A companion piece to "The Healer's Heart" and "Treasures from the Cart". Many thanks to rabbit for her beta-advice.

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling's characters don't belong to me, and I make no profit from playing in her magical world.


A Centaur's Part

Lightning. It is the violent meeting of sky and ground, a blinding moment of fire and fearsome energy. It is one of the many things we watch, along with star and cloud, sun and shadow. But it is not only to the skies that we must look, but to this boy, Harry Potter. His scar of lightning-shape is a portent of great meaning. When first I saw him, the scar was aflame, the boy caught in painful torment. He is the nexus of powers, the meeting of what is destined, and what may yet be changed. How is it that I recognize what is so obvious, and my brothers do not? Perhaps my destiny is bound to this boy... I do not know.

My brethren read the stars, as do I; but perhaps the danger is now too close for them to see. A long-foreseen War is upon us, and choices will soon need to be made. It may be that my choice will be other than that of my kindred. If so, that, too, is destined. I cannot fight the stars... but I can fight the Darkness that seeks to overwhelm them.