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Pairing: Len/Kahoko, Ryoutarou/Kahoko

Summary: Kahoko's very picky about what her men wear.

How to Win an Argument

The first thing she said, upon sidling into the men's dressing room and seeing him, was, "Why are you wearing that?"

Len raised an eyebrow as he set down his violin. Kahoko had the terrible habit of starting a conversation in the middle of her thoughts, leaving everyone around to scramble around for an explanation that she may or may not give. He didn't usually care enough to want one, and tonight was no exception.

"If you are referring to my clothes, it is because public displays of nudity are generally frowned upon by formal society."

"No," she said, greatly exasperated. "I mean, why are you wearing a bow tie?"

It was Len's turn to be annoyed, and he rubbed a hand against his forehead. For all her talents and loveliness, Kahoko was also a girl and prone to fits of neurosis that Len didn't think he'd ever get used to. "It is part of my outfit, as are my jacket and shoes and cufflinks. Is there a point to this conversation?"

"But you know I don't like bow ties. Can't you ever wear a real one – you know, one that hangs down? Even the scarf for your old uniform was better than that."

"It is common practice to wear a bow tie with a tuxedo, and I myself prefer them to neckties or ascots. Frankly, you should be more concerned with your music than our outfits."

She pursed her lips in anger, though her voice was surprisingly even. "Fine. Sorry to bother you."

A knock on the door, and Tsuchiura opened it without waiting for an okay. "Are you two still in here? We've got seven minutes before showtime, you know."

"We're coming," Len said dismissively, and Tsuchiura was about to walk away when Kahoko shouted, "Wait, come back!"


"Come in here. I want to ask you something."

Tsuchiura slowly stepped back into the room, glancing from violinist to violinist. "Now what?"

"How do you feel about bow ties?"

The absolute randomness question took him aback, but he quickly said, "Uh, I don't really care for them. I like the way these hang a lot better," he said, gesturing at his own tie neatly tucked behind a matching vest. "Though they can get in my way if I'm not-"

And Kahoko stepped right up to him, took a handful of the tie, and pulled him down just far enough for his mouth to meet hers. She held him there for an eternity, standing on tip-toe and doing something with her lips and tongue that made Tsuchiura groan in pleasure. Her chest rubbed against his; her hips gave a little undulation as his hands slid up and down her silk-covered curves.

When Kahoko let him go, letting the tie slowly slide loose between her fingers, Len saw desire sparkling behind her eyes. "I think you look very good in these ties. Remind me to tell you again after the concert," she purred before breezing out the door, heading back to her dressing room.

The two men watched her go before Tsuchiura said, with a smug grin, "Whatever you said to her, man, you have my thanks," and followed her out.

Len let Kahoko cheerfully choose his ties – and whatever else she wanted – after that.

Author's Notes (10/30/07): This is the start of my La Corda D'Oro drabbles. Some are going to be a little long, some rather short. I'm bunching them all up together, mixing pairings and relationships by my whim and will so there should be something for everyone here. There will be some stories that skirt happily close to 'M', and I will note those chapters when they come. For the moment, I'm remaining in the 'T' arena.

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