant pool table to teach her how to play. To his chagrin he saw she already was a little drunk as she sort of stumbled but than he remembered she could also be clumsy. He didn't know which but the latter was cuter.

"Damn see you never know what a little alcohol will do to somebody," Darien told them, as they watched Serena making out with a very drunk Sapphire. Diamond sighed in annoyance.

"Thank God we thought to put him in the side car today instead of letting him drive," Emerald said the same annoyance in her voice as displayed on Diamond's face.

"Come on Diamond get your brother off my girlfriend she should be kissing me like that." Diamond nodded and they pulled them apart. Serena was easily distracted to Darien, but Diamond had to knock some sense into Sapphire and no body cared to comment on it.

"Oh come on my little bad girl, you've had enough and need to get home." He chuckled as he lifted her up over his shoulder. He followed everyone out of the bar and to their bikes. He put Serena on the back and got on. She started kissing his neck and moved a little to get her to stop. "Come on Sere not on the bike, wait until we get back home than I'll most definitely let you do that all you want."

"Okay Darwin," She giggled as he made her hold on before he went off at a slow pace just as he expected she let go and slid right off. He sighed.

"Okay new plan." He put her in front of him and still managed to drive, as she was so small in front of him. This way she couldn't fall off, but that was after he had to tie her hair back. It wasn't as cute when she was in front of him and he couldn't see, he was already a little drunk he didn't need to elevate the risk of him doing something completely stupid. She was giggling when he carried her inside.

"Serena shush." He realized he'd be in trouble if her parents caught her like this, she would never trust him again. He crept pass her parents who had fallen asleep on the couch. He made it up the stairs without incident and the snoring that filled the house let him know that Sammy had gone to bed. He took Serena into her room and kicked the door quietly. He would have to stay until she passed out or fell asleep to make sure she didn't do anything completely stupid in his book when trying to hide the fact you were drunk or got someone's teenage daughter drunk.

"Darwin you're so quick," Serena giggled in the dark.

"Serena be quiet you're going to get us caught, you need to go to bed." She shook her head and laughed.

"I not seepy doh Darwin," She said in a baby voice. He rolled his eyes. She was only aloud to get fun drunk not, not annoying drunk. He took her shoes off and got her out of the leather after fishing for her pajamas in the dark although she was eager to keep the clothing off the fact of the matter was Darien Chiba was a grade AA bastard, but he was no ass. He would not take advantage of her in her state, that would defeat his entire purpose as well.

"All right come on into bed," Darien told her. She wouldn't, and kissed him. He sighed and let her continue and just as he suspected when he lay her on the bed she had passed out. He ducked down on the other side of her bed when the door opened. The hall light shined through and her parents were asking themselves when she had gotten into the house.

"I don't know, but let's go see if Darien is back maybe he knows what she was up too." Darien nearly chuckled, they would never suspect that he had anything to do with their daughter's disappearance. When they had gone he crept to the door and slid out. He hurried downstairs. He closed the door just loud enough for them to hear if he were awake and pretended to be creeping upstairs as if trying not to wake anyone when they appeared.

"Oh Darien there you are, do you know where Serena went today?" Darien looked at Amara's Aunt in surprise.

"Gone?" He asked. "Isn't she up in her room sleeping like she's suppose too?" They nodded.

"Well yes now she is, but she wasn't before."

"No," Darien said waving his hand at them. "Serena is such a good girl, she would never, are you two sure you didn't eat anything bad and have a weird dream. You know its not uncommon for two people to have the same dream you know. It just has to do with how close you are to one another." They both looked at each other and than him.

"I'm sorry whose house have you been living in," Her father asked.

"Yeah we're no where near close."

"Psh!" Darien said. "You guys are modest you're so close, the most loving couple I know." With those words he quickly went upstairs having sufficiently distracted them. He went up to his room to get some much-needed sleep to recover from the day's travel.