What they had once shared, a lifetime ago, had faded away into nothing. Cam could see it every time he looked into Sam's eyes and every time he watched her with him. Jack. She had moved on, leaving him alone to ponder the memories that had formed in their time together and more recently crashed down around them.

They had fallen apart in a way that he had never imagined they would – and hell! He had a great imagination! A damn great imagination! Seemingly hundreds of scenarios of what could go wrong with their relationship had crossed his mind before. None of them had been a thing like what had actually happened.

Not a thing was going to change it, either. It wasn't just a break-up this time that they'd mend with angry make-up sex. It was done. Over. Finished. He, Cam, would never be the one for her. All he could be for her now was a co-worker and maybe a friend. Anything else he felt for her would just have to be put aside.

Staring into the distance, Cam let his thoughts and his feelings for Sam drift away as a lone tear slipped down his face.