Jake yawned widely at his desk and blinked up at the teacher who was now looming over him. The teacher, known as Mrs. Wart to the students and known as Mrs. Warnter to everyone else glared at her sleepy pupil. "Decided to join us, Mr. Long?" she asked in a pinched voice.

The class buzzed and Jake reclined easily in his chair and grinned at his 6th grade homeroom teacher. "Yeah, for a bit," he answered cheekily.

The class laughed outright at this and Mrs. Warnter glared at him. Jake shrugged and leaned forward, resting his chin in his open palm. He avoided her glare for a minute until the bell rang in the hallway. Then he and the rest of the class jumped up from their seats and discreetly ran towards freedom. "Mr. Long?" Jake groaned as he heard his name called from the back of the room.

Trixie and Spud shot him apologetic glances as he stopped and slowly turned around. "I'll get your stuff," Trixie said softly. "Just get outside as soon as you can, boy. Or Spudinski and I'll leave you here."

"Okay and thanks," Jake murmured back and returned to where Mrs. Warnter was waiting for him. He smiled as brightly as he could and stepped in front of her desk. "Yeah?"

Mrs. Warnter glared at him over thick, oval shaped spectacles and cleared her throat. "I am well aware that the subject of ancient Sumerian pottery isn't appealing to everyone, Mr. Long. However, your continued disruption of my class ends here today."

"Hey, that's whack," Jake complained. "I'm not disrupting anything and I get 'B's' on your tests too."

"Very low 'B's'," Mrs. Warnter replied. "And that isn't the matter at hand here. You don't pay attention and spend most of the time sleeping or drawing in your notebook. You may not be the only one but you're still doing it. If I catch you again you will receive a detention. Am I clear?"

"Yeah," Jake sighed.

"You may leave," she said finally and Jake bolted out of the room.

He ran outside and waved to Trixie and Spud who were both standing at the bottom of the steps on their skateboards with their helmets in hand. "Ready to hit the halfpipe?" Trixie asked.

"And hope it doesn't hit back?" Spud added with an airy grin on his face.

"Totally," Jake sighed and took his skateboard and helmet from Trixie's outstretched hands. "Where should we go?"

"I was thinkin' 5th street, but you can pick since you got caught," Trixie offered.

Jake laughed and quickly put on his helmet and began to skate away from school. "Not yet," he said. "I did get 'warned.'"

Trixe snorted. "Pft, boy, warnings only count with parents and instruction manuals," she said saucily and pushed her own board forward to catch up with Jake.

"Yeah, like when the book says 'do not put in microwave' they know what they're talking about," Spud said wisely from Jake's left. Jake and Trixie both glanced at him awkwardly, wondering if they should ask what exactly he had put into the microwave, then decided they were better off not knowing.

"So, where to?" Trixie asked again.

"5th street is fine," Jake replied. "I just wanna skate and it's close."

"Aiight with me," Trixie said with a grin. "How 'bout you, Spuddy boy?"

"I don't care. When you've fallen down one half pipe you've fallen down them all," Spud replied.

"Spud, you have fallen down them all," Jake pointed out as they made their way towards the park.

Spud began to count on his fingers. "Let's see… 5th street, Parkway, that one on Reynold's ave… 5th street… 23rd, 5th…" he looked down at his hand and saw that he had three fingers open and scratched his head. "Uh… huh, yeah I guess you're right."

Trixie rolled her eyes and Jake laughed as they skated into the park. "Maybe you can fall down every half pipe in New York. Get the 'I've fallen in every skate park in the city' award," she said sarcastically.

"Maybe," Spud replied. "Is there a trophy or something for doing that?"

"I think she was kidding," Jake said quietly.

"Aww, too bad. I like trophies," Spud told them matter of factly as they set their backpacks down by a tree and skated over to where the obstacles started. "They're shiny."

"We know," Trixie and Jake told their friend.

Jake was the first to point his skateboard down into the impression that made up the first part of the skating park. He smoothly went down and arced around on the other side before turning slightly to see if Trixie and Spud had entered. They both did at the same time and maneuvered in it just as easily as Jake. Jake grinned and turned his board around in order to catch up with his friends. There was only a few more years until High School and all the tests that they were going to have to take in order to get into college. Not that he cared much, but at the moment it was nice to be able to just spend time with his friends and not worry about anything.

Jake walked into his house and shut the door quietly. He yawned and dropped his things by the stairs before walking into the kitchen. His mom was dashing about the kitchen, checking on things in the oven, refrigerator and on the stove. He waved and prepared to walk back out of the kitchen before his mother stopped him and waved him over. "Uh… what's up?" Jake asked as he steered clear of anything that looked like it was supposed to be edible.

His mom smiled tiredly and shrugged. "I have a big catering order for tomorrow afternoon and I need to work through the morning. Can you take Haley to school and bring her home in the afternoon and watch her until I get home?"

"Aww…mo-" Jake began but she held up a hand to stop his whining.

"Jake, sweetie, please. It's a huge order and I need all the help I can get. It's just one day. One day won't kill you, will it?" his mom looked at him with pleading eyes and Jake immediately felt bad that he didn't want to help.

Jake sighed and tried to adopt his cool bravado, as if he had no intention of declining her request. "Yeah, sure," he said smoothly.

"Thanks," she said and pulled Jake into a quick hug. Jake felt her arms wrap around his shoulders and he winced as she pulled back. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Did you fall today?"

Jake shook his head quickly and held up his hands. "No, no," he said quickly before his mom could start on how skateboarding was dangerous and how he didn't take enough precautions when he skated. "My back has kinda been a little… sore. It's fine, really. I probably just slept weird or something."

His mom gave him an odd glance then shook her head. "All right then, thanks for the help. Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes. Go tell your sister to wash up and get ready. You too," she added as an afterthought.

"Okay," Jake said and ducked out of the madhouse that was the kitchen. He quickly ran up the stairs and knocked loudly on Haley's bedroom door. "Haley, dinner," he said simply and quickly went into his own room and fell onto his bed, face first.

Haley stuck her head into Jake's room and grinned broadly. "Aren't you going to get cleaned up?"

"Soon," Jake told her from his bed. "I'm just gonna chill here for a minute if it's all right with you, mom," he said with a little edge to his voice.

Haley shrugged and backed out of her irate brother's room. "Fine, fine," she said quietly. "I'm just making sure you don't forget."

Jake groaned quietly as she shut the door and hoped fervently that she wouldn't tell on him to their mother. He sighed and relaxed his shoulders, trying to think of a good way to explain his grade on the history test he got back earlier that day. It's not that it was a bad grade, but it definitely could have been better and he knew that. He figured he had a few more strikes until he was threatened with any real punishment but with the school year ending, it was best to play it safe so he didn't end up with anything over the summer. Jake grinned and jumped off his bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready for dinner.

Summer was only a few weeks away and he was going to savor it for all it was worth.

"Jake, Haley," Jake heard his mom call up the stairs. "Dinner time is now. Come down."

"Yes, mother," Haley replied from further down the hall and Jake rolled his eyes as he imagined his perfect little sister skipping down the stairs on her way to the table. He quickly washed his hands and bounded down the stairs so that he was able to get to the table at about the same time Haley was sitting down.

Haley grinned devilishly at Jake who glared back and they both sat down as their mother set steaming pots on the table. "I just made some extra of the things I'm making for tomorrow. We'll have spaghetti tomorrow," she told Haley.

"Oh, it's fine," Haley replied gracefully while giving Jake a side glance. Jake rolled his eyes as Haley continued. "I don't mind when we don't have spaghetti night, even though it is my favorite dinner. I am well aware that you are very busy and it's fine."

"Haley, that's very sweet, but don't antagonize your bother," Susan sighed and began to eat herself.

Haley frowned and Jake grinned triumphantly as their dad came into the kitchen. "Mmm-mm," he said with gusto. "Something sure smells good, sweetie."

"Hi daddy," Haley said brightly.

Jonathan set his briefcase next to his chair and sat down, taking a deep sniff from the pot in front of him. "I'm sure it tastes just as good as it smells," he said with a big smile to Susan. Susan's weary face lit with a grin and she smiled back to her husband.

Haley and Jake looked between the two and then looked at one another. Jake made a face and Haley shrugged then glanced at her parents again and nodded.

After dinner was over, Jake helped his mom wash the dishes while Haley helped her dad to clean the dining room. Jake washed the dishes while his mom took them from him and put them into the drying rack.

"So, have you been sore anywhere else?" Susan asked.

Jake shrugged. "A little," he admitted. "Not from skating," he added quickly. "Why?"

"Just wondering," Susan replied mysteriously. "You're getting close to your growth spurts you know," she said.

"I don't need to have this 'talk' right now," Jake said quickly.

Susan laughed and took a dish from Jake's hands. "I didn't mean it like that. I'm just making sure that you're all right."

Jake sighed and nodded sullenly. "I'm fine," he insisted.

"Good," Susan replied. "By the way, after I get home tomorrow, can you stop by your Grandpa's shop? He said that he wants to talk to you."

Jake entertained the idea of complaining but after glancing at his mom's tired face, he decided that it was in his best interest to comply to her wishes. "Yeah, sure," he said.

Susan nodded, apparently grateful that Jake didn't retaliate. "So, how was school today?" she asked and glanced down at Jake. "And how did you do on that test you took?"

Jake froze and immediately applauded himself for not talking back to his mom. "Well…" he began slowly.

I am soooo sorry for the OOCness and such but this would not leave me alone. I know he doesn't talk like that in season 1 but my knowledge of urban slang sucks and he talks like a normal person later. I'll do my best with their dialogue but don't expect any miracles.

So, pre-show fic about Jake finding out he's a dragon and such. No idea how long it'll be but I intend to have quite a bit of fun with it. Enjoy. As always, hugs and candy to my reviewers. Happy Halloween!