She doesn't blame him.

She doesn't blame him for turning her and Simon in to the Feds.

Out in the black, she knows that everyone is just trying to stay alive and his determination to do so is strong. He'd do just about anything to survive the harsh conditions that is reality.

Where everything is grey and that there is no black and white, surviving requires a certain amount of force. He has shown, in his reckless ways, that he has that ability.

She decides that that impresses her.

In any case, she does not see his actions as the betrayal that everyone else sees. She sees the truth behind it all: that he is scared and alone in the verse and is only doing what he can to go on.

Instead of the darkness in his heart, she sees the tiny flame flickering in an attempt to grow into something pure. She knows it's nothing personal when he throws words and insults her and Simon's way with the intent to hurt. It is only his way to live and she sees the beauty in that.

She doesn't blame him, but she also takes comfort in the thought that she can kill him with her brain.

She is certain that once she has informed him of that fact, he will see it too.