On the run.

She and Mulder were on the run.

A part of Scully couldn't yet comprehend that, and even as the constant rumbling of their car shook her body and denied her sleep, it didn't feel real. It was almost as if she was dreaming, their situation not fully sinking in and instead floating on the very surface of her consciousness like a buoy on water.

The scenes outside the window blurred through her mind in flashes of colour, but she didn't react. She couldn't react. Not anymore.

Perhaps it was the shock of the previous day's events that had sent her over the edge, numb and barely able to feel. Perhaps it was something else.

All she knew for sure was that she, Dana Katherine Scully, and her partner and lover, Fox William Mulder, were on the run. Together.

From what they were running from, she was not quite sure anymore because the super-soldiers, on more than one occasion, had proven that they could track them easily. Commonsense would dictate that it didn't' matter where they were – they would still be found. Then again, Mulder had evaded them successfully for almost a year.

Surely, after facing the super-soldiers, any other threat would fall short.

In reality, none of the reasons that they hid behind mattered now. They were running and that was all there was to it. They couldn't stay behind anymore. It wasn't safe.

Scully glanced over at Mulder's sleeping form beside her, and it was the innocence on his face that finally silenced her thoughts and gave her the jolt of clarity she knew that she'd need to carry on.

They had come so far together, but their journey, she realised, had just begun.