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Finding Out

Edward had gone to Port Angeles with me, took me into the local Shoppers Drug Mart and bought three different tests. He had directed all my actions, mostly because I was too numb to even think about doing anything.

Skipping one period can be blamed on stress. Missing two however usually means you should look into it. And with morning sickness tangled into the mess I was almost shocked to death when the idea of pregnancy hit me this morning.

The day had started out normally enough. I had rolled over in bed, still in between stages of waking up, and had met cold stone that wrapped its arms around me.

"Good morning, Sweetheart." Edward had murmured in my ear. I snuggled up against him, his sweet breath almost making me fall back asleep.

"Morning." I managed to rasp out. "What time is it?"

"Just past nine. Sleep a little bit more. It's the middle of August, take advantage of it." I was about to say something but all thoughts had been swept from my mind with a wave of nausea. I sat straight up, holding my hand to my mouth. I climbed out of bed as quickly as possible without falling on my face. I barely made it on time to the bathroom.

Edward had been there with me in seconds holding my hair out of my face and tracing calming circles on my back. When I had finished and brushed my teeth to rid my mouth of the disgusting taste, he sat me down in the living room and asked me what was wrong. I had told him I didn't know. But as we sat there and I pieced together trivial facts it all formed into a big monster picture.

"Edward," I chocked out. Surprise and astonishment gripped at my lungs and throat. "I…I think I might be pregnant." And with that we were on our way to Port Angeles. I would have been easier to go to a drug store in Forks but I had insisted we didn't to prevent any unwanted attention and gossiping.

Now we were sitting on the floor of my bathroom with three tests and three dollar store timers set up. What happened if one of them was positive? What if all three were positive? I still had one more month of school to finish and I planned to be changed into a vampire soon after that. Having a baby meant prolonging the change for at least a year and a bit. But I knew that if I was pregnant than I would keep the baby and I would raise it and I would love every second of it, I only hoped that Edward felt the same way. From what we knew this should be impossible. But it seems that with Edward and me, anything is possible.

"Edward?" I whispered. He turned his face to look me in the eyes. "If these things are positive how are you going to feel?" his eyes lit up and his crocked smile warmed his face.

"I will feel like the absolute luckiest man to ever walk the face of the planet." Concern and worry suddenly clouded his eyes. "Of course, if it's not what you want than I will still love you, still be the luckiest man to walk the planet. How would you feel?" Tears started to swell in my eyes. He took it the wrong way and pulled me into his lap and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Shh, it will be okay. Don't be afraid, love." A giggle trickled its way out of my mouth.

"I'm not crying because I'm scared, silly, I'm crying because I'm happy. We might be parents, Edward! Can you believe it? We weren't even supposed to be able to do what we did to get here in the first place! If there really is a baby in here," I touched my stomach and Edward put his hand over mine, "then we are definitely naming it something that means miracle or gift." His face pulled up into an enormous smile.

"I love you Bella Swan."

"And I love you Edward Cullen." I pulled myself as close as I could get to him and he pulled back and soon we were kissing softly.

The ding! of three timers going off within four seconds of each other broke up apart. I took in a deep breath and reached out for the first two. I handed one to Edward and took the other for myself.

"We look on the count of three. Ready?" he nodded, staring straight into my eyes.

"One…" Oh my god. I could be a mommy!

"Two…" Holy Jesus. He could be a daddy.

"Three!" I looked down and the test displayed positive. I looked up to Edward's face. His eyes and smile were radiating light.

"Positive!" he announced.

"This one too!" I told him. "Let's do the last one together." Edward took it off the toilet seat and slowly brought it into reading distance.

We both shouted, "Yes!" at the same time and it made us fall over on the floor laughing. We were parents! He sat us up and took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. My entire face blushed.

"Bella, you are the most amazing being I've ever had the honor to lay my eyes on." I blushed deeper.

"Oh, Edward, I'm so excited and anxious at the same time. We're going to need some help preparing for this. And I'll need to schedule a doctor's appointment. Wow, this is going to be quite an adventure."

"Yes, it will be a very enthralling experience. And don't worry about anything. Alice will be more than thrilled to do any kind of shopping we may need done and I will deal with appointments. You just sit back and rest, love." At the mention of Alice's name I sat straight up. Oh no. We had to tell our families. I wasn't too worried about the Cullens. They'd be mostly happy. Charlie on the other hand would be a different story all together. One that didn't include Edward being a one hundred and five-year-old vampire and our situation completely different from any other teen couple. Thank god, Edward is indestructible.