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Hope bounded down the stairs and out the door. "Come on, guys! We're all going to be late for class!"

"We're right behind you!" Michiru and Koyomi chorused, also dashing out of the dormitory they were all staying in.

Even further behind, Chika and Shito moved at a leisurely pace, considering they needed to hurry; though the silver-haired boy was moving a little slower.

"Oi, hurry it up, Akatsuki. As she says, we'll end up being late because of you." Shito scolded halfheartedly, stifling a yawn.

Chika replied just as feebly, also half-asleep. "I don't see you in a rush, Shit-o. Mind your own self."

Shito just sighed and turned his attention to the girls walking ahead of them, watching one in particular.

Hope was certainly more active these days. The first ones after her 'transformation' were a little tense, a little strange, a little uncertain, but things soon grew commonplace and even comfortable.

Hope had a healthy, fair complexion; her face was almost always a little rosy, as if she was blushing somewhat all the time. Her long bright pink hair was straight and silky, neatly tied in a ponytail. She was athletic and her movements were graceful, though she was best with deft hand activities, writing, typing and stitching, the latter something she was especially fond of.

Hope was always smiling, and was perhaps just a little too gullible and carefree. 'She might have gotten it from Koyomi.' Otsu joked when Shito mentioned it once before...though Shito wasn't exactly sure if that really was a joke. Her grades were just about average – a significant feat considering there was a lot for her to learn still; she worked diligently at both studies and chores.

She wasn't a help when it came to zombie hunting, but Shito was more than pleased to have somebody to welcome them home at the end of a hard day's work...someone to welcome him home – and especially that it was her.

More and more every day, Hope was learning, improving, maturing.

It worried Shito to think what might have happened, or what might NOT have happened, if they had just left her to perish all those months ago. And he was thankful every time he recalled what they were able to do for her.

A shout from ahead woke him from daydreaming. "Hey you boys! You'd better move faster or we're leaving you behind!" Hope's tone was both childish and melodious at the same time. She wasn't joking this time, though.

"Maybe we shouldn't have let her go to school just yet..." Chika complained.

"Just shut up and pick up the pace, Akatsuki." Shito quickened his steps. He was smiling, more out of genuine delight than annoyance or sarcasm.

"H-hey! Don't leave me behind! Wait up!"



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