Watching Emancipation I wondered what we Sam's thoughts what happened after hence this fic was born, heavily based on the episode please tell me what you think

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As I stepped out the gate onto PTY 565 and watched as the wormhole shut down behind me, smiling as I noted my improvements had worked and we were spared the freezing cold transition, I looked round at the new planets beauty after only 5 trips through the gate each new place was beautiful, and so much like the earth I'd just left behind, this gate was near a wood the remains of a ruined temple laid nearby

"What a mess" Daniel commented dismally, it looked like there would be no artefacts for him on this mission at least on initial assessment anyway,

"This temple was destroyed long ago" Teal'c noted surveying the moss on the remains and lack of visible scorch marks from the fire power that did this would cause,

"Lets get going in case we meet someone who remembers why" Colonel O'Neill said putting on his glass taking point, I briefly caught Daniel's eye roll to him that is what mission were all about meeting new people, I followed Colonel O'Neill walking behind him,

For the most part we walked in silence pausing now and then to check the upcoming area so weren't walking into a trap it was at one such stop that I heard dogs barking just as we were beginning to think the mission were a bust and there was no life on this planet. From the bushes around the edge of a clearing a teenaged boy appeared trying to fight off a pack of dogs, it was clear he wouldn't win against them and couldn't keep going for much longer we ran towards him hoping we got there in time I had never seen a man be mauled by wild dogs and had no such intention, as we neared the dogs had him on the floor, I ran faster, Colonel O'Neill shot his gun to scare them it worked and they ran off, Teal'c and I ran past the boy to make sure they didn't come back while Colonel and Daniel stopped to make sure he was ok, we got to the hill and saw that the dogs had really gone then took a walk back, Daniel saw us and introduced us as we reported the dogs were really gone,

The boy looked at me on the sound of my voice, looking again over his other shoulder before moving to the Colonel his back to me whispering in his ear obviously disgusted

"This is a woman" he looked for denial or something, I wasn't sure but looked around for comfort that it wasn't just me finding this strange, as Colonel O'Neill remarked.

"Oh yeah" he replied a smug smirk on his face, I decided to talk to him about why he was so horrified wondering if I had done something wrong.

"What do I have something growing out of my nose or?" I joked, but left it open hoping for reassurance, Daniel walked over to me using the cultural excuse, I wasn't going to leave it at that maybe I could apologise or put it right I went over to him to confront him on his behaviour

"No I cannot look at you" he told me putting his hand between us using the cover to cover his eyes, I hid the smile that I felt at his reaction after all why was he so adamant I wondered how far I could push him.

"Ok now I'm hurt" I joked to Colonel O'Neill he didn't get chance to respond as 3 men on horses rode down, the boy turned panicked looking to Colonel O'Neill, then Teal'c

"You must take her, you must take her and run" he ordered, I stepped back slightly feeling quite scared my team moved round me to protect me but I still felt vulnerable Abu stepped forwards welcoming them, but their attention was focused totally on me,

"One is a woman" one remarked sounding amazed still looking at me, I asked Daniel to find out what I did wrong as one jumped from his horse still glaring at me, the boy we saved tries to stop him.

Daniel also joins in my defence but they pull out there weapons ready to fight us, I take a deep breath knowing the guy with the arrow could be a problem, and worried because my team were ready to fight, this time I was sure we would win but would I be allowed off world if this was a frequent occurrence, I was already sure Colonel O'Neill didn't like me and barely trusted me, speaking of which he shot his gun again with a smug smirk scarring them, it was a stand off we didn't want to hurt them our weapons pointed at them as they tried to control the horses, a 4th rider came towards us ignoring us greeting Abu who was his son who told him we had saved him, just as I was feeling this might be resolved the one who had initially pulled out the sword said

"That one is a woman" he spat still giving me and evil look and pointing, I met his eyes returning the glare, Colonel O'Neill must have felt me tense as he remarked

"Observant bunch" It did little to break the tension I was feeling he eyed me up

"What manner of firearm is that?" he asked, feeling the need to redeem myself slightly I answered putting it simply so they could understand instead of the acceptance or following question he regarded me as I was dirt

"She speaks she dies" he decided nodding to his men, we put our guns up ready to defend ourselves if we needed too, Abu tried again to reason with his father saying I saved his life, a slight exaggeration but it got the result as he agreed to spare her life, I still felt uncomfortable at the ease in which they would have killed her the looks of hatred I was still receiving, which is why I suggested going back while I was still alive, if this was their policy to kill woman who didn't obey the law what were the laws on eating, talking, sex, I really didn't want to find out.