The Usual

It had been a long day. The latest case they'd been working on had ended badly and that was just the start of it! Cameron, with a little help from Chase, had found the correct diagnosis for their patient, but they had been too late. The patient had died just a few hours earlier. Had they worked out what was wrong sooner, she would have lived.

House, of course, had been an arse about it. Apparently to him, their mistake had been stupid and a first year med student could have worked it out faster, in time to save the patient. There was nothing new there, but she couldn't help but feel sick at the thought that she had failed again. She had given House another reason to look down upon her and to think her incapable of doing her job.

If that wasn't enough, the weather had been freezing all week and she was beginning to lose sensation in her fingers. As soon as she was done with shopping, she fully intended on getting home and having a long, warm bath.

She really needed to cleanse herself of the last few days.

"House!" Cameron stopped suddenly as she caught sight of her boss as he turned into her aisle, and began to stare, eyes wide. "What are you doing here?" The moment the words came out of her mouth, she regretted them. A witty comment would by flying her way any second now, for sure!

Like she hadn't had enough of them already.

"Oh, you know," House said casually, although the glint in his eye said otherwise. He reached past her head for a container of coffee – the usual brand they had in the office – and smirked when Cameron flinched in surprise. "I'm just here," he gestured around them, "for the usual."

The emphasis he put on 'the usual' suggested he was not there for reasons that anyone sane would suspect.

"The usual?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, the usual," House threw back. "My hooker went to the wrong place. Again! You'd think she'd know her way around better." He smirked at the unintended twist on his words – or maybe it was the way Cameron's jaw dropped open.

"Right," Cameron regained her voice and turned to grab some coffee for herself. "Maybe you should purchase a refedex for her, so she doesn't get lost next time. Circle your house in red."

An appreciative smile crossed House's face momentarily, off-balancing her. It wasn't often that she or any of them for that matter could earn a smile from him.

"What? You thought I was just here to buy groceries?" he stated, breaking the moment. He scratched thoughtfully at the stubble on his chin.

Cameron sighed wearily and began to move slowly down the aisle towards the frozen foods section. She'd had enough of House's sarcasm to last her a lifetime and to put it bluntly, would've preferred to face the storm that was raging on outside head on, completely naked, than continue to even attempt a normal conversation with her boss right then.

"I'll see you on Monday," she called over her shoulder, decisively. Intent on ignoring him and getting the rest of the groceries done so she could go home to her warm bed, she turned her attention back to her shopping.

It wasn't until she had arrived at the checkout that she noticed the adult magazine House had somehow managed to slip in amongst her things. Tomorrow, he was definitely going to pay!