Not Fair

"Jack!" A surprised squeal escaping her throat, Gwen pushed at Jack's shoulders with both hands. "What was that?" She looked into his eyes, which were level with hers due to her position on his lap and beamed at him.

He grinned back and reached up to place his hands over hers. "Oh, nothing," he said simply. "Nothing at all." Without a word, he leaned in and did it again.

"Jack, that wasn't nothing!" Gwen chided him a minute or so later. "That was…"

He silenced her once more. This time she was able to pull back to protest – although it hit her seconds later that there really was no reason to.

"That's not fair!"

Things had gotten out of her control. They really had. And there was only one way she knew of that would enable her to get it back.

She kissed him back, before he had a chance to do anything more.