Summary: Reunions reconnect people together. But what if a reunion is composed of former lovers, former friends and the like? What does that mean for all those involved?

Characters: Amy Dumas, Jason Reso, Allen Jones, Trish Stratigias, Adam Copeland, Lisa Marie Varon/Tyson Tomko, Stephanie McMahon/Chris Irvine, Dawn Marie Psaltis, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Ashley Massaro and many more

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Author's notes: I got inspired by justagirl8225's story, One More Show (I love that story, by the way.), so I am making Amy Dumas and Allen Jones (AJ Styles) half-siblings in this story. I find them being siblings really cute!! Please leave a review!

Chapter: Getting Closer


"Jeffrey! Matthew! Are you two listening to me?!"

The two Hardys fought the urge to roll their eyes. "Yes, we are listening, Dawn." Matt muttered for god knows how many times already.

"I'm not saying that the reunion is a bad idea." The brunette fumed. "But Chris and Stephanie are gonna be there!"

"Dawn, please. What do you expect anyways? They're part of the gang regardless of what happened to the three of you before." Jeff shook his head at her. "It's been two years, nosy. I think it's time for you to move on."

She rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, Nero. I am so not in love with Chris anymore. I just don't want to see that traitor." Her eyes narrowed when she said the last word. "You guys know how much it hurts when one of your best friends does something as big as what she did to me."

Matt sighed. "It's time for you to forgive her. You can't be mad at her forever, Dawn. Maybe this reunion is the perfect time for you to do so."


Allen pulled one of their suitcases beside his bed before he silently watched his sister. Amy was looking at the view outside of the hotel; the two deciding to stay in a hotel instead in their parents' mansion when they arrived few hours ago. The view wasn't really that special. It was just the view of the city so it was just pretty much the buildings, roads and the like. The brown haired man doubted she was really observing what was going on outside anyways. He knew she was thinking about the reunion.

"This place looks the same like it did three years ago before we left." She whispered. "Not much has changed here."

"Yeah," He sat on his bed. "Sis, you're thinking of the reunion aren't you?" When she nodded, he decided to ask another question. "What exactly about the reunion?"

"The possible things that can happen during the reunion tomorrow," The redhead replied, finally moving from her spot near the window to move her own suitcase beside her bed. She silently thought that Allen should know the answer to his own question by now.

"And there are a lot of possibilities, considering the things that happened for the past few years." Allen frowned a bit. "One thing's for sure. When Dawn and Stephanie see each other, it won't be a very good sight."

The redhead made a face. "Don't remind me about that…" A sigh escaped her lips as she continued. "How I wish I was there to help them fix their problem. There might have been a chance that it wouldn't reach this point."

He snorted. "That's Dawn Marie we're talking about here. You know how she gets when she's mad. We've seen it before"

Amy shot him a pointed look. "Allen…"

"Fine… Anyways, don't think about what you failed to do anymore. It happened two years ago so there's nothing you can do about that now." He smiled at her as she sat down beside him. "But you're going to be in the reunion as so are they. Tomorrow's the time you can do what you weren't able to do. Just think about that."

She rested her head against his shoulder. "Thank God you're always here. I would've lost my sanity if you aren't."

Blue eyes rolled good naturedly. "And you kept me sane as well."


"We're home."

Stephanie took in a deep breath as she stepped out of the airport. "Is it too late for me to head back to Canada now?"

"Yes, it is." Chris wrapped an arm around her waist. "Everything will be fine. Don't worry too much, honey."

The brunette was about to say something when two more blonde Canadians joined them. "Do you think Ames and Allen are here now?" Jason asked.

"Why won't you give them a call? Or you can call Jeff." When Jason made no move to follow what he suggested, Adam rolled his gray eyes at him. "You're such a coward, dude. I'm sure the others will agree with me."

"Shut up." He glared at the taller man.

Chris muttered something under his breath but Jason and Adam weren't able to catch what he was saying before he took his phone out. "I'll call for you then."

The three waited in silence as Chris dialed a number. "Hello? Allen? Long time no see, dude." A smile graced his lips. "It's me, Jerky. Are you two here already?" He paused as he listened to the brown haired man's reply. "Okay, cool. I'll see you two tomorrow." He shut his phone. "They're here." He grinned at Jason, who was obviously happy with the news.

"That's good to hear." Another voice joined their conversation. Trish joined them; the blonde woman having just returned from the bathroom. "We should probably get going. I don't know about you guys but I don't exactly like standing here doing nothing."

Jason and Adam took it upon themselves to get them to cabs, considering they were five, who had a lot of suitcases and bags with me. Once the cabs arrived, they finally left the airport. Stephanie remained silent during the entire ride. She was only thinking about one thing.

"I hope Dawn and I would be friends again."


"Are you sure you don't want me to help?" Tyson walked into the kitchen with Brian in his arms.

"We're doing fine, honey." Lisa, who was busy double checking if all the ingredients she would need for dinner were complete, replied. "Just take care of Brian and make sure he doesn't make a mess."

He nodded. "Alright. I was just checking."

Ashley was placing bottles of beer in the fridge. "I have a feeling that everything will be fine."

"It's too early to say that." Tyson snorted softly.

She rolled her eyes. "Pessimistic much."

Tyson opened his mouth to reply when another person walked pass him to help Ashley. "It's about time you showed up." He arched an eyebrow. "You said you'd be here an hour ago."

"I got held up…" Jeff placed the last two bottles before Ashley shut the fridge. "By Dawn, actually."

"Why am I not surprised about that." Lisa shook her head. "I'm guessing she was bitching about how much she doesn't want to see Steph."

"Obviously." Ashley shook her head as she leaned against the counter. "Have you heard from the others yet?"

The rainbow haired man nodded in confirmation. "Adam called me to say that he, Chris, Steph, Jason and Trish are here." He paused thoughtfully. "Oh, yeah. Allen and Ames are here, too, according to him. We're complete."

"Now, I'm excited!" Lisa exclaimed. "I miss all of them."

Tyson kept silent; his thoughts keeping him preoccupied. As excited he was to see all his friends again, he still couldn't help but be anxious about the reunion.

Hopefully, the reunion will run smoothly.


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