Daniel had never felt so alone in his life.

The world was literally crumbling down around him and he was the only one there to see it. No one else had survived the initial downpour of meteors that had started it. No one else had been prepared for the sudden impact, or for the tremors that had resulted and rocked the world for hours after. No one.

No one, but him.

He watched from a distance as another splattering of rocks fell from the sky and collided with the earth. A wall of fire shot up within seconds and began to engulf everything it hit. Acrid black smoke began to fill the air and it wasn't long before the once blue sky melded with the smoke as it furled upwards in thick spirals and turned to charcoal.

What had once been a civilisation burnt to the ground right in front of his eyes.

As the last of the city before Daniel disappeared, a black wave made its way towards him. It was remarkably similar to the smoke hanging in the air, but was somehow different. It was more real.

Reaching one hand out in front of his face, he touched it. Immediately, flashes of Jack and Sam and Teal'c flooded his mind. They had died because of this smoke. The toxicity in the air had filled their lungs and choked them.

He stifled a sob and clenched the front of his shirt with one hand. His friends were dead. The world around him was dying. He would live through every minute of it; a lone witness to the destruction of all there was.

A single tear ran down his face.

There was nothing he – or anyone else – could do. Not a damn –


He felt something grip him on the shoulders, shaking him roughly.



His eyes sprung open and met concerned brown ones – and then blue ones and another set of brown. Jack. Sam. Teal'c.

They were…

"Daniel, it's okay," Sam soothed, patting his arm. "It was just a dream."