Wolf's Cry

Chapter 1: Where Is Your Boy Tonight

Jacob's POV

I sighed heavily as I watched the girl I loved and the man she loved walk out of the large recenpetion hall. Bella had choosen Edward over me months ago and I was still depressed about it. They were going to be married and then she would leave me forever. I sighed dejectedly.

They were invited to Sam and Emily's wedding and here I was sitting, alone as always, at my table in the corner watching all the happy couples dance around. I scanned the room of people for Sam something to do.

Sam spotted me before I did and came over toting a smiling Emily. I smiled polietly at them both.

"Jacob! Isn't this a great? I want you to meet someone come on!" Sam said happily pulling me up out of my seat before I could protest. He pulled me table filled with girls about my age giggling animately. I grimanced slightly.

"Jacob this is Sarah. Sarah this is Jacob." he said his voice thick with implicantions. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. I only wanted Bella no one else.

"Hi Jacob." she giggled batting her eyelashes at me. I groaned inwardly.

"I'll leave you kids to get better aquited." Sam smiled.

The Sarah girl immediately started chattering happily about pointless things. I nodded every once in a while to be nice but my eyes wondered around the room, bored.

The door of the reception hall opened and I tiny girl with black hair stepped inside. She quickly closed it and went to find a seat. Sarah's mindless jabbering was starting to get on my nerves so I kindly told her that I was going to get some air. She smiled and gave me her number, telling me to call her later. Yeah right.

I went back to my table in the corner of the hall to wait for Billy to come so I could leave when I saw the girl the had walked a few minutes ago in my seat. I cleared my throat polietely. Her eyes snapped up to mine instantly. I couldn't look away from them. They were beautiful just like her.

"Umm...hi." I said akwardly. She was so gorgeous and I didn't even remember why I came over here.

"Hey! I'm Nikki." she said smiling brillantly.

"I'm Jacob Black." I said smiling back.

"Well Jacob Black would you like to sit down?" she giggled. I blushed and scurried to the seat across from her.

"So," she smiled, "how's being a werewolf going for you?"

"Wha- What?!" I asked surprised. How did she know my secret?

She laughed blissfully. "You seemed surprised." she noted.

"I- I mean how...who told you?" I asked quietly.

"I have my sources." she answered cryptically.

"Anyway," she said changing the subject, "what are you doing here?"

"I...umm.." I hesitated on whether to tell her about Sam and the pack.

"I'm friends with Sam." I told her. It was somewhat true at least. I was friends with Sam.

"Oh, he's still pack leader? I thought someone else was supposed to be pack leader by now." she said.

I grimaced. I was supposed to be the pack leader but I didn't step up to the plate. I sighed sadly.

"What's the matter?" Nikki asked, concerned.

"Oh..umm...nothing..I was just thinking." I said.

"Sure sure." she said rolling her eyes.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"What was what for?" she said batting her eyelashes innocently. I was momentarily dazzled.

"That eye roll." I said leaning closer to her.

"What eye roll?" she whispered leaning closer to me.

"Jacob!" Sarah called running over to me.

Nikki and I both leaned away quickly and I groaned. Nikki raised her eyebrow at me when she saw Sarah.

"Jakie!" Sarah said giving me a hug. I loosely hugged her back.

"Who this?" she asked in an offended tone.

"This is my friend, Nikki." I said smiling at Nikki. She didn't look very happy.

"Nice to meet you." Sarah said icily.

"You too." Nikki said in the same icy tone shaking Sarah's hand.

"So Jakie I have to go now so call me." Sarah said leaning in to give my a kiss. I shifted quickly away from her and she stumbled forward. Nikki burst into a fit of laughter and Sarah stalked away angrily.

"Well she's a keeper." Nikki laughed. I chuckled with her. She was so easy to be around. She was just amazing in every way.

"Naw, I don't think she's my type." I smiled.

"Oh, then what is your type?" Nikki asked resting her head on her hands.

"Well, she's nice, sweet, beautiful and just like-" I cut myself off before I could say anything else.

"Just like what?" Nikki asked excitedly.

"Where's the surprise in that?" I smiled.

"Oh, come on you can tell me!" Nikki urged.

I shook my head stubbornly. I could never tell her that she was the person I was going to say.

We argued on about this for a few minutes. It then turned to pointless talk about everything and anything. We stayed talking until the party started to dwindle and die. Soon it was only Sam, Emily, Billy and us left.

"Oh! I have to go talk to Sam. I'll see you around Jake." She said quickly getting up and walking towards Sam.

"Wait! Can I have your number?" I said akwardly. I smiled shyly.

Nikki giggled. "Sure sure."

She took a pen out of her purse and grabbed my hand. It sent an electric shock through me and almost pulled away. She quickly wrote done her number.

"Don't loose that." She smiled and kissed my palm quickly. I shook my head no and she ran off towards Sam.

Billy wheeled his way over to me and I drove him home. We didn't talk to whole rest of the night. My mind was filled with Nikki. Her smile, her eyes, her hair, everything about her.

I went to bed that night unable to sleep. My mind was so jumbled. On the one hand Bella was the one for me but, Nikki was...indescribeable.

All the sudden something knocked against me window.