Fairy Dust

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A Little Fairy Wisdom Never Hurts




Waking up in the morning, complaining to himself, yet acting like a morning person.

Going to school, being harassed by fan girls, and beating the blonde idiot in every way possible: whether it be mentally or physically.

Refusing to be picked up by a chauffer and walking to a home where he knows no one is there to welcome him back.

Then, do whatever he felt like doing.

This was a normal day for him.

"Hey, you!"

…Or, maybe not.

Uchiha Sasuke yawned and kept walking, assuming that the calls were to someone else. You can't blame him; 'you' isn't his name.

"Yes, you! Listen!"

He continued walking. Even if she was talking to him, he could ignore her and keep walking. The person still wasn't specifying who 'she' (assuming it's a 'she' based on her voice) was talking about, so it really could be directed to someone walking behind him. Actually, that would be weird. The follower would definitely have to be really close for that voice to be so loud. He debated whether or not to turn around, but decided to stop and see if he could hear any footsteps.

Huh, no footsteps. Keep walking, then. The raven haired teen thought casually as he shoved his hands in his pocket and went on.

"Hey, you! LISTEN!"

In his opinion, the voice sounded like that annoying fairy from that game…Legend of…Something…Sasuke quickened his pace. Maybe it was a fan girl? He better get home quickly before the freak jumps him and attempts to rape him (again).

"Oh, you wish, chicken butt. But, I can see why girls would fawn over a stud like you." She giggled.

The Uchiha stopped and turned around, wearing the trademark glare that can scare, but to his surprise, he saw no one walking his way, or even in the area at all. With a shrug, he turned around and continued his journey home; hopefully, with no voices. Was he going crazy? He was definitely going crazy.

"I get it! So, you act all cool and tough on the outside, but on the inside, you're a real softie!"

Something was poking his cheek…





Kami of Ramen-sama.

What…what is that?

"What do you mean 'what is that'? You should be thinking something like Who is this beautiful girl? !…Or, somewhere along those lines." The owner of the voice exclaimed as she kicked his cheek, having no affect on him at all.

"I'm not even sure you count as a human, considering how small you are." Sasuke grunted as he pealed the pink haired fairytale creature off his cheek by the wings, looking at her in the eye. "What are you, a pixie? A fairy? Tinkerbell?"

She thrashed in his grip and retorted, "How dare you! Yes, I'm a fairy, but how dare you call me Tinkerbell! I'll pummel you!" He snorted as he held her up closer to his face, trying to get a good look. With a sarcastic tone, he remarked, "Really? Pummel me? I could squish you with a fly swatter."

Sasuke still couldn't swallow it.

A fairy? Seriously? No way.

Even when he was a little kid, he didn't believe those kinds of things. He remembered something his mother told him when he was little: kids who don't believe, don't see. Her son was certainly not a kid anymore, and he still didn't believe, so how could he see her?

…This is some kind of joke.

"Ah! Stop staring! Ugh, I feel like I'm going to be sucked into a black abyss." Sakura said as she kicked him in the face. Unfortunately, it also didn't affect him. Sasuke sighed exasperatedly and ran his free hand through his hair, "I'm really going crazy." She grinned innocently and pointed to a mother and her child who happened to nearby,

"Oh, they definitely think you're crazy."

The mother (she seemed to be watching him conversing with his hand for a while) quickly picked up her son, who had been exclaiming joyfully, "Look, mommy! He caught a fairy, he caught a fairy!" She hushed and ushered him into the house, still sending the Uchiha questioning looks.

Sasuke hoped the woman wouldn't gossip and his family's reputation wouldn't sink. Would his brother, the one who sees and hears all, believe it? He didn't even want to think about it. Right now, he needed to confirm he wasn't going crazy.

He pulled an empty jar of tomato sauce (don't ask) and shoved her in, then started a mad dash uphill towards the Uchiha mansion.

"Hey! Stop moving so fast, I'm getting nauseous! Ugh…Ugh…"

He had gone through the door, ignoring the monotonous greetings of his servants and heading straight towards the kitchen. After a few moments of stabbing and the female's frightened (and sarcastic) exclamations of "Be careful!" and "You are so smart!", he had succeeded in putting air holes on the lid. Sasuke would normally not care and would've left her to suffocate, so it was fortunate that he felt (a little bit) kinder today.

Shoving the jar into his backpack, he calmly walked up the stairs and nodded in acknowledgment to any of the workers who passed by, then made his way to his room.

Just because he encountered a fairy doesn't mean he was excused from doing his homework. He sat at his modern black desk, one hand flipping through pages as he quickly finished reading them while the other was writing down answers to homework. Near him sat the jar holding the fiery fairy.

"So, you're a fairy." Sasuke asked, obviously still in denial. The girl, who was sitting down with her arms crossed, rolled her eyes and replied, "Ah dur. I only said so a million times."

Then it quickly went back to the silence that he was so used to, but he could feel the look of the small emerald gems. The Uchiha let out a sigh. He couldn't work with her staring, so he finally asked, "What?"

"Well, you still haven't told me your name. It's common courtesy to say your name before asking for another's." The pink haired girl stated as she looked at him expectantly, "So? What's your name?"

Sasuke wasn't thinking. Why did he bring her home? He could've threw her somewhere for a cat to eat. She interrupted as if reading his thoughts, "Yeah, yeah, you could have, but you can't shake me off that easily. So tell me your name already!"

The teen rolled his onyx eyes and picked up the jar, "You said it's common courtesy to say your name before asking for another's. Yet, you're asking for mine without even saying your own." He picked up the glass item and started shaking it, causing her to wail in panic once more. In between screams, she shouted,

"I don't have a name, geez!"

Sasuke stopped, his eyebrows scrunching together incredulously. "What?" The fairy seemed to be holding on a lot of details but explained, "Giving something a name marks your ownership. Because I don't have a name, it marks my freedom. I did't want anyone to give me a name." She grinned and giggled sadly, "Actually, I don't mind it if you give me a name. Even if we just met and all…"

"Okay, then. Sakura."

"Eh? Sakura?" Sakura tilted her head to the side. "Why Sakura?" The raven haired teen shrugged nonchalantly in response.

"I don't know. I thought it's common for fairies to have flower names, so I'll name you Sakura because of your pink hair. To me, it's the perfect name." Sasuke explained bluntly as he opened the jar, causing her to fall out. A huge smile was on her face as she jumped around excitedly, "Yay! I have a name now!" Sakura flew up to Sasuke and touched his face, "Hey, do you want to be my partner?" He raised an eyebrow and echoed, "…be your partner?"

Sakura rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You know, you make wishes and I grant them." Sasuke snorted and lightly flicked her away, "I don't need any wishes." She gasped in surprise and asked, "Really? There's nothing you want at all?"

Sasuke sighed. She was staring at him like she was the most useless thing in the world; damn, she was good at acting.

"Okay, okay, just stay with me until I can think of something."

With a brilliant smile, Sakura exclaimed, "Okay! Promise?" She hugged the hand that held the pen, tugging on his pinky. The Uchiha smirked, "Yeah, yeah. I promise."

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom.

It's whether or not we believe them.