Made For Each Other

Last Night

"Last night was great," Elizabeth whispered to John, with a slightly shy smile. She brushed a few loose strands of hair behind her ear and watched him as he grinned lazily back at her.

"'Great' would be an understatement," he replied. "I think 'incredible' might do, though." He propped himself up on a pillow with his elbow then, and Elizabeth had a sudden urge to run her fingers through his already mussed up bed hair.

Instead, she nodded and threaded her hand through his spare one, squeezing gently. "That'd definitely work," she agreed.

Snuggling closer, they fell into comfortable silence.

Falling Into Place

Each of them lost in their own thoughts, John and Elizabeth reminisced on the previous night. It had been unexpected and unplanned and neither one had been prepared for it.

Once they had gotten started though – after the initial awkwardness between them had been discarded – everything had just fallen into place.

It was as if they had been made for each other: body, mind and soul. It truly felt like they were meant to be.

Maybe they were.

It wasn't something that really mattered in that moment, though.

What mattered was that despite all odds, they had achieved serenity. Together.