Somehow they managed to convince the officer that they were college kids taking care of their little brother who had started choking on a piece of candy, prompting Bridge to dive into the backseat and Chip to dive into the front to grab the wheel. To his credit, the officer didn't quite buy the story, but the call about frat boys trapped in a vat full of jell-o was by far more interesting and he let the Rangers off with a warning.

By the time they arrived at the Hartford mansion it was two a.m.

"Good morning!" Ronny said, answering the door.

"Where's Spencer?" Bridge asked.

"Sleeping." Ronny bounced down the hall and into the pool room. The boys followed and found it covered in Halloween decorations. "I love Halloween," she said, lifting a rubber spider from a box.

Alpha stepped behind Chip who asked, "So, you're celebrating then?"

"Of course! We're having a huge party."

Mr. Hartford was leaning against the door they'd just come through. "Really?"

Ronny, not missing a beat, replied, "You said we could."

"When?" Mr. Hartford yawned.

"Just before Bridge and the others left, I asked if we could have a party and you said 'yes' and we invited them."

Mr. Hartford turned to Bridge for conformation and Ronny kicked him in the back of the leg.

"Yeah!" Bridge cried. "You totally said you were having a party."

Mr. Hartford yawned again and waved them all off. "Fine," he said, shuffling down the hall, "but I'd better have just as much priceless junk when it's over as I do now."

"Yes, sir!" Ronny called. Quieter, she said, "Thanks, guys, I owe you."

"No trouble," Bridge said and turned to Chip and Alpha. "So how's a party sound to you guys?"

Alpha crossed his arms. "I suppose a party's sufficient."

Chip pouted. "But, trick-or-treating."

Mac entered at just that moment and said, "You won't find much trick-or-treating up here. All the properties are so big that it's too much hassle to get from house to house." He quickly jumped onto a step ladder and helped Ronny tape up a streamer. "Dad said something about a party?"

"You in?" Ronny asked.

"Totally, I already have a costume idea. You need anymore help?"

"No, I've got it covered."

"Good," Mac said, jumping off the ladder, "I'd better get to work."

Bridge followed. "Need any help?"

Alpha patted the still sulking Chip on the shoulder. "Will you be okay?"

"Maybe." After a moment he added, "You can go help too if you want."

Alpha quickly shuffled off, eager for a project. Bridge grabbed him the second he entered Mac's room.

"This is perfect for you, Alpha," Bridge said.

"Yeah," Mac added, "I could really use your expertise."

Alpha laughed, wondering what the costume could be. "Are you going as a zord?"

"No," Mac said, holding up his sketch pad for inspection, "a robot."

Chip sat straight up, ready for trouble as Bridge's cries echoed down the hall. Alpha came into the room, dragging a wincing Bridge by the hand--who knew the little robot was so strong?

"Come on," Alpha said, grabbing Chip's hand, "we're leaving."

"Why?" Chip asked, following closely to avoid being pulled.

"I'm the only robot allowed in this Halloween!"

The sun had just risen over the horizon, but the day's work was well underway at the Wind Ninja Academy. The Earth Ninjas were already busy building a new aqueduct without use of their ninja powers--Sensei Dustin was very into "getting in touch with the dirt." The Water Ninjas were going through morning tai chi while standing neck deep in their element--Sensei Tori kept it that way regardless of height or movement. And the Air Ninjas were gathering fruit from the orchard behind the main campus--rather than use their own abilities they were being held up by one of their fellow students standing on the ground, the former leader of the Ninja Rangers was big on the trust exercises. Needless to say, the Wind students were being run ragged.

Chip pulled his car up beside Tori's classic surfer van and the three made the trek to the main academy entrance.

"Bridge!" Tori called when she saw them. "Alpha!" She ran to greet them, still keeping the water level even with her students' necks. "Keep practicing!" she called back to them. "What are you guys doing here?"

Bridge gave Tori a hug and said, "We've got a problem. This is Chip, by the way. We need to find a place to trick-or-treat. Briarwood's giving up the traditional celebration and we've already tried Tommy and the Overdrive Rangers."

"We were hoping," Chip added, "that we could celebrate here."

Tori stared at the three of them. The water level in the pond behind her evened out and she called, "Five laps around the school. Now!" The students ran off with a collective groan. "Stay here," Tori told the boys and ran into the waterfall.

"Come on," Alpha said, following.

"But-" Bridge protested.

"Just come!" Alpha ordered. Chip shrugged and followed, Bridge close behind. They had barely made it through the waterfall before the former Wind Rangers came running down the grassy slope that led to the school. Cam ran after them for a few steps before stopping in defeat.

"World in danger!" Shane yelled.

"Help needed!" Tori added.

"Big evil!" Dustin cried.

Tori and Shane grabbed Chip and Bridge while Dustin lifted Alpha onto his shoulder. They ran through the waterfall and didn't stop until they reached the cars.

"What," Bridge yelled, "was that?"

Shane crossed his arm and gave them his best leader face. "Sensei won't let us trick-or-treat."

Dustin smiled. "So we're coming with you."

"And," Tori finished, "as far as Sensei will ever know we were saving the world."

Bridge asked, "Are you guys sure you got rid of all the evil after you tried to destroy the Dino Rangers?"

The Ninjas rolled their eyes. They quickly transferred Bridge and Chip's costumes from the wagon to the van.

"We'll pick our costumes up on the way," Shane said, "and then head to-- where haven't you guys checked?"

The three filled the Ninjas in while they picked up costumes and by the time they reached the city limits they had decided on the perfect town. They had friends there, so they'd have a place to crash after the sugar high wore off, and the town itself was crazy enough that they might actually get candy despite their obvious age.

The trip was uneventful except for the few seconds after Bridge asked where Blake was and everyone silently wondered what the odds were that Tori was a black widow serial killer. Shane finally called Blake, who laughed at the "saving the world" excuse and told them to keep his wife from eating too much candy and not to go up against her when bobbing for apples.

When they arrived at their destination the woman who answered the door looked them over. "Don't get any stains on the carpet," she said and walked away. Apparently, they were welcome.

"Thanks, Trini!" they called, shuffling in and laying out their costumes.

That night the six of them ran down the street like little kids. Chip, dressed as Superman, kept jumping at Bridge who claimed to be someone called the White Falcon who he said Trent would make famous in a few years. The others weren't sure they believed him. Dustin had chosen to be self-ironic this year, that or he'd lost a bet, he wouldn't say. He was dressed as Where's Waldo and laughed along with Shane who had come as Bird Man. Alpha hung back with Tori, who was dressed as a mermaid and preferred to at least appear as though she was taking a younger sibling. A group of children waved as they passed by.

"Cool costume," one of them said to Alpha.

"Thank you." When they had passed Alpha sighed. "This is what I love about Halloween."

"Being out among people?" Tori asked.

"Yes. It's the one time of year I can get out without any trouble."

"You could probably go out anytime now. There's been a lot of changes in the world. I mean, it's not normal to see a robot walking down the street, but I doubt many people would question it especially in a city where there have been Rangers."

Alpha nodded. "But it's not the same. I would be treated differently because I am a robot. Tonight, everyone thinks I'm just like them. I like it this way."

Tori was stopped from replying by a barrage of eggs coming down around the Rangers. The six of them ran to hide behind bushes. From the relative safety of the hedge they could see that a group of middle school students were taking turns throwing the eggs while their friends T.P.-ed a house.

"I'll handle this," Dustin said. He jumped over the hedge with a twist and a turn and came down punching the road. The boys laughed at the superfluous move while Dustin calmly stood and wiped a stray leaf off of his costume. A second later the boys stopped laughing. They had sunk down into the earth--just up to their ankles--and none of them could pull their feet out.

"Nice," Shane said approvingly.

Chip asked, "How'd you learn to do that?"

"Oh," Dustin laughed, "that's how I keep my students in line. When they act up I make them run a mile through the dirt."

Bridge winced. "You are mean, Sensei Dustin."

Tori whispered, "Only to people who aren't Marah." Everyone laughed and ran down the street to the next house.

"Hey!" one of the hoodlums yelled.

Alpha stopped to see what he wanted.

"How'd he do that?"

Alpha decided to be a bit bad and said, "Those five are Power Rangers, how do you think they did it?" While the kids were still shocked he removed his own head and carried it as he smugly sauntered away. Alpha really did love Halloween.

AN: I plan on writing more for this, but life tends to get in the way. Although... just check back because I really want to write something for los dias de los muertos.