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Dean looked at the person sitting next to him and started to worry. He knew his brother was having a hard time with this move but nothing he'd tried had pulled Sammy out of his funk. Sure, this past summer had been a little busier than usual, but overall it hadn't been that bad... and Sammy had been able to stay in this last school for a semester, a record in the Winchester household. He was happy with life because it had been his 1st summer as a High School graduate and he now didn't have to worry about boring teachers. Sammy on the other hand loved school and hated any time off from it. Leaning back in the leather seat of the Impala, Dean remembered that his brother had actually tried to convince their Dad once that a temperature of 104 was considered the new normal, just so he could participate in the school spelling bee. Needless to say Dad wasn't convinced and later laughed with Dean that most kids try to play sick to get out of school; but leave it to their Sammy to try and play well to get into school. Smirking to himself at the memory, Dean gave the Impala more gas to keep up with their Dad.

Sam couldn't help himself, he couldn't seem to pull himself out of his mood and it mainly had to do with moving from the last town and leaving another school behind. Not just any school... the first school that he was known as Sam Winchester, and not Dean's little brother. The first school that he had actually made friends who didn't seem to care about their weird family or the type of clothes he wore. The first school that he had been able to stay in for a grand total of twenty two weeks. Now he had to start over - again - and this time he was sure he wouldn't be so lucky.

John knew that the next couple of weeks were going to be hell at home. Sammy hated moving after getting settled and this time he only had himself to blame, he hadn't found another hunt fast enough. Sighing, he looked at the rear view mirror and saw the Impala following with Dean content in the driver's seat, and Sammy staring moodily out the window. 'Why can't things ever be easy?' he asked himself before going over the new information in his head. A suspected cult had made itself at home in a small town of Waterford, Missouri and they apparently were trying to stick to some of the old time rituals of human sacrifices. Unfortunately, the local police department were treating the victims as suicides and not looking into any other leads.


Waterford, Missouri was a small town that prided itself on being a tight nit community that welcomed new comers, an oddity in itself, but John wasn't going to complain. 'Maybe they won't get in our business too much.' He thought thinking about a hunt that went horribly wrong when the townspeople kept getting in the way and ended in someone getting killed and Sammy in the hospital. Shaking that image off, he walked up to the clerk at the gas station and inquired about a motel for him and his boys.

"Ah, tell me you'll be sticking around for awhile… we need new blood in this town, seems that all the young 'uns are going off away from home. But you didn't ask about that… sorry, no motel, but there are a few rentals that I know of. Good people who rent them out too. Now you just wait here…" the man said as he walked to the back room of the store, leaving a very bewildered John behind. A few moments later, the man was back again with two cards in hand. "Now Dee Dee Franks is as sweet as can be, but about as dipsy as they come too; she has a real nice two bedroom house over on Ninth Street two blocks from the High School that she likes to rent out to newcomers just to make them feel more at home… Oh, but don't think twice about the hat. Now Dobber Mullins rents out a slightly bigger home on the other side of town, but truth be told, I don't recommend it; the neighbors are nosey and he finds any reason he can to drop in for a visit. My name is Josey Crain, and if you think my name is funny now, wait until your hear the story about how my daddy named his only boy after a girl."

John's head was swimming; he hadn't had a conversation like that in… well, ever. Now he had to go and explain to his two boys how they had to hunt down an old woman who liked strangers and had a thing about weird hats. 'Maybe moving wasn't that great of an idea after all.' He thought as he walked to the Impala to fill the boys in, hoping that by the end of the day they wouldn't have to sleep in the cars.


After a short phone conversation with a woman who tried to talk as if she was still a teenager, the Winchester men arranged to meet Ms. Franks at the house for a "guided tour". Not knowing what to expect, all three were surprised to see a small house with an attached garage and a white picket fence surrounded the postage stamp yard making Dean want to hurl and Sam look at it with morbid curiosity.

As the three walked through the small gate in front John wanted to scoop the boys up in his arms and run the opposite direction, ignoring the fact that both boys could carry him if the situation called for it. In his mind's eye, he knew that anything this 'normal' had to be evil… no question about it.

The front door opened and an older woman that could have been a Cindy Lauper reject came bouncing down the front steps complete with a big flouncy hat that had a stuffed parakeet attached bouncing in the wind attached firmly to her head with a polka dotted scarf. Stopping in mid stride, John couldn't take his eyes off the moving horror he saw before him, and in his peripheral vision he saw both boys looking at each other in shock. Not sure how to handle the situation that was fast approaching, the great hunter forced himself to stand his ground and not cringe when the creature before him screeched out a welcome.

"Oh my! What wonderful boys you have, just like my Johnny and Jackie. You are going to love this house. Oh and the parade goes right by the house before it connects with Main Street… well… come on, so I can show you around…" she said as she walked back into the house talking the whole way.


Dean had no idea what to expect when Monday morning came. They had agreed to the house not out of courtesy buy out of necessity, apparently Ms. Franks, or Dee Dee as she insisted on being called, had already got it in her head that they were renting the house and needed all the coddling they could get. Going into the kitchen he wasn't surprised to see Sammy sitting at the small table eating cereal while listening to Ms… uh, Dee Dee carry on about how breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Looking at his overly polite little brother, he saw the look of near panic in Sammy's eyes and would have laughed if it wasn't so serious. 'How the hell are we supposed to do our job if we have to deal with the groupie who wouldn't die?' he thought disturbed that their dad wasn't up yet, then thought about it some more and realized that dad had already hightailed it out of there. 'Bastard!'

Sam didn't know what to do, he couldn't tell Ms… uh, Dee Dee to leave, she was just being nice, but he and Dean needed to talk about the research that he and Dad had turned up earlier. Sighing hard enough that he almost choked on his cereal, he wasn't prepared for the Old Bird to come swooping down on him with a pat on the back and a large glass of juice.

"My goodness Sammy, are you ok? I turn my back for a moment and you almost die on me… how in the world would I have explained that to your daddy?" the familiar screechy voice exclaimed as she continued to pound on Sam's back.

Dean couldn't decide if he wanted to laugh until he passed out or rescue his brother. Deciding rescue was the Big Brother thing to do; he walked across the kitchen and called out to his obviously distressed brother. "Come on Sammy, we need to get you enrolled in school. Chop Chop!"

Not knowing if he should kick or kiss his brother, he did the next best thing; he followed Dean out the door all the while telling Ms. Franks… uh, Dee Dee that it was "nice talking to her but he had to go and well, you know how it is." When he got into the passenger side of the Impala he heard Dean laughing in the driver's seat. "Shut up, Dean!"


Dean had the urge to take his baby brother and run. He had never before seen a town that was a combination of Mayberry and The Twilight Zone, and he wasn't sure how much longer he could take staying in this one. Sammy sat next to him in a wooden chair outside the principal's office waiting for the man to finish looking over the transcripts they brought him. Looking at the clock again, he was starting to get more edgy and he wasn't sure why. He knew that the office secretary was a woman in her early fifties who immediately set about doting on his little brother, trying to do everything she could to make their wait as comfortable as possible and assuring Dean that 'Sam will be in wonderful hands, we keep only the very best teacher's here.' Somehow that didn't help lessen his fears.

The door opened and a man with snow white hair and a beard to match walked out of the office marked Principal and motioned the two Winchester's inside. Before they even had a chance to sit down Principal Martin started to speak. "Now, I usually insist on the parents to come in an personally enroll their child, however Dee Dee called and explained about your father's work and how his previous case got horrendously out of hand and that all three of you were needing a nice quiet town for a change and he was in the process of fixing up your home."

Sam looked at his brother in shock and couldn't get his vocal chords to work. Dean, however, didn't have much of a problem getting over his amazement and asked, "She told you what our dad does for a living?"

Mr. Martin just gave a non committal nod while looking over Sam's transcripts again before turning his attention back to the boys. "Oh yes, she told me all about how your father is in personal security and that you boys sometimes helps out. That is quite admirable of both of you, helping others."

Not sure what else needed to be said, both boys nodded their heads and chose wisely to keep their mouths shut, making mental notes to find out what was going on as soon as they got home.

"Now, I assume that you would like to be called Sam, is that correct?" Mr. Martin asked as he looked across his desk and addressed the youngest Winchester. At Sam's nod, he smiled and quickly went back to his perusing of school records. "Well Sam, I have you're schedule and I am sure that you will excel in your studies if the previous semester is any judge. You will have a couple of AP classes one in English and the other in Science since you were doing well in them, if you start having any problems either in class or outside of school please remember my door is always open. Do you have any questions?"

Noting earlier that most of the students wore what was considered casual dress, Sam nodded and asked "Is there a dress code?" Dean couldn't believe that his brother would worry about something like that, but then again it wasn't hard to look back on their track record with schools that insisted on uniforms.

"No, we encourage freedom of expression here; within reason of course, nothing vulgar or offensive."

'That should be easy enough.' Dean and Sam thought thinking about their sparse clothing that didn't dare attract attention except for how worn out they normally were.


Sam couldn't believe his luck, Dean didn't insist on walking him to class to get the layout of the school. He suspected that overabundance of 'normal' had gotten to his brother and he had decided to find a pool game or two to hustle. Looking at his schedule and the map he was given, he found his AP Biology class and heard the tail end of the conversation in the room as he walked in.

When the conversation came to what appeared to be an abrupt stop, Sam looked hesitantly towards the teacher. "Uh, I just started today and Mr. Martin…"

"Of course... Sam Winchester! You are just in time to participate in the ongoing Behavioral Experiment. Please, please come in!"

By the end of class, Sam had been filled in that the experiment consisted of only those currently in that class with the permission of only one parent and the agreement that the experiment was not to be discussed with anyone outside the classroom, that an in-depth report would be turned in weekly with a journal also being kept daily. It was all voluntary, however would consist of a quarter of the semester grade, meaning that if a student did not participate the highest they would hope to achieve would be a 75 percent for the semester. The biggest shock was actually what the experiment entailed. Every student had to identify what type of person (or stereotype) they and others considered them to be, and then over a period of no more than two weeks change into another type and stay that way until two weeks before the semester ended. At the end of the experiment, there was to be a school wide parent/student assembly and the results would be announced, the results being how others perceived the student after their change.

Sam was fascinated with the prospect of seeing what would happen. He already knew how appearances affected people's opinions of others, but he was more curious to see how it would affect the small town where everyone seemed to know everyone. Knowing that having a 'C' for his semester grade would be completely unacceptable by his, as well as potential colleges, standards, he quickly agreed to take a permission slip to his dad so he could participate.

Looking around the room he had spoken to the others in his class and had determined that each person was trying to pick some type that was considered so far out of their norm, and Sam couldn't help but agree. So when someone suggested one for him it didn't take him but a moment to nod. "Goth it is!"

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