One of Their Own

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Chapter 1

"Ah, the Mud-blood Evans" hissed Voldemort in glee. He of course had set the whole thing up, wanting nothing more than the Mudblood, Evans. He had ordered someone to put a portkey in her house, and when she touched it. Bye, bye house! Hello Voldemort!

Lily Evans had been going out with James Potter for some time now, and they were trying for a baby. They had graduated and married soon after. Lily Evans had what every girl wanted and dreamed of. A beautiful husband who was rich, powerful and drop dead sexy. Only thing she didn't have was a baby, to complete the family. James had been ecstatic when he had been told by Lily she had wanted to try. Being the Muggle raised she was, she didn't get it over with and didn't use a fertility potion.

Now here she was, she had been about to get a potion to see if she were pregnant or not. She of course could not wait until James got home, and had to know right there and then. And in the end she didn't get to know if she was, and now here she is in Voldemort's hide out.

Showing no fear, she narrowed her eyes and said, naturally "Voldemort"

Voldemort hissed at her, how dare she use his name as if it were nothing! She should fear it like everyone else. He smirked, she would, by the time he was finished with her. She was going to die the most painful death, for daring to marrying a pure blood, Potter would get her remains in a box.

"How dare you speak his name!" yelled Bella who was the same age as Lily. Of course, she had been in the inner circle for a long time. She was always the loud one, but she amused the Dark Lord the most. Especially with the torture, she was so creative.

"Enough Bellatrix!" snarled Voldemort. He wasn't in the mood for her bloody screeching, he could feel a headache coming on.

"Yes, my Lord…" said Bellatrix. Bowing to her Lord, not wanting to get on his bad side this soon into the fun.

"Crucio!" yelled Voldemort suddenly.

Lily found herself withering under the cruciatus curse. She screamed and yelled, while the Death Eaters and their Lord laughed.

For the first time in her life she cried from real fear, she understood everyone that had been a victim of the Dark Lord.

She had been living a fairy tale, and to her, Lord Voldemort was just a monster under her bed. Lily Evans had been into nothing but charms. So she did not really know what the Dark Lord had done, of course she did now. Her fairy tale life was shattering, she was going to die, which scared her more than anything.

"Concisus" yelled Voldemort slashing her chest. Making her scream all the more, causing the Death Eaters to smirk in enjoyment.

"Severus, I give her to you to play with." Calmly stated, Voldemort. He knew how much Severus loathed the Potter's.

Especially for all the bother they had caused him during school years, not so much Evans, but Potter. She had been more annoying than ever, after she had married James Bloody Potter.

"Thank you, My Lord." For once in his life, he felt sorry that he was betraying this man…The man that was giving him something he had so wanted for years. Revenge, something Dumbledore was not giving him. He hated killing people, if the Dark Lord didn't do that then he would be happy with being a Death Eater.

"Snape?" was all Lily was able to get through her tight lips, she made a sound that sounded like a sob and whimper at the same time. She knew that if Snape played with her, as Lord Voldemort called it, he would be vicious after all she had said and done to him.

Since she had married James, he had asked her to prove her love and she had done.


He was vicious, she screamed as he raped her, and then when he beat her.

By the time he was finished she regretted every word she had ever said to him. That was how Severus Snape wanted it, but he was going to have some explaining to do when he got back, he was looking forward to it none the less, what better than to rub it in Potter's face that his wife was captured? Maybe she would end up dead…

He didn't hear Voldemort's shriek of rage, as he went to the cell to find Lily Evans gone. He didn't know how she had gotten away but she had somehow gotten away. He knew it was none of his followers, that was for sure, he came to the conclusion that she had a porkey on her person.


Snape apparated to the wards of Hogwarts, not being able to apparate right into Hogwarts, as he started to walk up the path he saw Lily Evans appear on the ground.

Wondering how the hell she got away, he walked over to her, "Are you ok? We better get you to Hogwarts." said Severus. Realizing within seconds that it was a Order emergency porkey she had.

Immediately, he realized Voldemort was probably incredibly angry. He found himself glad he had left when he had.

"No! If anyone learns of what happened, I will have your ass in a holding cell so fast your head will spin." she snarled, her face twisted when she grimaced in pain. He had well and truly done a number on her.

"What we have to tell Dumbledore!" said Severus. He couldn't lie to the man, well he could, but he didn't trust her to keep her end of the bargain.

"Tell him, and I will have you arrested! I will not have you tarnishing my reputation, I've betrayed James, he wouldn't want me after realizing what you've done to me. He wouldn't want to touch me…" said Lily in horror.

Of course, Severus was now tempted just to tell James, just to see the outcome, but the prospect of facing prison stopped him. Severus would rather be a real Death Eater than face the prospect of Azkaban. Eventually with a sigh he nodded his acceptance. He would not tell anyone, not even Dumbledore.

Lily relaxed with a sigh, she apparated away. Severus then made his way back to his quarters in Hogwarts.

Lily headed home, scrubbing herself raw. Crying in the shower, as she washed the filth from her body. She felt as though she had betrayed her husband. He could never find out, no, if he did she would be chucked aside like used goods. She needed to tell someone, anyone…but she could never trust anyone enough, and she knew that.

Getting out, she drank potion after potion. Sighing, when the bruises left her body, leaving her body clear and smooth.

She just wished she could wash away the memories like that, but she couldn't. Somewhere deep inside she knew that they never would, and with a sigh she left the bathroom.

She wrapped herself in a throw, wanting her husband there more than anything in the world. She knew he would not be home for at least five hours, or so, especially with the war, he was being worked over time.

He was getting god money for it, not that he needed it, he had the Potter fortune and would want for nothing for at least five life times.

Finally about seven hours later he arrived home, Lily had managed to cook something up for her husband. Of course only after two wasted meals, she had been shaking so much she had burnt, or ruined them.

They ate their dinner, James going on about who he had saved and what he had done for everyone. Meanwhile Lily tried and succeeded in keeping the tears at bay, not wanting her husband to suspect anything had happened.

Eventually James' attention diverted from his work, and looked at his wife, "Do you want to try the potion see if we succeeded?" asked James excitedly.

It didn't take a genius to work it out. He wanted to see if she was pregnant.

"Sure" said Lily. All she could think was that she needed some good news to cheer her up, she didn't know if it would last.

"Come on Lil's, cheer up! What's the matter?" asked James looking at his wife, even through the war his childish attitude had not mellowed. He took nothing seriously, not even his own friends.

"Sorry, love just tired" replied Lily, giving her husband a convincing smile.

"Come on then" said James, taking his wife's hand in his.

They went down and got the potion from the bathroom, she had been looking for that very morning, leaving James to get the potion, she walked to their room. He came back with it and she downed it in one go.

"If you are pregnant your stomach glows, and if not then nothing happens. The colour corresponds to the sex of the baby" Read James, from the label.

To their surprise, and happiness, Lily's stomach glowed a bright blue, she was pregnant and with a child, a boy. Blue for a boy, as you could guess, and a pink for a girl.

Lily was so happy! Her wish had came true, she was pregnant and James Potter was the father her the child. The incident that happened that morning was put far from her mind.

All she could think about was decorating a child's room, getting booties and mittens, clothes, milk and everything her baby would need.

She thought up plans for going shopping…for baby things.

She could not wait to tell Alice her best friend, a fellow order member to boot, so they were very close. A shadow fell over her face, not close enough she realised, for her to tell Alice what happened that morning, though.


What she had completely forgotten, was the fact that she was in the Wizarding World.

She should have left her Muggle beliefs behind. She still thought like a Muggle.

In the Wizarding World it didn't take weeks to get pregnant. As soon as a wizard impregnated someone, it would be noted by changes in their magic, and the changes in their body.

The question remained, was it her enemy Severus Snape's, or the love of her life, the man of her dreams, James Potter's? What do you think? will I have it James' and surprise all of you this time around? or will i have it Severus'? becuase i am a mean author who likes to get revenge on James Potter for humilliating my favourite character? well...what do you think? REVIEW!! pish posh you all know me too the end you will know what i pick...bummer well there goes me being a mystery! oh well never mind eh? enjoy!