The last mission John and his team had gone on had been one of few that had gone to plan. It had been quick, surprisingly uneventful and they had made a new ally who had a lot of potential as trading partners.

After the briefing, Elizabeth had returned to her office smiling – a rare thing these days – and Ronon had followed her.

"Ronon," she acknowledged him softly, taking a seat behind her desk.

"Dr Weir," Ronon replied simply. He tentatively held a bag out to her. "I found these on the mission," he explained. "Thought you might like them."

Elizabeth accepted the bag and peeked inside, eyes widening when she saw what was there.

"Strawberries?" she asked, looking up. "I didn't think I'd ever come across any of these around here!"

Her enthusiasm seemed to have a rather large effect on Ronon because he ducked his head and beamed, before regaining control and nodding slowly. "Yeah. Sheppard mentioned that you had berries like these back on Earth, so…" he drifted off and shrugged.

"Well. Thank you, Ronon," Elizabeth put in. She smiled knowingly. "Would you like some?"

Shooting a furtive glance towards the door and back again, Ronon grinned. "Sure."