One of their own

Chapter 10 - Sorry this chapter wasnt getting reviewed so hope you enjoyed what i managed to give you

Ten years later

"So I'm finally getting my revenge" sneered Elijah Snape. Since he had been rescued by his dad, he had been allowed to be a normal child for a few years. This ended up boring Elijah and he began learning magic. He was home schooled but allowed to play with friends after school Draco was his best friend.

"Yes son, we both are" snarled Severus Snape, he had been a brilliant father. He wouldn't change Elijah for anything in the world. Although he had been too quiet and serious when he finally won his son's trust.

"You don't want to do this" gasped Dumbledore looking petrified. Ten years had changed that man; he had defeated Voldemort just five months after Elijah had been saved by his biological father. The Order had slowly dwindled to nothing. Then a shocking thing had happened, Dumbledore had ran three years after Tom had come back. When he had no one else in his order he had ran, of course the Death Eaters wouldn't stop until all of the 'light' people who would influence anyone was killed.

Their hunt for Dumbledore had been a long one; the Death Eaters had not been active for five years. Then Tom Riddle came back through Ginny Weasley thanks to the diary Lucius had planted.

Muggle Studies had changed a lot, they were shown what clothes to wear, what money to take and convince them not to go there in the first place. They hadn't managed to find any spell that would seal them into the Wizarding world stopping Wizards from getting out except a few.

They had found ways to track Muggle Born Witches and Wizards and had created an orphanage. Malfoy's orphanage. Harry had gotten all the Potter fortune, Lily being his mother and all he was given the Potter money. Although he wasn't a Potter. He had destroyed all of the heirlooms and kept the money so they too built an orphanage. This time it was called Elijah's orphanage. The Death Eaters spouses ran the orphanages; with their money they could do it. Eventually people saw that they were doing good and gave them donations.

Eventually Voldemort came back and the ciaos started once more, only this time no innocent person was killed. They were going right in for the kill, deciding not to lure the Order out. That's what they did there was no longer pureblood light side families. The Weasley's were dead, the others didn't want a part in it, and they were left alone.

"Stop boasting" smiled Emily; she had come from a Muggle family, as they said they didn't care about Muggle born Witches. It was just Muggle's they didn't want knowing about their world. Emily had been coaxed into telling them that her family were abusing her on the verge of sexually as well. She had been found one day at Diagonally they had taken her to an orphanage when she had told them her parents were 'dead'. She had refused to speak until Elijah managed to get her speaking. The Death Eaters had gone and killed them all very painfully.

Since then Draco Emily and Elijah were unbreakable, Emily and Elijah eventually started going out. Elijah was 19 and Emily was 17. She had been found when she was seven years old. Elijah had met her when she was nine years old and Elijah was eleven.

"You should not be here" said Elijah covering her very round stomach very protectively.

"Indeed" said Severus a little angry she was putting his grandson in danger.

"I'm protected, there's one man what could he do?" asked Emily.

"Em that's Dumbledore" said Elijah.

"Oh, he just looks like an old disgusting man" she sniffed at him in disgust.

Dumbledore glared at her, before he was put under the Crucio curse.

"Do not look at my fiancée like that" snarled Elijah oh yes he was very protective of her.

"Come on Emily, Samantha want's you anyway" said Draco.

"She's your sister!" protested Emily. Narcissa had a little girl also, naming her Samantha Narcissa Malfoy.

"Exactly and I'm not pissing her off" said Draco putting the portkey in her hand.

"We are finally ending this war Dumbledore you failed" snarled Voldemort coming into the room elegantly. His youth had been returned to him, and he was very much in love with someone.

"Stop bragging" smiled Draco kissing his lovers lips, did I forget to mention Draco was Tom's lover. He had resisted at first, not wanting to be with someone so young, but Draco got older he got more gorgeous until he couldn't resist any longer.

Dumbledore gagged, Tom was three times the boy's age how could he think of doing something so perverted? Was all Dumbledore could think. He needed to defeat him somehow, it seemed like everyone knew what he was thinking and there wands were trained more fiercely than before.

"So who shall get the pleasure of killing him?" asked Tom twirling his wand.

"I want that privilege to be mine!" said Elijah his voice booming above everyone else's "He destroyed my life! I was just lucky to have my father!"

"He destroyed mine also" said Tom.

"Together?" smirked Elijah.

"Together" smirked Tom right back.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" yelled both men, aiming their wand at Dumbledore. The spells hit him and Dumbledore was no more just a shell remained. They cheered and cheered today was the end of the war. Snape Manor was a lively place, everyone cheering and celebrating the true end of the war.

Elijah had three boys and two girls, tragically Emily died at age of forty, by a mental patient she had been seeing. She had worked for St. Mungo's needless to say the mental patients were mostly killed now of days.

Severus had helped him raise his children, Elijah was so glad to have his father; he reminded himself he wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him. He had his friends to help him.

Severus between helping Elijah invented a potion to help men give birth; it would grow them the bits they would need to grow a child. However, it would need taken out before the womb parted or they would die. Severus Snape Elijah Snape Eminem Snape and his two girls had been named Emily Snape and Lizzy Snape. You could tell which ones Emily Snape had chosen.

Draco gladly used it, he gave birth to a son and daughter, but after that they were unable to have more. Draco had complications at the birth; it had been twins after all. They had taken the Malfoy Name. Thomas Draco Malfoy and Beatrice Emily Malfoy.

They were born into a whole new world, so sadly when Severus and Lucius left the world they had seen their family grow and expand like never before. They were there for the birth of their grandchildren. They had refused to create Horucx's for themselves and decided to live a normal life.

Severus and Lucius were remembered by the people they had created a whole new era. They had made the world what it was today, no one knew that they once killed people. They were only remembered for stopping the Muggle world knowing who they were.

Tom Riddle eventually died, the Order before being defeated had destroyed all his soul holders. So when it was time, the last bit of his soul was in it too.

All Elijah's and Draco's children were powerful and did something that their grandparents and fathers had been trying to do. They had put wards up; wizards could no longer willingly apparated away into the Muggle world.

No one knew about their world (Magical World), as far as they knew their children were kidnapped. As soon as their magic was detected they were given to the orphanage and maybe a family took them in which was what happened most of the time.

The Wizarding world was expanding it was three times the size it had been under the rein of Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore rotted in hell wishing he had never heard of Harry Potter or Elijah Snape.

Because of his actions, Severus had truly changed sides and did his best to live his life. The Snape line would have died out the Malfoy's would never have had another child; Riddle would never have come back. Because of the actions of one old man and very young boy (With an over protective father) everything had changed.

For the better or worse who could say?

The End