She wheeled me to a private room where I was hooked to an IV and my bloods were taken, then she injected me with a strong painkiller and a sedative, soon the room was getting fuzzy my eyes heavy then nothing.

I woke up groaning slightly as I realised my mistake of lying on my back was a big one, opening my eyes slightly I expected to see one of my team nearby waiting like they had done with Kalwasky but my room was empty another reminder I would never be a full member and there would always be the male/female divide, I sighed deeply not wishing I was a man but wishing we were equal, still if anything Turgan's planet had done was made me appreciate the equality levels we had on earth. The door opened and Janet walked in

"Hey there" she said cheerily

"Hey what time is it?" I asked confused with sedatives your normal cycle went way out of whack

"About 9am, you've been asleep about 3 days" Janet told me, I nodded my stomach grumbling, I smiled to cover my embarrassment

"I'll get you something" Janet said not hiding her amusement at my predicament, I scowled at her, she laughed

"What do you fancy?" I perked up

"A trip out?" I asked, she smiled shaking her head no, I groaned hating to eat in the infirmary even if it was a private room, everyone just watched you, or bothered you with tests or observations or something

"Sorry I want to try and keep your back still so you don't pull your stitches" she explained I nodded glumly,

"So how long till I am out" I asked dreading the answer Janet looked at me

"A week hopefully" she told me my stomach rumbled

"So when is it breakfast?" I asked

"I will get you something" she said leaving the room I lay there on my own waiting for Janet working out what I could say to avoid questions, I was lying already bored waiting for Janet when Jack stepped in

"Hey Carter" I sat nervously waiting to be reprimanded while he sat down

"We need to talk, the Doc said you were injured but I said no way cus Carter would have mentioned it, at some point, yet here you are after being sedated for 3 days" I blushed knowing he had a right to be slightly miffed with me

"You are right Sir I should have mentioned it I apologise and am willing to take any punishment you feel fit Sir" he looked shocked as I hung my head in embarrassment

"No Carter I'm not blaming you I just want to know do you not trust me as your CO or what?" he asked, I took a deep breath

"I didn't want you to think I was weak or chuck me off the team" I explained still stressing about it and worrying I would be off the team and he was trying to be nice about breaking it,

"Jesus Carter, I did want you off the team but now you're stuck with us" he said smiling

"Just tell us next time we may be able to help"

"I promise" I said happily, he went to the door letting the rest of my team come in followed by Hammond

"Sam are you ok?" Daniel asked I nodded as Janet entered with some toast I wolfed it down hungry

"Captain I need your side of the story" Hammond said sitting to my right I looked to Janet wondering how much she had told them

"I have only told them you were injured and will be off work for 5 weeks" I gasped in horror

"5 weeks off" I said unable to comprehend what I would do with all that time she had to be lying,

"Minimum" Janet added, I groaned

"So Captain what happened I mean when were you injured and why didn't you tell us?" Hammond asked, I looked down before glancing to Janet for support she nodded,

"I received 52 stitches to my back the reason I didn't tell you was well…..actually…I kinda forgot" I blushed seeing their disbelieving looks, Janet piped up

"They applied the anaesthetic that you brought back it seems it totally blocks pain signals," I smiled at her backing me up

"So what happened?" Daniel asked

"From the beginning Carter" Colonel O'Neill added

"Um I was sleeping while you guys were at that party and I woke to a knife, I was tied and rode to Turgans camp where I was traded I was set to work and made an escape attempt but was captured and punished, I then helped Nya escaped and rejoined you guys" I summed up, Colonel O'Neill held his hand up

"Wait punished how?" he asked, I winced hating that I would seem weak and might get chucked off Sg1

"I was whipped" I said looking away in shame my cheeks flaming bright red

"Oh God, how horrible are you ok?" Daniel asked immediately I nodded

"Yeah fine" my automatic reaction was without thinking, while Colonel O'Neill at the same time replied

"Of course she isn't," I scowled at him which he ignored turning to Janet

"How long till she is out?"

"About a week" Jack looked at me

"Carter can we see I think we should learn from this" Jack said, I nodded understanding they would want to see what Turgan did as I would if it had happened to one of them

Janet nodded her permission as they helped me to sit up in bed carefully I undid my gown careful to cover my breasts

Janet unwound the bandage that covered it lifting off the dressing pad, it felt really painful but I knew it looked even worse; Colonel O'Neill wolf whistled while Daniel looked quite ill while Teal'c actually looked impressed.

"God Sam do you want anything, water, painkillers?" Daniel offered still shaken up and feeling really guilty after all he was the one who had said the planet was safe for me, I laughed trying to lighten the situation

"Coffee?" She asked Daniel nodded but Janet stepped in

"You dare Dr Jackson" she looked at me sympathetically

"Sorry Sam no coffee" I looked at her in horror she had to be joking, she just had to be,

"For how long?" I asked panicking; Daniel also looked horrified I knew he was a coffee addict like me and ended up here more.

"At least a week, caffeine isn't good for you" Janet told me, I caught Daniel's eye the subtle deal passing between us, I knew I would be getting coffee sooner than Janet would like and I was ok with that. I sighed pretending to be annoyed, Janet hid a smile but I caught the edge, as she got back to business as I fell asleep.

I wake up to the scent of flowers, Teal'c is sitting opposite on further inspection the whole room is full of flowers and chocolates every surface including the floor is coated

"What's going on?" I ask my first thought is some kinda of alien flower and chocolate infestation

"I have heard it is customary when somebody is in hospital to give them gift of chocolate and flowers, I was unsure in your preference so I collected a sample of each kind" I smiled genuinely touched by his gesture, it was so sweet, I looked at him to say thank you but he interrupted me

"I also brought them as an apology I should not have deserted you on that planet nor disrespected you in the way that I did you are in your rights to punish me as you see fit" I smiled automatically accepting it

"Accepted, but on one condition" I said evilly, he looked apprehensive but ready to take his punishment

"You have to help me eat all these chocolates" his face lit up in a half smile, I laughed, he took the nearest box and we began eating

"Oh and next time Teal'c I love sunflowers" Teal'c nodded solemnly taking it to heart, as I mulled over what to do with so many flowers.

Daniel walked in holding some chocolates, when he saw the assortment I already had he blushed

"Daniel?" I asked letting him know I had seen him

"I got you chocolates but it seems somebody beat me to it several times" he glared jokingly at Teal'c who didn't seemed bothered,

"And…achoo" Daniel sneezed I giggled remembering his allergies, he glared at me before softening

"Sam I just wanted to say how sorry I was I let my personal feelings and desire to explore I should have ensured everyone's safety first" he looked so upset and genuine

"Its okay just next time remember this lesson" I told him he nodded taking my words to heart as he sneezed again,

Colonel O'Neill walked on pushing a TV and DVD player with pizza boxes balanced on top

"Team movie night" he announced looking at the flowers and chocolates

"Carter you setting up a florist or rivalling Cadbury's?" he asked me I grinned

"Teal'c was following the Tauri tradition of giving somebody in the hospital chocolates and flowers but was unsure on my preferences so he bought me a large selection" I explained Jack raised an eyebrow and looked at me amused, I smiled back

"All of these?"

"Yep don't ya like them Sir?" I asked Teal'c looked up hurt

"They are lovely big guy just get less next time" Jack said Teal'c took it on board with a small bow

"So Carter movie night I got the Wizard of Oz and the Wizard of Oz 2 as way of a sorry" I grinned knowing that was the best I was going to get off him

"Cool Sir take a bed" he nodded sitting down putting the disk in.

I sat with my team as a family watching the DVD with Daniel's occasional sneeze maybe we would have more hard missions, maybe I would be injured but at the end of the day with my team I would be fine we would all be fine, looking to Teal'c and his pizza grabbing a slice, he raised an eyebrow at me grabbing a slice of mine.

We were a team a family and nothing could stop us.

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