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Part 11, The Second Day

The next morning, Sam felt the need to rush. "Can my feet touch the floor now?"

"Yes," Martouf replied as he played with her hair. He was still in bed and didn't want to get up yet. As soon as he got up, he'd have many things to do.

Come on, Lantash urged.

A moment.

Lantash gave him a moment, but when it passed, Martouf was drifting off to sleep rather than getting up. Lantash took control and got up. We have to get to Belote, the symbiote thought when Martouf mentally grumbled. He threw on something comfortable before heading to the kitchen. Having been here often enough, he put together a fairly decent breakfast before Sam arrived.

The morning was quiet. They ate together before heading to the SGC. There they met the Tok'ra and SGC personnel who had been at the wedding. Getting to Belote didn't take long afterwards. Sam was surprised to see the number of Tok'ra already there. She nervously looked to Martouf. "Am I supposed to know all of them?"

"They won't expect you to," Martouf answered. He took her hand. "We have to separate now."

She nodded and gave him a kiss before watching him leave. She noticed half of the group followed him. Anise lead Sam elsewhere, while they were followed by the other half. "I'm sure Martouf explained things to you."

Sam nodded. "We each get a bath."

"Each of you are purified in milk." Anise noticed Sam looking to the others. "Do not worry. You will be given privacy." She lead Sam to a building, and everyone stopped following as they went in. There was a very large bath in the ground, and it was being stirred by a couple Tok'ra. "It's been warmed for you." Anise nodded to the two Tok'ra, who quickly left. "In taking this bath, your body and spirit are cleansed of any sufferings you have experienced. If any part of you is missing, this will make you whole again." Anise looked to her.

"Sounds very spiritual."

Anise made a small nod. "This tradition started for hosts who needed it after having suffered. Those who had been tortured or raped, among other things. It was a final way of accepting what happened and moving on. More began using it for other things, some even very minor. From there, it became tradition to bathe in milk before getting married." She looked to the bath. "We symbiotes found we enjoyed it as much as our hosts did. Since we cannot literally bathe in it we have our hosts drink milk while they bathe. It gives us a sense of also being cleansed." She walked around the room. "You'll have an hour to yourself. If you need anything, I'll be outside, so you can call me if you need anything." She pointed to cloth and soap near the bath. "Some people clean. Some people like to just sit. Some have milk poured over them. Some people prefer to be alone. Some people ask for company. It is up to you."

Sam nodded.

"I'll keep you updated on how much time you have. When you are finished, you dry off using this, and put this on."

"So I'm going to have milk on me all day?"

"Yes." Anise rearranged what was basically underwear on a table near the bath. "Martouf and Lantash will meet you here, and you'll dress each other for marriage. Is there any questions?"

"No." Sam shook her head and watched Anise leave. She looked to the bath before undressing. As she went into the bath, she found it to be very warm. She figured she was clean enough, so she decided to sit there.

Meanwhile, Martouf was swimming. Malek was kneeling near, watching with amusement. "You should be using it to cleanse yourself, not to swim."

Martouf swished the milk around him. "Lantash and I have not swam in a long time."

"Come here." Malek knelt down by the bath. He waited until Martouf came before handing him a glass of cold milk. "Lantash needs his bath."

Martouf drank the milk and set it down at Malek's knees. "I should be bathing with Samantha."

"That's not tradition. You and her need to clean away from each other."

Martouf went under the milk briefly. He came back up. He didn't feel that it was a true cleansing unless he went completely under at least once. "I'll concentrate now."

"Good. Do you want me to stay?"

Let's be by ourselves, Lantash thought.

Martouf shook his head. "Alone for now."

Malek nodded as he got up. "Call for me if you need anything." He went outside.

Martouf watched him go before relaxing. Now we cleanse. He wasn't looking forward to it, but Lantash wasn't going to allow him to delay much longer.

For nearly an hour, Martouf and Lantash thought of everything that made them feel bad, everyone they lost. Mostly they thought of Jollinar and Rosha.

When they are mentioned, we need to remember all the good times, Lantash thought, and not concentrate on having lost them.

I have been doing well with that.

We need to do better.

Martouf nodded. There was a sadness in him that would never leave. He accepted that.

Remember, Samantha is an addition in our hearts, not a replacement. Part of us will always belong to Jolinar and Rosha, just as a part of me will always belong to each host I've had. My relationships with my previous hosts does not take away my devotion to you, just as our relationships with them will not take away our devotion to Samantha.

Martouf nodded before holding his breath. He let himself sink completely under. He wasn't sure why, but being completely under was comforting.

They mentally washed their pain, telling themselves they'd never deal with it again. When it was time, they got out and dried off. They put on minimal clothing before finding Sam. "Samantha?" he called out.

"I'm ready."

He came in and found her. "How do you feel?" He handed her two sets of cloth. Each was delicate, long, and silvery white.

Sam smiled. "Excited." She set one cloth down and approached him with the other. "Now, if I can remember this."

"I can help you."

"Wait." She wrapped the cloth around him until it looked like he was wearing long baggy shorts. She make all the right tucks before examining him. "Everything secure?"

Martouf wiggled before answering, "Yes."

"All right." She took the other cloth and wrapped it around him, covering his chest, stomach, back, and shoulders. "See? I remembered."

Martouf checked how secure it was before grabbing another cloth. "Ready?" He waited for her to nod before he began wrapping her.

"You are sure this is secure?"

"I will be certain after checking it," Martouf replied as he finished forming a dress around her. "Wiggle." He checked for any signs of the dress becoming lose. He checked several times before he felt sure. "You are secure." Lantash took over. "Samantha, you look very beautiful."

"Thank you," she said as he put a silver head circlet on her. It was simple, having only a few charms hang from it.

He gave her a quick kiss. "Are you ready?"

"Is everyone else ready?"

"They are waiting for us."

"Oh... Then I'm ready."

He took her hand, and together they headed to the lake on Belote. There was a large crowd of hundreds that made the first wedding look small. Lantash lead Sam into the water until they were ankle deep. Sam felt mud squish between her toes. Lantash took her hands and gave Martouf control.

Jacob went to the water, stopping in front of them. He felt a bubble of pride move through him. He also felt nervous. He feared saying the wrong thing and messing up his daughter's wedding.

It'll be fine, Selmak assured.

Jacob smiled, and he waited for everyone to settle a bit. "Yesterday, some of us witnessed the union between Samantha of Earth and Martouf of Kiron. Today they are renewing their vows, so that no one will doubt their devotion to each other." He paused briefly before nodding to Sam. "Samantha." It was odd calling his daughter by her full name.

Sam felt nervous. "Martouf... I give you my honesty and trust, my loyalty and support. I promise you faith in you and in this marriage. Most importantly, you have my love."

She looks so happy, Jacob thought as he looked to the groom. "Martouf."

"Samantha, I promise to do whatever it takes to make you happy, to never give up on this marriage, to support you, and to trust you. I give you my honestly, my loyalty, and my love."

Jacob smiled. "With vows given and promises made, the council recognizes the remarriage of Samantha and Martouf." He paused briefly before continuing. "Today, we are here to witness the union between Samantha of Earth and Lantash of Kortin. Samantha."

Sam felt less nervous this time. She smiled as she saw Martouf's eyes flash. "Lantash, I give you my honesty and trust, my loyalty and support. I promise you faith in you and in this marriage. Most importantly, you have my love."

Jacob looked to Lantash. "Lantash."

"Samantha, I promise to do whatever it takes to make you happy, to never give up on this marriage, to support you, and to trust you. I give you my honestly, my loyalty, and my love."

Until the Tok'ra, I never thought I'd be happy to see Sam marry more than one man...and certainly not within the same day. Jacob looked to both. "With vows given and promises made, the council recognizes the marriage of Samantha and Lantash."

A group of the Tok'ra came into the water and sprinkled flowers over the threesome. The water washed away most of the flowers, but some stuck to their clothes and hair. Kela'an put flower necklaces on each of them. Lantash pulled Sam into a hug. "My wife." He was so happy to have a wife.

Sam hugged him in return, putting her hand on the back of Martouf's neck. "Lantash."

Selmak took control and turned to the group. "They are now to be left alone."

Jack's eyes widened a bit. "That's it?" From his point of view, they stood around for an hour to watch a ten minute ceremony. He had expected to be staying here longer.

"That is all we do here. We will be celebrating in the tunnels. You are invited to join us."

Celebrating with the Tok'ra in the tunnels didn't sound fun, but Jack realized he didn't have a choice. Daniel and Teal'c were both giving him "It would be rude to Sam if we don't go" looks. "Sounds fun," Jack replied.

Selmak nodded and approached Sam. Jacob took control and hugged her. "Congratulations."

"Thank Dad."

"I'm happy for you." He grinned. "There going to be any grandkids?"

Jacob! Selmak scolded.

I had to ask.

"Uh," Sam answered, unsure how to answer that.

"We have not discussed children," Lantash answered.

Jacob nodded. Then Selmak took control to hug Lantash. "You're my son-in-law now."

"And you are my father-in-law," Lantash teased.

Selmak's eyes flashed in annoyance. "Mother-in-law." She glanced to Jack. "Well, around the Tok'ra. If you call me that with Jack around, Jacob will get annoyed."

Lantash smiled and nodded and watched Selmak back away. Malek and Aldwin approached them afterwards, hugging each of them. Then it was Anise and Kela'an. The Tok'ra kept coming, usually two by two. They gave congratulations and hugs before leaving.

Daniel approached after the Tok'ra. He went to Sam, and they hugged. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"Excited...and happy and a little scared and about a million other things. It's all in a good way though."

"You'll do fine. You have two guys ready to give you everything they have."

Sam nodded. "I know."


Teal'c approached Sam as Daniel approached Lantash. Daniel gave his congratulations, shook hands, and moved away. Teal'c noticed everyone had gone to one, then the other, so he did the same. "Congratulations, Colonel Carter."

"Thanks Teal'c."

"They are worthy husbands."

Sam smiled as he gave his nods of respect. He went to Lantash. "Congratulations Lantash and Martouf."

"Thank you, Teal'c," Lantash replied.

"Each of you are a worthy husbandsof Colonel Carter."

We're worthy, Martouf thought, though they had heard what he just said to Sam. He knew how highly Teal'c thought of Sam, and how much of a compliment it was.

"Thank you," Lantash replied.

Teal'c gave a nod before walking away, allowing Jack to approach Sam. "Sam," Jack said, unsure what else to say. There was a few moments of silence before he continued. "Congratulations."

"Thank you." She had to resist saying sir. It wouldn't be right to say at her own wedding.

Jack glanced to Martouf and Lantash. He didn't agree with this marriage, but he had to be nice about it. "Yeah, well, uh..." He was lost for words. "Take care." He realized that sounded odd. She'd be back on duty in two weeks. He looked to Martouf. "Marty..." Now he really had no idea what to say.

Daniel approached and spoked quietly. "Uh, Jack, Lantash is the one in control."

Jack realized that as Daniel spoke. "Damn," he said quietly, feeling humiliated for his mistake. "Lantash... Take care of her."

Be nice, Martouf thought quickly, feeling Lantash's anger.

He thinks I won't take care of her?! Lantash did his best to look and sound polite. "I will."

You failed, Martouf thought, noticing some of Lantash's annoyance was heard in his voice.

My eyes didn't glow. That's as good as you are going to get. He watched Jack walk away.

With it being the last of the goodbyes, they headed out. Jacob returned to give Sam a hug before leaving. Sam turned to Lantash afterwards. "So, where are we staying?" She knew it was on this planet. She didn't know where though.

"The bathing room you were in moves to another room. We'll be staying there." Lantash took her hand. "Because Martouf had control the entire time last night, tonight you have me." Lantash kissed her. "What shall our first action be as a married couple?"

"Can we eat?" Sam was hungry.

Lantash smiled. "I'll make you lunch. Then we'll eat together." He pulled her closer. "Our wife."

"My husbands."

Lantash leaned in and kissed his new wife.

-The End-