New Beginnings

Chapter 33

A Choice Made a Future to look forward to

Severus sat outside his cottage, thinking back on the past two years since he had permanently defeated Voldemort. He of course couldn't continue staying at the castle, as nice as it was. Alex wanted his friends over, and the Vampires weren't comfortable with it at all. He wasn't going to deprive his son of a normal childhood. He was already different as it was, being a vampire, and so after staying a few more months, he had finally put some of the money he had made over the years too good use. There was plenty land for Alex and his friends to explore. Since he didn't plan on having anymore children, it was only a cottage he bought; there just wasn't any point in buying anything bigger with no need for it. Four weeks after defeating Voldemort's spirit, the oddest thing had happened, Minerva had gotten in touch with him, wanting him to take his old job back, sending along an item he had been bemused to receive. Alex's invisibility cloak, which he had promptly locked up in his closet, he wouldn't be getting that until he was graduated from school. Many would think he was being horrible not giving Alex it, but truth be told he was silent enough being a vampire without being invisible too. He loved him; he just didn't want him getting into all sorts of shenanigans. If Alex wasn't happy when he found out, tough, he'd get over it eventually.

Blaise was still Alex's best friend, there was no denying that, but Daphne Greengrass had been added to his friends list, also Tracy Davis, Millicent Bulstrode and Theodore Nott. Two boys and two girls, all of them soon to be Slytherin's he might add. They were all going to Hogwarts probably, but he had asked Declan to ensure they got acceptances into the school he was hoping Alex would attend. It was only Irish Wizards and Witches that were allowed to attend the new school, as well as creatures, Vampires, Vela's, Werewolves. All of them getting Potions to help them have a normal magical education. Severus of course brewed the Potions, for the 'creatures' and the Hospital ward. The school was by the way running smoothly, there were no houses, no constant enemies or battles between them to prove they are all 'better' than the other. They had sleeping quarters, north wing, south wing, east wing and west wing. There were huge common rooms, for them all to mix together in, a library, gym, training arena. It had things to offer Hogwarts didn't, and that's why it was fast becoming the 'Elite' school. No doubt Lucius Malfoy would want his son to attend.

It was his son's eleventh birthday today; he would receive his letter, both his letters today. He would be making a choice that would see him entering either Hogwarts or Iamia Institute which ironically enough meant vampire 'Iamia'. Not that it mattered what it was called, it was still fast becoming very popular. Taking one last look around the outside of his home, he sighed before entering the cottage again.

"Del?" called Severus quietly.

"Yes sir?" asked the house elf popping into existence.

"Breakfast for two please, the usual but make Alex's favourite pancakes," said Severus smoothly.

"Yes sir," said Del popping into the kitchen.

Severus smirked in amusement, his son had not been happy when he had first hired Del. Unfortunately he had to tell the house elf not to go near Alex at first. Then Alex saw Del using magic, and his curiosity had overcome his fear of the little House Elves. Now everything was as it should be, for a normal wizard in the Wizarding world.

He didn't even blink when Owls delivered their mail for the day; he noticed there was more than usual. He recognized the owls of course, they were Alex's friend's owls and he saw them quite a lot. A sigh left his lips; he unburdened the owls and watched them take flight. There were two special envelopes, two places battling for Alex's acceptance.

Breakfast was magically placed on the table by Del when Alex finally came down the stairs. At the age of eleven he was taller than most children his age; he had very many characteristics of Severus. That was kind of scary for Severus - to see standing there a mirror image of himself. The only difference was Alex's eyes and nose; he suited his looks a lot better than Severus had at that age.

"Happy birthday son," said Severus a small smile on his face.

"Thanks dad!" chirped Alex sitting down completely hyper. "Where's my presents?" he asked confused, they were normally there on the table at breakfast.

"You can have them after breakfast," said Severus smoothly.

"Oh, okay," said Alex trustingly. Digging into his breakfast, his mind on the wand his father bought him two years ago. It hadn't used it an awful lot, not as often as he would have liked. Not like his dad did anyway, he used it for the most simplest of things. His dad and said though, that it was best not to get too dependant on his wand, because as soon as he started school, he wouldn't be allowed to use it anymore. It was just the rules that had been written down since the schools and magic were founded. He sometimes hated how reasonable his dad was, but unfortunately he saw the wisdom of his words too. Being a vampire, he wasn't able to forget what the Dursley's done to him in his first six years of life, but he was able to move on from them and learn the world wasn't out to get him, that people did care. His trip to Ollivander's had been fun and odd to say the least. How his wand had a brother, You-Know-Who, of course Alex had been confused, how was he supposed to know who? But his father had explained it. You-Know-Who was a name terrified, cowardly Wizards and Witches called Voldemort. His dad had also said Voldemort had, had the power and could have done great things with them. Unfortunately he had chosen to take the path of evil, and his powers with it.

"The letters are here," said Severus, trying not to show how impatient and worried he was.

"Cool!" grinned Alex, his food finished he grabbed them and opened them eagerly. He noticed that Hogwarts had less classes to offer, there was nothing but the basics in Hogwarts. Still a few of his friends were attending Hogwarts, did he really want to end up without them? He'd be awfully lonely. He had been to the school; he knew a lot of the students were older.

"Indeed," said Severus dryly a smirk painted across his face.

Alex bit his lip, worriedly.

"What's the matter son?" asked Severus changing to a concerned parent immediately, leaning over the table, staring into his sons green swirling onyx eyes.

"I'm not sure what to do," he said biting his lip repeatedly.

"Do whatever you want to do Alex, I'll be with you every step of the way…if you regret it all you need to do is say something and we can transfer you - its not as if this is a lifetime commitment." said Severus softly, not influencing his son, despite the fact he'd prefer him thousands of miles away from Hogwarts.

"Blaise said he wanted to go to Iamia Institute, his mum said yes…as long as he's going I think I'd prefer that. Even if the others all end up going to Hogwarts…at least I'll see them on the holidays we get from school too right?" said Alex.

"Of course you will," said Severus hiding his elation and happiness as much as possible. "If you are sure that's what you want, send a reply I'm sure Declan will love to hear from you."

Alex immediately penned his reply, sending it off with his Raven, that his father had got him for his last birthday. He also penned his reply to Hogwarts, saying thanks for the opportunity but he was going to be educated elsewhere. Minerva would be sorely disappointed, and he'd probably receive another missive from her. Alex had made his decision and Severus would support him all the way.

"Now where's my presents?" said Alex jumping up and down on his seat, which promptly gave way under his weight. Sending him and the chair crashing to the ground.

Severus burst out laughing, it was probably the first true belly laugh he had ever, ever did in his entire life. His onyx eyes were sparkling, his amusement tripling at Alex's disgruntled expression.

"Accio Alex's presents," Severus finally said, getting his amusement under control.

"Is Remus coming?" asked Alex, he had grown to care for the werewolf, but he wouldn't have been disappointed if Severus said no. it just meant he could spend more time with his dad before starting school. It was going to be so strange not staying with his dad anymore. Going to school, not spending every day with him, he silently wished that he had been turned earlier. Because he felt slightly cheated, that he was going to school now and leaving his dad. He just wished he had longer he supposed. He'd always hate the Dursley's for that, denying him the chance to be a child. He hadn't had the chance to be a true child because of them. Yet if the Dursley's hadn't been that way, he'd have never been adopted by Severus and that's something he couldn't contemplate. Regardless, he just wanted his dad all to himself, he didn't realize that it wasn't the end. By the time he entered his second year at Hogwarts he'd finally understand. Severus would never stop being his dad no matter what age he was, or where he was, no matter what.

"He will be here for dinner, along with Declan, his wife, Robert and his girlfriend and of course Riley," said Severus, Magicking the plates away into the kitchen sink. "Blaise and the rest of your friends however will be here very soon. Do not let your room get into a mess like last time!" he said it was more of an amused statement than a warning. Alex had played with four of his friends, every game he owned in his room, and then proceeded to let them eat cake in his room too. As punishment Alex had been forced to clean it up himself. Alex didn't like cleaning, it reminded him of the Dursley's but Severus had stuck to his guns. Another lesson learned, another obstacle overcome.

"Kay dad," said Alex rolling up his sleeves, attaching his beautiful, dragon hide, green wand holster. That his dad had just got him, there was another holster in it, one for the wrist and one for the calf. He chose the one for his twist, putting his wand into its place grinning gleefully as he opened yet another present from his dad. After opening them all, he flung himself at his dad thanking him repeatedly.

No there would never be enough years in the world, thought Alex hugging his father for all he was worth. Which to Alex he was worth everything.

Alex needn't have worried, because all his friends had actually accepted positions in Iamia's Institute. Which made Alex's decision even better as he enjoyed his very special day. Knowing he'd have his dad all to himself later on that night to thank him. He had never outgrown his clinginess where Severus was concerned. It had certainly been a new beginning for all concerned when Severus changed Harry Potter…no Alexander Severus Snape as he was better known.

The End

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