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POV Kira

Chapter 2: Christmas time

"You know I love you like I told you last time … and I need you. When you're far away from me my life is dark. You're my light, my Dear Angel. I need you to be happy or just fine. Without you I'm not complete because I love you … Why can't I have you near me all the time, my Angel? I want to live at ORB with you. I want you near me like in the desert when we didn't know our common past. I want to be married to you and I want spend all my life with you.

And you, do you love me?"

"Christmas is a family celebration. I know that. This year I told Lacus that I wanted to celebrate it with my family on earth. She agreed and wanted to come with me to ORB. Like she came, I thought to pass Christmas time with my dear parents. But when Lacus told me that she couldn't come with me because she had to do a celebration on the Plants I changed my mind. It's for that reason I phoned at you last week; to ask you if we can share Christmas together. You told me that you've only had the 24th of December free… I was happy to know that I can be with you for one evening and one night. You invite me to sleep at your home and I accepted it. I told my parents that I'd arrive on the 25th December.

It's for that I'm here with you, in your living room in front of the fire my Love.

She sits down near me on the sofa and she watches the fire. We ate a simple but good meal in her dining-room. I know she cooked for us but I don't know why? Now we wait until after midnight to exchange our gifts. We don't talk, just sit and watch the fire waiting patiently. I turn my head and look at her, she is very beautiful this evening, wearing a short black dress which accentuates her slim figure well. She is gorgeous like that and very cute.

I love her and I want her.

"Hey, did you remember our last meeting at my desk?" She asks me abruptly.

"Yes, I do. Why?" I answer. But she doesn't answer right away.

How can I forget any of the time we share together?

"You said to me that you love me… but I never answered you…" she says.

"I know, but you don't want you to answer if you don't want to." I tell at her with a sweet smile.

"I want to answer you… it's important to me that you know… Oh maybe you don't want to know my answer…" She says with a light voice.

"No… whatever your answer, I want to know it…." I answer at her with a sweet smile

If you tell me that you love me like a brother, Cagalli, I am always going to be here for you and will always love you, no matter your answer.

"I love you too…" she starts before turning to face me, "…more than a brother… I can never forget my feelings for you …"

The silence grew longer between us, I don't want break it… Slowly her words sink into my mind. She loves me like I love her! That means we're in love and if we want we can live together and we can have children… but I've Lacus … She has lived with me since the end of the second war. I know that she is in love with me but my feelings are just that of a friend! I need Cagalli more than anyone else. And I want to spend my life with her, I want only her. I need her and her beauty, her scent, everything. I hope that now nothing can separate us!

"Cagalli…" I murmur. She looks at me before she slides closer toward me. Now she closes her eyes and kisses me lightly on the lips. I shut my eyes and I answer her with my own sweet and lovely kiss.

"I love you my Angel…" I murmur at her ear.

"I love you too" she says when she rested her head on my shoulder. I hug her closer and I gently kiss the top of her head."

We are in her bedroom. She asked me to stay here for the night with her. She didn't want to sleep alone this night… I'm happy. This night she is with me and only me. She walks out of the bathroom and sits on the bed near me, she glances towards me and flashes a beautiful smile. Her cheeks are a little red… She is so beautiful and innocent when she blushes. I watch her and smile. She puts down her head on my left shoulder and she closes her eyes. A little sight escapes her cute lips.

"It's the first time we've slept together, isn't it?" she says after a little silence.

"Yes, it is…" I answer her.

"Hum, do you prefer left or right?" she questions me.

"What?!?" I reply surprised.

"Do you prefer sleep on the right or on the left of the bed?" she says with a little laugh.

"Whatever you want… my dear lovely Angel" I kiss her forehead lightly.

"Kira, do you regret your choice sometimes?" She asks after a little time.

She lies on the bed and stairs at the wall. I can see the expression in her eyes and I know she is anxious. I want to reassure her. I hate see her like that … I want protect her and say her that nothing can separate us now, nothing! Because we are one, we are together… and I need her as much as she needs me. I want to say all of that to her, I want to say how much I need her and I love her. I want live here with her and never leave her. I want to protect her… I want her…

"I regret one thing and only one Cagalli." I say after a long silence.

"What is it?" She asks me. I look into her soft gold eyes.

"It is the fact I left you here, alone … and that I went to live with Lacus on the Plants… I knew you needed me but I left… and now I regret that and I'm afraid of losing you… It's for that I told you my true feelings… Please my Love, forgive me for that…" I acknowledge.

"It's nothing… I did nothing to keep you with me… I never told you my feelings… I was afraid in fact I think…" she says.

"I know... I will never do that I promise to you. I never leave you again! I will ask for a job in ORB with Lacus… to be with you, near you." I say.

"Really?!?" She asks with a surprised look as she pushed herself up.

"Yes, I want to because I love you!" I say.

"I love you too" she kisses my lips with burning passion, and I answer her with the same passion.

"I'm in love with her and now I know she loves me. It's just a wonderful thing… I have the impression that nothing can separate us now we know our true feelings for each other. I'm so happy … I know it's a forbidden love because we are twins, brother and sister… But for me this blood link means nothing. I just fell in love with her and she is my world, she is my life… she is everything to me. Now, we are one soul … and one heart."

End of chapter 2

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