"John! That's just cruel!" Monica said, the corner of her mouth twitching up in amusement. She reached a hand up to cover her face for a moment, hardly able to believe what was happening, let alone that it was by John's hand.

John offered her a small grin in response and shrugged. "Yeah, well…" he started to explain, drifting off when he realised he had no real reasoning to go into. "You seem to be enjoying it?"

Smile widening, Monica reached out a hand to grasp his wrist. "Okay, I'll admit it is kind of fun to watch, but look!" She nodded down towards the dog at their feet and for a moment, they watched it.

Deep, brown eyes stared back and a tongue dripping with saliva danced hopefully in the dog's mouth.

"Just give it to him. Please?" Monica finally said, turning her gaze back to John.

He grinned and let the strip of bacon in his hand fall to the dog's awaiting mouth, very aware that Monica's hand was still gripping his arm. "There you go," he said softly.

Silent again, they waited as the dog wolfed the bacon down and raced off as if sensing that it wouldn't be getting anything else.

"Do you often torment living creatures like that?" Monica teased lightly when it was gone from sight.

John smirked and patted her on the arm with his free hand. "Only for you," he joked. He felt his heart quicken as their eyes locked and wondered if she could sense it, too – this thing between them, forcing itself once again to the surface.

It seemed likely because Monica was speechless for a second too long. "Yeah?" she finally managed to get out. "Maybe I was wrong about you being a dog person." Her words lacked the conviction she had been searching for and they both knew it.

"Maybe," John supplied.

They proceeded to stare at each other, liquid blue against chestnut brown glinted with green.

It didn't even register to Monica at first that John was moving closer and closer to her and only really hit her when his mouth was on hers, soft and tender and rough all at the same time. She responded in kind, gasping for breath when they broke apart a minute or so later.

"That was…" she murmured, dazedly.

John nodded. "Yeah."

Their eyes met again and this time it was Monica who leaned in for another kiss. She pulled away just as John was losing himself in her and he groaned. "Now who's being cruel?" he whispered at her, shaking his head softly. He offered her a small smile and rested his forehead on hers.

Monica smirked and laced their fingers together. "You didn't think I'd let you have all the fun, did you?"