5 Times Matt And Emily Don't Move In Together

Prompt: #000 5 Times Matt And Emily Don't Move In Together

Notes: Written for phrenitis.


"We should move in together."

The words were out of his mouth before he could even think. He grimaced inwardly and awaited the inevitable reaction from Emily: approval or more probably, rejection.

Emily's lips moved silently as she spoke over the radio and then she turned to him. "Matt? What was that?" She watched him with brown eyes that told him that she hadn't heard a thing he'd said.

He sighed, whether in relief or disappointment, he didn't know.

"Nothing," he told her.


It had been two and a half weeks since Emily had been able to stay in her apartment. An electric storm had brought a tree down through the roof, and the repairmen had been taking their time to fix it. The plumbing still lay untouched and until things returned to normal, he had offered her his apartment to crash.

"Stay," he told her, the day before she was due to move back into her place. "Stay with me."

She had smiled and leaned up to kiss him, saying that she didn't want him to feel 'threatened' or uncomfortable by her presence. He hadn't had the nerve to tell her that her being there felt so right.


"I'm thinking of moving," he had said. He'd been looking around for a new apartment for some time now and had come across one that would be perfect if only for one thing: he had a roommate to move in with. The apartment was too expensive for him to afford it on his own and it was much too large for only one person, anyway.

She had blinked at him, confused, when he had told her and asked if she'd be interested. "Why move?" she had asked. "You're apartment is a mess, I'll give you that, but it's a great place and it's affordable."

He had just shrugged and brushed it off. He didn't tell her that he just wanted to move in with her and that he didn't care where as long as they were together.


"There may be an undercover op coming up," they had been informed. "Because of your relationship, you have been selected as having the most potential for this case."

They were filled in on more specific details, among them, the approximate timeframe of one year that had been set. Neither had protested and they had eventually agreed to partake in the op should it go ahead.

The weekend before they were due to head off to their new lives as a "married couple", another message was passed on to them.

We found someone else.


Drunk one night, they had engaged in a game of "truth or dare". After several rounds of humiliating dares, his turn had come up and he had chosen 'truth' for the first time. She had asked him to tell her the first thing that came to mind and he had told her everything.

He had explained that he wanted to move in with her and had asked her, again, if she wanted it, too.

She had agreed.

The next morning they had woken up, limbs tangled, with no recollections of the previous night whatsoever.